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Scott Speedman, world renowned for playing Ben Covington in the coming-of-age drama television series "Felicity," which is said to be his big breakthrough. Here are some really interesting things to know about the British-Canadian film and television actor:

  1.  Robert Scott Speedman was born on September 1, 1975 to Scottish parents Roy Speedman and Mary Speedman, in London. His family moved to Toronto, Ontario at the age of four.
  2.  His father Roy was a department store buyer, while his mother was a primary school teacher and champion runner. His sister Tracey died from cancer on February 8, 2016.
  3.  He went to Earl Haig Secondary School, where he was a competitive swimmer, who attended the now defunct gifted athlete program.
  4.  At the 1992 Olympic trials, he placed ninth as a member of the Canadian Junior National Swim Team. But, he had to leave after suffering a neck injury.
  5.  In order to divert from athletics, he became interested in acting, and went on to attend the University of Toronto and York University to study his craft.
  6.  He appeared on Speaker's Corner, a viewer open-forum run by Toronto's Citytv, encouraged by a friend.
  7.  He expressed interest in auditioning for the role of Robin in the film "Batman Forever," which was being cast in Toronto at the time.
  8.  Though he earned an audition, he was not cast in the role, which was ultimately given to Chris O'Donnell. But the audition gave him the exposure he needed.
  9.  Following this, he quickly found himself an agent and started auditioning for various Canadian television and film roles.
  10.  He made his television debut in the year 1995, with the Canadian series Net Worth, following which he appeared in several small TV roles.
  11.  He, then, decided to go to New York City to study for a short time at the Neighborhood Playhouse before dropping out and returning home to Toronto.
  12.  He got a call from an American casting agent who wanted him to audition for a new series called "Felicity," in which he portrayed the brooding college student Ben Covington.
  13.  For his performance as Ben Covington in "Felicity," earned him much acclaim, following which he began getting offers for more prominent roles while working on the series.
  14.  He was offered the role of Billy Hannan opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in the film "Duets," in the year 2000.
  15.  He was then cast as Bobby Keough, which was his first major starring role in a feature, in the 2002 movie "Dark Blue."
  16.  Speedman then portrayed the character of Don, husband of a terminally ill woman, in the independent drama "My Life Without Me." His performance in this movie earned him a "Golden Wave Award."
  17.  During the filming of the movie "Underworld," he suffered a concussion when a set prop that was supposed to be a piece of the wall Viktor had just thrown him through hit him in the head.
  18.  He was the recipient of the Saturn Award in the category "Cinescape Face of the Future Award" for his work in the supernatural thriller "Underworld," in the year 2003.
  19.  In the year 2009, he starred in the independent Western" The Last Rites of Ransom Pride" alongside Lizzy Caplan and Dwight Yoakam.
  20.  He attended the grand opening of the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, an event full of music, food, belly dancers and fireworks, along with many other celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Jackson.
  21.  He co-starred with Julia Stiles in Lluís Quílez Sala thriller film "Out of the Dark," in the year 2014. He also starred in various independent films such as "Barefoot," "The Captive," and "The Monster."
  22.  He was selected to star in Ryan Murphy's HBO production called Open alongside Wes Bentley in June 2013.
  23.  He was featured as Barry "Baz" Blackwell in the TNT crime drama series "Animal Kingdom" until the first episode of season 3, in the year 2016.
  24.  He starred as XO Sam Kendal in the ABC military drama series "Last Resort," which premiered on September 27, 2012.
  25.  He is said to have attended the David Rothenberg's on-camera acting class with fellow actors Rachel McAdams, Kenneth Mitchell and Polly Shannon.
  26.  For the 2012 & 2016 sequels, "Awakening and "Blood Wars" in the "Underworld" franchise, archive footage of Speedman from the first two films were used. His facial likeness was superimposed on a stand-in for his character's brief role in the film.
  27.  He was cast as Boogie in the film adaption of "Barney's Version" alongside Dustin Hoffman among others in July 2009, for which filming took place in Rome, New York and Canada.
  28.  In the year 2008, he was cast as James Hoyt in the horror–thriller "The Strangers," alongside Liv Tyler, and as Tom in "Adoration," alongside Rachel Blanchard.
  29.  In the year 2003, he starred alongside James Marsden in the thriller "The 24th Day," as Tom, and then as Agent Kyle Christopher Steele in "in XXX: State of the Union" opposite Ice Cube, aka O'Shea Jackson Sr., the famous American rapper, writer and actor.
  30.  He is good friends with Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman, whom he met while filming the "Underworld" movie. He is often known to attend barbecues at their Los Angeles house.
  31.  Scott Speedman Net Worth: $3 Million

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