Find Out What This Corgi Owner Stumbled Upon Entering His Home

Corgi Plays Dead
(Photo : Twitter/shange033)

Would it scare you if you stumbled upon a corgi murder scene? Would you run away screaming? Or would you investigate what happened? The owner of Gody, the corgi, shared a photo online of the corgi. In the picture, Gody seemed to have blood splatters all over their body. It garnered many people's attention online, but what happened to Gody?

What Is The Story Behind The Photo?

Seeing a corgi laying on its back on the ground motionless in a pool of strange red fluid might make you feel scared or distressed. But what you think the red liquid may be, it is not what you think it is.

Corgi Plays Dead
(Photo : Twitter/shange033)

This cute corgi gave a frightening shock to their owner when they walked into the room and found their corgi looking like someone murdered them like a budget version of a scene from a mafia movie.

The truth behind the corgi murder scene is more straightforward than it looks. Gody, the two-month-old corgi, found out where their owners kept the dragon fruit. This led to the mischievous puppy to devour dragon fruit until he could not move anymore, and they rolled around in the dragon fruit's remains.

Finally, Gody pretended to be dead, or maybe they merely fell asleep.

How Did People React To The Photo?

The owner of the corgi shared the pictures on Facebook, which got people to react angrily or shockingly at first before they realized the corgi was mischievous. They loved how it was the corgi being a lazy glutton, with it napped on its back flat after gorging a ton of dragon fruit.

The pictures of the corgi had people share it over nine thousand times, and they left over four thousand comments on the photos. Many people flocked to the post as they saw it to share how much they laughed at their mistake when they thought it was a picture of a corgi murder scene.

Corgi Plays Dead
(Photo : Twitter/shange033)

One person left a comment saying that they first wondered why someone would post such a gruesome picture, but then they read what happened with the corgi. Then they laughed about it and saw how similar Gody was to their dog, which is a part corgi.

Another person said that the pictures scared them, but they ended up laughing about it because they think it is something a corgi would do.

Someone else said that the corgi was adorable, and they would have had a heart attack if they saw the corgi at first before realizing it was not blood covering the dog.

The owner lives in Vietnam with their dog, Gody. They said that because their corgi is a baby. It means that they will act like a baby dog, and they like to get themselves dirty and sleep all the time. They also love to eat lots of fruit.

The owner of Gody posted about their corgi on a page that the owner named after their mother. They use the page to post about their dogs and to make people smile and laugh while they have days where they are busy.

There are many people following the page, and if you want to be a follower, check out their page.

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