These People Experiencing The WORST Quarantine Than You, Here's Why

If you think you're having the worst days of your life, think again.

Everyone in the whole world can definitely relate to one thing these days-- and that is being stuck at home and being on quarantine. Whether or not you have been infected by COVID-19, or mostly known as coronavirus, everyone is advised and encouraged to stay at home to avoid having more confirmed cases of the said virus. The pandemic is rapidly spreading all across the world and cases are continuously increasing as days go by. 

People who have always been going out of their houses, especially those who have been traveling from different places a lot in a specific period of time, are now subject to testing and quarantine. Being on quarantine does not necessarily mean they should be staying in the hospital for days, but it can also mean isolating oneself from other people, especially those who are close to them as their family and friends. A lot of people are now on home quarantine, and although it could be a little boring for most people, there are people out there who experience worse quarantine time.

If you're feeling bored at home while in quarantine, check out these other people who have even worse (and could be the worst!) experiences during quarantine; and you might be surprised, or perhaps thankful, you're not in their shoes. 

#1 Remote Online Teaching With A Funny Class Code

A teacher shared a screenshot of his class code saying, "jizzin' to god," and had it sent to all his students for their online class on their online course platform. 

Class Code
(Photo : Reddit/double_reedditor)

#2 Toilet Paper Washed Away By Flood

A photo was shared by an anonymous online user that showed four toilet paper rolls that were soaked because their bathroom was flooded and some of their back up supply for toilet paper got wet. 

Flooded Toilet Paper
(Photo : Reddit/CappaWasDetated)

#3 Day 3 In Quarantine And This Dog Can't Get Enough of My Husband

One wife shared a photo online of her husband their dog. She said their dog is being a "slut" to her husband and acts like she is not around when the dog asks attention from him.

Husband and Dog
(Photo : Reddit/urkillingme)

#4 My TV Broke On The 1st Day of Quarantine

If you're thinking watching TV all day could be the most boring thing to do in the whole world at such a world crisis, think about this family who does not even have a TV for the whole lockdown period. 

Broken TV
(Photo : Reddit/TinyTownFamily)

#5 My Electrical Socket Just Learned How To Pee

We all know how dangerous it is to plug in a wire in the electrical socket with wet hands, but what if water comes out of it?

Electrical Waterfalls
(Photo : Reddit/JustCallMeLyraM8)

#6 Lockdown Means No Barber Appointments

Now that you're probably on quarantine, if you're a girl, you're lucky you don't have to have your haircut every month. But what about the guys? The only one you can trust with your hair is your girlfriends, so buckle up. 

Haircut by GF
(Photo : Reddit/NotedHeathen)

#7 Thanks, Coronavirus

March and April babies need to think of another plan of celebrating their birthdays and make it fun, even while on quarantine. 

Birthday Message
(Photo : Reddit/Are_You_Ok_Mate)

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