Funniest Coronavirus Memes All Over Social Media

Coronavirus Memes
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Coronavirus has now been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization all across the world. With that, many countries have now shut their airports and are currently experiencing city lockdowns. People are highly encouraged to stay at home and do self-quarantine for the meantime to avoid the spreading of the virus.

However, the panic among humans in each country does not lower down. While there are people who try to be as calm as possible, there are some people who tend to panic over the whole coronavirus situation. Thus, to shake the weight off their shoulders even just a little, many went online and made tons of memes and TikTok videos about the pandemic situation.

Now that most people are now at home, memers and social media users led them to make funny puns, memes, videos and jokes about people who have been stressing and panicking over the health issue.

Although this is not something to laugh about, the last thing that the people would want is to worry too much about the issue. Thus, social media users made social media an outlet for stress and let people have a good laugh and take a break from all the stress the pandemic has caused.

Coronavirus on TikTok

Last week, TikTok reported that the hashtag #coronavirus reached a good 5.5 billion on the app. Many people went online and joined the trend. Most posts were about how social media has become one of the coping strategies that Gen Z's do.

TikTok, being the most used and most influential app in the whole world right now, also made precautions in posting. They have stood against fake news and misinformation and false facts about coronavirus. When they find a video that goes against these precautionary measures, they immediately take it down.

However, if the information posted by TikTok users come from relevant sources such as the World Health Organization, they let it post online.

Viral Coronavirus Memes on Social Media

Many people have shared funny posts about coronavirus on different social media platforms such as Facebook.

In this photo (above), you can see a photo of a cat who looks like it's about to let out a sneeze. A Facebook user uploaded this photo on Facebook and made many laughter reacts to it.

Coronavirus Memes
(Photo : Facebook/memes)

Next, this meme features a scene from one of Tom Holland's movies where he was in a plane flight. The meme states about hearing someone cough on an $8 flight to Italy.

As of recent news, Italy holds the most record of coronavirus cases next to China, with about 35,000 reported cases and nearly 3,000 confirmed deaths.

Coronavirus Memes
(Photo : Facebook/rankertotalnerd)

For this third meme, everyone made fun of a photo from the movie Kung Fu Panda, where Master Shifu and the Dragon Warrior team stood up against their enemies. In the meme, Master Shifu and the Dragon Warrior team was mocked to be the Flinstone gummies that kids back in the days use as a vitamin supplement, and the enemies resemble the coronavirus entering one's body.

Coronavirus Memes
(Photo : Facebook/rankertotalnerd)

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