30 Astonishing Facts About Ben Mendelsohn - Captain Marvel's Talos We Bet You Never Knew


Ben Mendelsohn, who is famous world-wide for playing arrogant characters, first gained recognition with his role as Trevor Leishman in "The Year My Voice Broke," and the role as Andrew 'Pope' Cody in the "Animal Kingodm." He joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Talos in the 2019 movie "Captain Marvel." Here are some really interesting facts about the Australian actor:

  1.  In the Netflix series "Bloodline," he played the role of Danny Rayburn, being the only actor whom the producers met with for the role. His performance received positive reviews from many critics.
  2.  He also earned a Golden Globe nomination and even won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series out of the two nominations, for his role as Danny Rayburn in "Bloodline."
  3.  During the filming of the 2018 movie "Untogether," he was married to the writer/director of the movie - Emma Forrest, since the year 2012. However, with the movie still in the post-production stage, the duo separated and Forrest reportedly filed for divorce after a few weeks.
  4.  For the role of Robin in the movie "The Place Beyond the Pines," it was Ryan Gosling who suggested him, becaue of his role in the 2009 movie "Prime Mover.
  5.  Before filming "Animal Kingdom," he and Luke Ford decided not to speak to each other in an effort to help with their portrayal of two antagonistic brothers.
  6.  In the movie "Captain Marvel," he used his native Australian accent, for portraying the alien Skrull Talos. But when his character adopts a human disguise, he uses an American accent.
  7.  During the 1980s and the 1990s, Mendelsohn is known to have struggled with heroin addiction.
  8.  As per the original script of "The Place Beyond the Pines," his character Robin has owned large junk yard dogs, but Mendelsohn suggested that if he had little dogs, it would be more interesting.
  9.  For his performance as Danny Rayburn in the third season of the "Bloodline" series, he won the 2017 Satellite Award for the Best Supporting Actor - Series, Miniseries or Television Film category.
  10.  His first leading role was in the 1990 movie "The Big Steal," in which he portrayed the character of Danny Clark, who was seventeen years old, though Mendelsohn was aged around twenty when he played the role.
  11.  During the filming of "Animal Kingdom," writer/director David Michôd said he always yielded to Mendelsohn's request for additional takes of his scenes because of his respect for Mendelsohn's "wild, unpredictable" contributions.
  12.  In fact, the first scene in the movie "Animal Kingdom" that features Mendolsohn's "Pope" character is said to have taken about 15 takes.
  13.  After reading the 2009 movie "Beautiful Kate," he responded immediately to the script and liked the way that writer-director Rachel Ward handled the provocative material.
  14.  For the movie "Prime Mover," it was reported that writer/director David Caesar first wrote the screenplay with Mendelsohn as the lead in the mind, and reportedly spent over a decade trying to produce it.
  15.  However, by the time funding for the "Prime Mover" movie was secured, Mendelsohn had aged for the role and writer Caesar built the role of Johnnie specifically for him.
  16.  In the 2000 movie "Sample People," producer Emile Sherman initially wanted to play the character of Andy, which was in the end portrayed by actor Simon Lyndon. He went on to play the role of John.
  17.  During the filming of the 1992 movie "Map of the Human Heart," in which he played the role of Farmboy, he reportedly injured his back on his last day on set.
  18.  It was reported that writer David Caesar wrote the role of the 2001 movie "Mullet," with Mendelsohn in mind, but had always felt that he was too young for the role.
  19.  He had always participated in most of the staged readings of the script of "Mullet," but had always played a different role.
  20.  But within the time he secured funding, Mendelsohn was of the ideal age for the role of Eddie 'Mullet' Maloney, and was ready to play the role.
  21.  He is famous for playing arrogant, unlikeable and borderline sociopathic characters, who are never as clever as they think they are, this being one of his trademarks.
  22.  For his role as Robin in the movie "Place Beyond the Pines," he reportedly offered to remove his front teeth, as his character was supposed to have dentures. It was reported that the director accepted his offer, but changed his mind when a producer intervened.
  23.  He was originally cast as Hando in "Romper Stomper" and had even shaved his head for the part of the neo-Nazi, but was eventually dismissed and replaced by Russell Crowe, who began campaigning against him, claiming that Mendelsohn wasn't threatening enough for the role.
  24.  It was reported that he hadn't watched any of his films for 6 full years, before attending the screenings of “Killing Them Softly” at Cannes and “Place Beyond the Pines” at the Toronto International Film Festival. Before this, he went for 10 years without watching his own movies.
  25.  He is said to have appeared in a PSA with Gia Carides and Paul Gleeson in the 80s set in a nightclub to teach teenagers how to fill out their tax returns.
  26.  He offered to pay the full costs to host an Australian News program about a Datables Ball, which was dance for special needs teens with limited opportunities to meet and socialize, after seeing a report related to it.
  27.  He is said to have memorized every line from the "Taxi Driver" as a teenager because Robert DeNiro was his acting idol. The duo later worked together in the movie "Killer Elite."
  28.  He is known to be a very passionate animal lover. Once, during the filming of "Adore," he reportedly halted filming to make sure a stray cat made it across the street safely.
  29.  He is an active supporter of the Mirabel Foundation, a charity to support children orphaned and abandoned by drug addicted parents.
  30.  He is also known to have a very strong German accent and is said to have spoke the language fluently till the age of six, after living an extended period there and returned to Australia with his family.
  31.  Ben Mendelsohn Net Worth: $9 Million

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