50 Elegant PHOTOS of Yu Garden in Shanghai


Yu garden, also known as Yuyuan Garden is an extensive Chinese garden and one of the popular tourist attraction, located beside the City God Temple. Tracing its roots to 1559, in 1760, the garden was renovated, and in 1780 the West Garden was opened to the general public. Heavily damaged during the Taiping Rebellion, and again by the Japanese in 1942, the gardens were opened to the public in 1961 and declared a national monument in 1982. Today, Yu Garden comprises an area of 2 ha and is divided into six general areas laid out in the Suzhou style. The areas include Sansui Hall, which includes the Grand Rockery, a 12-meter-high rockery made of huangshi stone, featuring peaks, cliffs, winding caves, and gorges. The second is Wanhua Chamber, the third - Dianchun Hall, built in 1820. Also, there is Huijing Hall, Yuhua Hall and Inner Garden which includes rockeries, ponds, pavilions, and towers.

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