10 Things You Must Know About Depression

10 Things You Must Know About Depression
(Photo : Pixabay) Depression is a clinical disease that is so different from ordinary sadness. Depression must be diagnosed as soon as possible for a patient to receive appropriate medical treatment

Bad days are part and parcel of life. However, if bad days have gone too long and have taken control over your decisions and the chance to enjoy the rest of your day, then it may be something else, like experiencing clinical depression. Depression is not always what you hear or seen on TV and thus a deeper examination of the illness may guide us more to a more realistic approach in dealing with it. Here are some information to guide you.

1) Sadness and depression are two different things.

Sadness is a temporary state, depression is not. There are even people who do not feel sad when depressed, but rather would feel disinterested or disengaged. There are also people who feel an unexplained anger and frustration when depressed.

2) The state of being depressed cannot be controlled.

Normally, we think that prayers can make us feel better again in any state that we are in. However, prayers may not be the best solution when one is depressed, simply because depression cannot be controlled. Instead, friends and family should be more understanding while the depressed person is seeking medical solution with his/her doctor.

3) Symptoms of depression can interfere living normally.

Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight, sleeping more or sleeping less than the normal sleeping hours, extreme restlessness or feeling exhausted and lacking energy--these are symptoms that a depressed individual portray. And yes, with such extreme symptoms, they surely can interfere a person's normal routine.

4) Depression may affect the sufferers physically.

Being depressed may be accompanied by very real physical symptoms and not just erratic changes of mood. There are people with this kind of mental disorder who have struggled with their changes in appetite, headaches and disrupted sleep.

5) Some theories suggest that depression may be inherited.

A recent study claimed that depression is imprinted in the DNA of the sufferers and that there are approximately 15 genes in the human body's chemical makeup that may trigger depression.

6) Depression is treatable.

It is not the end of the world for depression sufferers as the illness can be treated with psychological therapies and medication. Of course, these can only be administered by a qualified health professional who will create treatment plans and interventions for the patient.

7) Being physically active can help treat depression.

Do not just rely on your doctor's expertise. Help yourself by doing activities that can help you get over the negative feelings. Doing brisk walking, having more social interaction and avoiding overanalyzing situations are great tips to overcome depression.

8) Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle can help, too.

A balanced diet can help our body produce good and happy hormones to fight stress and depression. Avoid junk foods and never skip meals to keep you in the mood. Also, stay away from alcohol and drugs as these can actually worsen your mood.

9) Depression is a chronic illness and thus taking care of yourself at all times is a must.

Depression just go away just like that. You may think that you got over it for now but it may come back in the future and thus health professionals advised that sufferers should take care of their mental health even during their happy days.

10) Create a healthy, structured routine in your day that will keep you away from negative emotions.

We can avoid feeling depressed when there are lots of things to look forward to in a day. Keeping one's routine and doing activities like showering, walking the dog, or making lunch are simple things that keep us sane and on track. It is advised that sufferers keep a diary or a schedule. They should also get at least nine hours of sleep to feel refreshed the next day.

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