30 Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Fall Out Boy


Fall Out Boy, the world renowned American rock band, formed in the year 2001, in the suburb of Wilmette, Illinois, Chicago, by Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley. The band has till date released 6 studio albums. Here are some interesting facts about the band:

  1. The Fall Out Boy band members were the first inductees to the "Hall of Wood" at the 2015 MtvU Woodie Awards. During the ceremony, they performed a medley of five songs.
  2. Frontmen Wentz and Stump hold the record for the most interviews completed in a 24-hour period, when they busted out a whopping 72 chats
  3. Following their success with "Infinity on High," Fall Out Boy offered to create awareness for Uganda’s homeless street soldiers and said to have slept in cardboard boxes on April 28, 2007.
  4. In the year 2004, the band had won the Woodie Award for Streaming for "Grand Theft Autumn" at the first ceremony.
  5. Initially, they even considered names like Short Story, Unhappy Ending and Forget Me Not. However, they went on to perform without a name for their first show.
  6. For their fourth album "Infinity On High," each member of the band wrote their own part for the songs. However, it was Stump acted as the maestro for it all.
  7. Following the reception of their fourth album “Folie à Deux,” the band played its last show on October 4, 2009, at Madison Square Garden, before a very long hiatus. During this period, each band member reportedly pursued individual musical interests that were met with failures.
  8. The band's name is actually a minor fictional character from "The Simpsons." During their second performance at a southern Illinois university with "The Killing Tree," one of the audience yelled out "Fuck that, no, you're Fall Out Boy!," and the name stuck with the band.
  9. As a promotion to their third album "Infinity on High," the band performed "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" for the first time at the American Music Awards on November 21, 2006. The same night the song was shipped to radio.
  10. The very first performance they ever had was in the cafeteria at De Paul University, opening for two other bands. The headliner's entire act was playing Black Sabbath's self titled album in its entirety for some reason.
  11. While recording their second studio album "From Under the Cork Tree" in Burbank, California, the band stayed in corporate housing for an extended period of time in California.
  12. On one of their earliest tours, a two week stint opening for Spitalfield, Wentz was fed up with cancelled shows, and started telling venues they'd take pizza as payment, just to book a show.
  13. The video for "This Ain't A Scene; It's An Arms Race", thought up by bassist Wentz and director Alan Furguson, is a parody of all the rumors and scandals the band has been tied to.
  14. In 2005, during the band's earliest stages of superstardom, Wentz suffered a type of emotional breakdown. In a move he refers to as "hypermedicating", he swallowed "handfuls of Ativan" in a Best Buy parking lot near Chicago. Luckily he was rushed to the hospital in time, and lived to tell the tale.
  15. Fall Out Boy supports the Invisible Children Charity, which raises money to help the children in Uganda.
  16. Though they cite a number of bands as influences, The Get Up Kids, has been mentioned over and over as their major influence to the extent that Wentz once said "We wouldn't be a band if it weren't for The Get Up Kids."
  17. During their 2007 Honda Civic Tour, the band handed out special edition posters containing the band members' blood in the ink for fans who watched them.
  18. In a certain point of time, the band became part of a story arc on the CW teen drama 'One Tree Hill'. Wentz was worked into the drama's Season 3 storyline as a love interest for Peyton.
  19. Fall Out Boy's debut studio album "Take This to Your Grave," had a very rushed recording as they recorded seven songs in nine days. During the recording process, they lived on a stranger's floor for part of the time, and even ran out of money halfway through it.
  20. In the third season of "One Tree Hill," the most popular recurring joke was Moira Kelly's character constantly getting the name of the band wrong - calling them "Fall Down Boy" and "Freak Out Boy."
  21. Guitarist Trohman once took a little nap in a dog cage, which was documented on an old DVD. In an interview he explained that it was just for like five minutes at the most.
  22. The sessions for 2008's "Folie à Deux" ended up being a abreaction of built up emotions from the success of "Infinity on High." It was reported that sharp words and items were thrown around the studio regularly, during the recording process. All the band members admitted that they considered quitting the band at some point in the recording process.
  23. About their third album "Infinity on High," Sven Philipp of Billboard said the album was "shamelessly melodic, wild and powerful pop record" and referred to Stump as the album's "true surprise."
  24. "Folie à Deux," their fourth studio album, did not perform as well commercially as its predecessor, with first week sales of 150,000 copies. The fans hated the album and during the album's tour, the fans started booing them when they played album songs.
  25. Early in their career, Fall Out Boy was famous as a band that "can't sit still" and "jumps more than they play." There was also a common misconception that the band choreographed the jumps and spins ahead of time, which has been proven false.
  26. Drummer Hurley majored in history and anthropology at University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He self identifies as an anarcho-primitivist, who believes people should live as they did 10,000 years ago or more. When asked why he is in such a contradictory career, he replies that he still has to make a living.
  27. For their 2007 US tour, promoting their third album "Infinity on High," the band members went on to audition several unsigned bands, in an effort to give a helping hand to the upcoming musicians.
  28. Wentz along with some other partners own a bar named "Angels And Kings," located at 500 East 11th St. in New York City. Initially, the bar was named "AK-47." Later, he and partner Perez Hilton opened locations in Chicago, Vegas, Hollywood, and Barcelona. All but the Chicago location shut down.
  29. During the hiatus period of the band, after their fourth album “Folie à Deux,” Stump went on to take a solo project, his debut album “Soul Punk,” for which he wrote, produced, and played every instrument for all tracks.
  30. Early in 2014, they got together with rapper Lupe Fiasco and released a remake of the Chicago Bulls anthem "Only The Bulls."
  31. Patrick Stump Net Worth: $16 Million

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