30 Interesting Facts About Mukesh Ambani You Probably Didn’t Know


Mukesh Ambani, one of the greatest Indian Business tycoons in the world, is the current chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). He started his business journey by assisting his father in his textile industry business. Here are some little known facts about the largest shareholder of RIL:

  1. He officially joined Reliance Industries in 1981 and thereafter backward integrated Reliance industries textiles into polyester fiber and later into petrochemicals .He later started Reliance Infocomm ltd.
  2. His company Reliance Industries Limited which is ranked second most valuable company by market value has five major segments: retail, refining, telecommunication, petrochemical and marketing.
  3. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani was born to couple Dhirubhai Ambani and Kokilaben Ambani in Aden, Yemen on April 19, 1957. He is the eldest among the 4 children.
  4. He married Nita Ambani in the year 1984. It was Dhirubhai Ambani, who had first seen Nita at a dance program after which he decided to get them married.
  5. The couple has three children Anant, Akash and Isha. They live in 27-storey building which is worth US $1billion, the most expensive building at the time it was built. The building was named Antilia.
  6. He loved playing sports in his childhood which led him to be the owner of the world’s richest team by his purchase of Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team.
  7. He was also the board of directors of Bank of America, International Advisory Board of the Council on Foreign Relations and also served as Chairman of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB).
  8. He has completed his degree on Chemical Engineering in Institute of Chemical Technology. He also attended Masters in Business Administration in Stanford University, butunfortunately could not complete as he had to assist his father in his business.
  9. Reliance business was divided between two brothers; Mukesh Ambani had to take care of Reliance Industries and Indian Petrochemical Corporation while his brother Anil Ambani took charge of Reliance Telecomm.
  10. Family Businesses was split among the two brothers by their mother Kokilaben after Dhirubhai passed away. He didn’t leave any will for the Business Empire which he built so their mother intervened and concluded it to a solution.
  11. As of Feb 2018, there was estimated calculation that Mukesh’s wealth will be enough to run the Indian federal government for 20 days.
  12. He, who is an active philanthropist, has received several awards for his leadership in business such as Business Leader of the year, World Commutation award, Global Leadership award and Asia Society Leadership award.
  13. He was honored with an award from US-Business Council University of Pennsylvania and USA.
  14. Adi Godrej, the head of Godrej family, Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra group, Anand Jain, the chairman of Jai crop limited are his schoolmates and close friends.
  15. He is a vegetarian and his favorite food is idly sambar, famous dish of Tamil Nadu, and his favorite restaurant is Mysore café. He is strictly non-alcoholic.
  16. Mukesh is a man who maintains a low profile. He normally wears a simple white shirt and black pant and can never be attached to any brand.
  17. Nita Ambani states the nature of her husband to be very shy, reserved and quiet and that he is generally nervous in facing public.
  18. He is similar to his father Dhirubhai Ambani and takes time out of his business schedule to spend time with his children.
  19. His Reliance Industries almost contribute 5% of the total tax revenue to government of India.
  20. He is a very big fan of movies and reportedly used to watch at least 3 movies in a week.
  21. He has never celebrated his birthday in exception to his 50th birthday and has stated that celebration is being with his family.
  22. In the year 2007, he gifted his wife Nita, for her 44th birthday with a private aircraft named "Airbus A319," which is estimated to be $60 million dollar.
  23. Another interesting thing about Mukesh is when he has a guest at home he makes sure their favorite dish is been prepared and served by his hand.
  24. He is fond of cars owning a total of 167 cars and he also has a bullet proof car which is the same as that used by the Prime Minister of India.
  25. He is the first and only businessman in India who is given z-category security.
  26. He reportedly has his father’s photo or family photo in all the rooms of his house.
  27. He has the world’s largest grassroots petroleum refinery at Jamnagar in Gujarat, which has an installed capacity of 668000 barrels/day.
  28. He, in his early childhood, lived a normal life of an upper middle class family. They lived in 2 bedroom apartment and used public transportation and later Dhirubhai purchased 14-storey apartment named Sea Wind in Colaba.
  29. His house Antilia has a swimming pool, theater, gym, and 5 helipads with 600 employees.
  30. His annual income is said to be 15 cores and it has remained constant for past nine years.
  31. Mukesh Ambani Net Worth: $49 Billion

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