30 Surprising Facts About Norman Reedus We Bet You Never Knew


Norman Reedus, world renowned for his role as Daryl Dixon in "The Walking Dead" series, has also been famous for his modeling career with various fashion designers. Here are some little known facts about the American actor:

  1.  His character of Daryl Dixon in the AMC television series "The Walking Dead," was not originally in the comic book series of the same name. His character was reportedly created specifically for Reedus after his audition for the character of Merle Dixon.
  2.  It was reported that "The Walking Dead" comic creator Robert Kirkman felt absolutely blessed that Reedus honored the show with his presence and the way he has taken over the role of Daryl Dixon.
  3.  His performance as Daryl Dixon earned him a nomination for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor.
  4.  In the year 2013, he reprised his role as Daryl Dixon in the 2013 video game "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct," based on the television series.
  5.  He was set to star in the Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's reboot horror game "Silent Hills," but since Kojima left Konami, the game was cancelled in the year 2015.
  6.  He is currently set to star in Kojima's new game "Death Stranding" an upcoming action game, announced at E3 2016, to be released on November 8, 2019.
  7.  Before getting his first acting role, he lived for a time in London and Japan. He was earning $7.50 an hour working in a Venice, California, motorcycle shop.
  8.  He is a painter, sculptor, and photographer, who currently shows his artwork in galleries in New York City, Berlin, and Frankfurt.
  9.  Reedus released a book of photography titled "The Sun's Coming Up... Like A Big Bald Head" on October 31, 2013. The next year, in September, a fan-art compilation called "Thanks For All The Niceness" was announced.
  10.  He has been featured in various music videos such as "Wicked As It Seems" by Keith Richards, and "Violently Happy" by Björk, in the mid-1990s. In the year 1999, he appeared in the video for "Mean to Me" by Tonic.
  11.  Norman Mark Reedus was botrn on January 6, 1969 to Ira Norman Reedus and Marianne (née Yarber), in Hollywood, Florida.
  12.  His major film debut was with "Mimic," in which he played the role of Jeremy. This was followed by the role of Mac in Giovanni Rodriguez's "Red Canyon."
  13.  He has been portraying the character of Murphy MacManus in the 1999 film "The Boondock Saints," as well as in the 2009 sequel "The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day."
  14.  In the year 2015, he posed for a Cruelty Free International advertisement in support of ending cosmetic tests on animals.
  15.  Following his fame as an actor, he made numerous appearances in the videos for "Judas" by Lady Gaga, "Sun Down" by Tricky, "Gypsy Woman" by Hilary Duff and "No Cities to Love" by Sleater-Kinney.
  16.  He is known for covering his body with several inks - his father's name on the left side of his chest, a devil on his upper right arm, "Mingus" in red on his right forearm, a star on his right hand, two demons on his back, a heart on his right wrist and a snake on his left leg.
  17.  He reportedly played in Maps for Drowners at the Tiffany Theater on Sunset Boulevard, through which he got his first taste of acting.
  18.  Before becoming famous, he worked at a Harley Davidson shop in Venice and reportedly contributed artwork to various shows as a painter, photographer, sculptor, and video artist.
  19.  Reedus was first discovered at a party in Los Angeles. He started screaming with giant sunglasses on, until someone asked if he wanted to be in a play.
  20.  He was involved in a car accident in Berlin, Germany, in the late February 2005, after attending a R.E.M. concert.
  21.  His driver reportedly swerved into traffic suddenly at the wrong moment, and a semi-truck struck the car, which jettisoned him through the windshield, landing him on the sidewalk.
  22.  This incident resulted in some damage to the left side of his face. He underwent a surgery and now has a titanium eye-socket.
  23.  He was in a long term relationship with Danish fashion model Helena Christensen, whom he started dating in the year 1998. The relationship lasted until 2003.
  24.  He has a son together named Mingus Lucien Reedus with Christensen, who was born on October 13, 1999. He currently resides in New York with his son.
  25.  His son Mingus was reportedly offered an audition for the role Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the 2017 movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming," but turn it down, just like many other offers.
  26.  He has been dating his co-star Diane Kruger for over two years, whom he met during the filming of "Sky." The pair welcomed their first child - a daughter in November 2018.
  27.  His fans of "The Walking Dead" went on panic mode, when a photo surfaced of him sporting a prosthetic dismembered stomach. Actually, it was a photo of his character in the 2009 "Pandorum," and not of the character Daryl Dixon.
  28.  In November 2018, he signed a new three-year franchise-spanning deal, for his character of Daryl Dixon, which will get him $350,000 per episode, with guarantees and advances, worth anywhere from $50-$90 million overall.
  29.  In the 2016 movie "Triple 9," despite being top billed for his role of Russell Welch, a criminal, his total screen time was reported to be less than 10 minutes.
  30.  Since June 2016, he has been starring in the reality travel series "Ride with Norman Reedus," which follows him and a guest of the week travel across a different destination on a motorcycle.
  31.  Norman Reedus Net Worth: $18 Million

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