20+ Hilarious Tweets from Women That Will Make You Laugh

These women are breaking stereotypes and their tweets will legit make you giggle.

The internet may be a crazy place but it never fails to make us laugh. Social media platforms like Twitter has been a place where people voice out their concerns, opinions and share their humor. You can find a lot of funny posts on Twitter that are made by witty and hilarious women. Although there is a stereotype that women are not as funny as the men, these twitter posts are sure to break that.

These hilarious women have shut down the idea, and countless of them have dominated the platform. Here are some of the best, the wittiest and the funniest posts made by women that will surely make your day. 

Hilarious Tweets from women

Twitter user @ohanabaig called out her ex's new girlfriend who may have hinted that she is staking her. Just like what the user said, it happens to the best of us.

(Photo : Twitter/@ohanabaig)

The social media platform also has a naughty side, and Twitter user @EwdatsGROSS shared hers. Although she likes to have it rough, what she shared may be too rough.

(Photo : Twitter/@EwdatsGROSS)

Twitter user @mollypriddy made it clear that she is not a fan of the male species. 

(Photo : Twitter/@mollypriddy)

Twitter user @clhubes took a jab at how male writers create female characters and listed their ridiculous standards. 

(Photo : Twitter/@clhubes)

Meanwhile, Twitter user @LindsayCarbone8 took a jab at her former classmates who think they are influencers by how much they share on their Instagram Stories

(Photo : Twitter/@LindsayCarbone8)

Twitter user @julietmoore_ just shared one of the funniest YouTube comments ever about celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey.

(Photo : Twitter/@julietmoore_)

Twitter user @Kristen_Arnett can't help but post about her admiration for the woman who did not have a care in the world. 

(Photo : Twitter/@Kristen_Arnett)

Twitter user @DanaSchwartzzz pointed out who runs the world. She shared how awesome women are, while men can't be bothered to do the bare minimum. 

(Photo : Twitter/@DanaSchwartzzz)

Twitter user @emilyemsmurfy knows why singer Vanessa Carlton will never walk 1000 miles for a man

(Photo : Twitter/@emilyemsmurfy)

Actor Michael Cera may have found his doppelganger, and it's Twitter user @nayohmee

(Photo : Twitter/@nayohmee)

Twitter user @MiseryVulture just called out all the fake "nice guys" to the tune of Billie Eilish's song "Bad Guy"

(Photo : Twitter/@MiseryVulture)

Twitter user @SidwWolfe shared her unfortunate yet hilarious car accident story

(Photo : Twitter/@SidwWolfe)

Twitter user @karencheee proves a woman can work really well together

(Photo : Twitter/@karencheee)

Twitter user @meanspice just made people question their feelings for their boyfriends

(Photo : Twitter/@meanspice)

Twitter user @kittywenham shared just how thirsty men can be

(Photo : Twitter/@kittywenham)

Singer Lizzo is known for her self-empowering songs, and Twitter user @dollbambs wants to make her proud

(Photo : Twitter/@dollbambs)

Twitter user @ahdiv_me figured out why men love to do stand-up, even if they aren't cut for the gig.

(Photo : Twitter/@ahdiv_me)

With all the crazy things happening in 2020, Twitter user @feliciapgordon made a suggestion to help remedy the problem

(Photo : Twitter/@feliciapgordon)

Twitter user @bellabee13 just made her own version of the song "We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel and it is really catchy

(Photo : Twitter/@bellabee13)

Twitter user @missbreton did a rundown of the events in March, reminding us all that it's only been 3 months since 2020 started. 

(Photo : Twitter/@missbreton)

Twitter user @mymonsterischic says it like it is, 2020 feels like its been 10 years.  

(Photo : Twitter/@mymonsterischic)

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