30 Little Known Facts That Every Fan Should Know About Sam Worthington


Sam Worthington, world-renowned for playing the role of Jake Sully in the James Cameron's science-fiction film "Avatar," was first cast in the professional role in the Belvoir Street Theatre production "Judas Kiss." Here are some really interesting things to know about the English-born Australian actor:

  1.  He was born as Samuel Henry John Worthington to Jeanne and Roland Worthington in Surrey England on 2 August 1976. They moved to Perth Australia when he was two years old.
  2.  His father had given him $400 and sent him on a one way ticket to Cairns asking him to earn his way back home.
  3.  Before going to Cairns he studied at the John Curtin College of the Arts in Fremantle, Western Australia. Though he did not graduate from the school that specializes in dramatic arts, it sure helped him later to secure his career.
  4.  Sent away from home he began working on construction and other odd jobs. He finally settled in Sydney as a bricklayer.
  5.  At the age of 19 he got a scholarship to NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts). He had initially gone there to support his friend, who did not get through.
  6.  He was finalized for the role of James Bond in “Casino Royale” before Daniel Craig was cast for the title character.
  7.  He was awarded the “GQ man of the Year Award” in 2009 beating Russell Crowe and Eric Bana.
  8.  He was not the first choice to act in the movie “Avatar.” He was cast after Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon both turned down the role.
  9.  The director Louis Leterrier selected Worthington for the movie “Clash of the Titans”, thinking that the actor would be slender and ideal for the young Perseus’s role. However the director was taken aback when he met the actor who had bulked up for his roles in “Terminator Salvation” and “Avatar”.
  10.  At the time of auditioning for the movie “Avatar”, he was living in his car. He had sold out his items for $2000 and found a car. After getting selected for “Avatar” he found a place to live.
  11.  Director James Cameron recommended Worthington for the role of Marcus Wright in the movie “Terminator Salvation”, when the movie’s director McG went to meet Cameron in New Zealand.
  12.  He was terrified to enter the waters of a lake for the movie “Rogue” when it was reported that a 5 meter long crocodile was spotted in that area. To convince him it was that no croc was there, director Greg McLean jumped into the water and swam for some time. Later they found that the croc was transferred to some other place a week earlier.
  13.  He won the AFI Award for Best Lead Actor for his role in the movie “Somersault” in 2004. In fact the movie swept all the awards in 13 categories in the AFI awards.
  14.  Although he has acted in a Terminator movie, Worthington did not get a chance to work along with the original Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger until 2014 in the movie “Sabotage”.
  15.  He was arrested on 23 February 2014 in New York for assaulting a Paparazzo, Sheng Li, who allegedly kicked Lara Bingle in the shin. He was later released on a desk charge.
  16.  Three days later, the Manhattan Criminal Court ordered Worthington to stay away from Sheng Li for six months and he faced charges of assault in the third degree, attempted assault, and harassment.
  17.  Li later filed a civil law suit for $3.7 million against Worthington which was settled out of court. Li alleged that Bingle was responsible for starting the fight and called for his arrest.
  18.  He got his first Teen Choice Award nomination for Choice Movie Fresh Face Male for his role in the movie "Terminator Salvation," in the year 2009.
  19.  He was called up for casting for the movie “Avatar” via a phone call and the person didn’t tell him anything about the movie or the director. Worthington was disappointed at first thinking it was another waste of time.
  20.  He was the one who kick started the production of the movie “Man on a Ledge” in 2012. Even though he was afraid of the heights, the concept drove him to take up the role. The ledge was 200 feet above the ground on a Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan.
  21.  Rumors had surfaced about his relationship with the Australian model Bingle long ago before they got married on 28 December 2014. They have two sons Rocket Zot and Racer.
  22.  He was the recipient of the Australians in Film 2009 Breakthrough Award presented to him by James Cameron.
  23.  The Hollywood Reporter published a list of actors who are either pushed or being pushed to take Hollywood as the A-List. Worthington was one of the young male actors in the list.
  24.  For his performance in the movies "Terminator Salvation" and "Avatar," he was voted 'Empire's Man of the Year' in the year 2009.
  25.  During an interview he stated that it was easier for him to master the Na’vi language than the American accent in the movie “Avatar.”
  26.  Worthington did his own stunts in the movie “Rogue” especially when his boat capsizes and he fell off the boat.
  27.  He also lent his voice to the Captain Alex Mason in the video game “Call of Duty – Black Ops”. He received criticism for not able to hide his Australian accent.
  28.  He received more criticism for his hair style in the movie “Wrath of the Titans”. In “Clash of the Titans” he has short hair cut but he chooses more natural looks and went for the long curly hair in the sequel.
  29.  Worthington was once described as one of Australia's most likable young leading men by
  30.  He portrayed the character of Jim Fitzgerald in the Discovery Channel television series, "Manhunt: Unabomber," alongside Paul Bettany and Jeremy Bobb, in the year 2017.
  31.  Sam Worthington Net Worth: $26 Million

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