Get Response Review: Is It The Best Email Marketing Software Out There? 30 Things You Must Know About Get Response 2017

30 Things You Must Know About Get Response 2017

In this era of online business, it is very important that you have a list of email ids, who are already interested in the products or services that you deal with. These are also your probable customers, who might convert from visitors to customers, with time or with a little push with your marketing efforts. Again, if you are into internet marketing or blogging, it is email marketing that will help you to bag a lot more dollars than you spend.

Email marketing has been the highest earner, when it comes to platforms like banner ads, search engine optimization or the social media. This further justifies the importance that is given to email list as it is this list that gives you the potential future clients.

Now, you must be wondering about the various tools that might use to build the right email strategies and the efforts that will go into managing all the tools to see the end results. Well, GetResponse is one tool that will manage all your email marketing efforts, all in one place. There is no need for multiple tools as this email marketing automation tool comes with several features that will ensure that you spend lesser time and effort in managing your leads.

GetResponse is categorized as one of the easiest to use tool for email marketing and it will also provide the best solutions with the extensive repository of guides and resources. Moreover, with this tool, you will no longer have to manually do anything as this tool will automatically complete all the activities related to email marketing.

Is GetResponse The Best Email Marketing Software Out There

The main focus of email marketing lies with the list, which will indeed help you to earn a lot more. However, it is seen that in most cases, building the email list is not the problem. The main issue lies with choosing an email service provider, who will make the entire process simpler and easy.

Get Response is one of the easiest to learn and use email marketing tool and it will help you to build a list of email ids of your subscribers, create a landing page to give a boost to your email list and use webinars to convert your visitors to customers.

Moreover, GetResponse is equipped with a lot of amazing tools like marketing automation, autoresponder, landing page, pre-designed templates and the ease of using this tool, amongst a lot more features. The reasonable cost further makes GetResponse one amongst the best email marketing software, that you must use.

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Amazing Features of GetResponse

GetResponse is equipped with a whole lot of fabulous features, that will ensure that all your email marketing efforts are smooth and hassle-free. It is also these features that make GetResponse the best email marketing software. These features include the wide range of templates to choose from, the split testing, the RSS feature, social sharing tool, autoresponder, great analytics, the comprehensive segmentation options and not to forget the marketing automation.

It must be mentioned here that this marketing automation aspect is something that gives this software an edge over the others. This tool helps in filtering the email list, based on the activity to whom the first email was sent in the first place. So, if you have shared an email about the latest collection of products and a few people opened your email or the link that was attached with the email, their email ids will be filtered out for sending email communication about the new collection or whenever you have a new collection added.

So, this way, you are appealing to those, who have already expressed their interest and have shown traits of being a potential buyer. Moreover, this will also impact your conversion rate as you are only targeting consumers who are potential buyers and not to your entire list, who might not be interested.

30 Things You Must Know About Get Response 2017

GetResponse is a much better tool when it comes to email marketing tools for small businesses. If you are planning to get a software that will help you in your email marketing efforts, look no further as this tool will reduce a lot of your effort, time and you will also witness fabulous results.

To help you a little more in your research about GetResponse, here we present 30 things that you must know about GetResponse 2017. Read on:

1. When it comes to suitability, GetResponse is most suitable for internet marketers, bloggers and small business owners, who can reap the advantage of the email list that this software will help to build.

2. GetResponse introduced the marketing automation feature that allows you to automate your marketing efforts on the basis of the actions and conditions of your customers.

3. This tool will also save a lot of your efforts and time that you would have otherwise spent on strategizing. And, you can earn a lot more with lesser efforts.

4. This email marketing software makes the use of the "if-then" logic to automate the email list campaigns. This is something which is unique as most email marketing software do not allow this.

5. Another benefit associated with the "if-then" logic workflow is that you will be sending the promotional content to only those who might be interested, based on their previous actions. And, this also implies that you will be targeting those, who might be interested, thereby giving a boost to your conversion rate.

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6. GetResponse allows you to generate leads easily. And, for this, you don't have to spend a lot of time or your efforts, which you can channelize to take care of the other aspects of your business.

7. Apart from the generation of leads, this email marketing software will also allow you to prioritize the best leads from your email list. And, with a little push, it is these leads which will convert to actual sales, thereby increasing the revenue of your business.

8. The GetResponse editor is amazingly easy to learn and use. This is because the creation of an email involves simple dragging and dropping. So, you simply need to click on "Create Newsletter," chose a template and write the content of your email. Then with the drag and drop facility, you can place text, images and also the social media icons as per your wish and your emails are ready within a few minutes.

9. Do you know how many templates, GetResponse offers? Well, there are more than 500 fabulous templates from where you can take your pick to create your email newsletter. And the best part is that irrespective of which segment you deal with, GetResponse has templates that will just be suitable.

10. GetResponse not only has a repository of templates but also of images, which are all royalty free. So, you can use whichever is suitable for your newsletter to make the maximum impact on your subscribers.

11. If you wish to check out which emails are performing better, you can use the A/B split testing feature of GetResponse. This feature will allow you to test the performance and you can also analyze the aspects of your email that is working out and enhancing the email open rates.

12. Another aspect of the A/B split testing is that using this feature, you can compare two email campaigns and check out the one which is working or not working.

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13. Another amazing feature of GetResponse is the "one-click segmentation" This feature categorizes those people who do not participate by clicking or reading your newsletters.

14. With the "one-click segmentation" you can differentiate your subscribers and send the email newsletter that is targeted and based on their activity. So, for those subscribers, who do not engage, you can try to first try to induce them to participate rather than sending them promotional stuff, which might not be something that they are interested in.

15. The email analytics feature of GetResponse will ensure that you get the reports related to your email campaigns at intervals, as per your wish. The reports will reach your email id and you can view them without any hassle.

16. With GetResponse, you can also avail reports that will showcase whether your email campaigns are driving sales. If you have more than one email campaigns running, you can also check out the one which is bringing you sales and the one which is not working out.

17. If you have a small business and want to expand fast, webinars are something that will give your business a boost and help you to grow the list in a cost-effective way. And, with GetResponse, you can create your webinars following simple steps.

18. GetResponse also offers pre-designed webinars, which you can use to create webinars for your business. And, just like the ease of creating an email newsletter, you can also create webinars easily and efficiently.

19. With GetResponse, you have a total control over the publishing time of your webinars. Additionally, you also have a total control over the reminders that will be sent to your subscribers.

20. When it comes to conversion of your visitors to actual sales, the landing page plays a vital role. Well, luckily enough, GetResponse offers tools that will allow you to create landing pages that will have a higher conversion rate. So, gone are the days when creating the landing page was an expensive and a tedious job.

21. Currently, the number of smartphone users have increased manifold and thereby there is a need for web pages or emails that are mobile responsive as else your subscribers will not be able to view the email and will also impact your business negatively. With GetResponse, you can rest assured as the template are mobile responsive and your subscribers will have a hassle free time viewing your newsletter, irrespective of whether he is viewing it on his smartphone, tablet or laptops.

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22. GetResponse comes at a price tag, which is affordable. So, being a small business, you will not have to shell out half of your marketing cost to get a software that will take care of your email marketing strategies.

23. You can take your pick from the three plans that GetResponse offers, according to your need and your budget. So, you can pick the plan, "Email" at $15 per month, "Pro" at $49 per month or "Max" at $165 per month.

24. GetResponse offers a lot of discounts through the Cyber Monday or Black Friday deals. If you wish to avail more discounts you can look for these offers, before purchasing and get the software at a much lower cost.

25. If you wish to try out GetResponse before actually purchasing the software, worry not as this email marketing tool offers a 30 days trial period at zero cost.

26. GetResponse allows you to track the source from where subscribers have been choosing to subscribe to your newsletters. With this data in hand, you can focus on the particular source which is bringing you the interested candidates to further enhance subscription.

27. With GetResponse, creating surveys is superbly easy and cheaper unlike other online tools which are expensive. You can also analyze the participants in your surveys and get more insights.

28. With an email delivery rate of 99 percent, you can rest assured that your emails will not land up in the spam folder of your subscribers. Moreover, the anti-spam policy ensures that your emails are whitelisted.

29. GetResponse pays attention to the time when your email reaches your subscriber. So, whether your subscriber is in the United States or Australia, your email newsletters will reach them as per their local time. All you need to do is choose the "Time Travel" feature.

30. GetResponse allows you to add social media share buttons on your email newsletters. The best part of this feature is that it leads to higher conversion rates.

These are some of the amazing features that GetResponse offers to its users. This email marketing software will surely give a boost to your business and help you to earn a lot more than any other tool or marketing strategy.

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