50 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Emma Watson

Emma Watson is best known for playing the character of Hermione, the best friend of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film franchise.

  1. Her full name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson.

  2. Emma is of British and Turkish descendant.

  3. Despite being British, she was actually born in Paris, France on April 15, 1990.

  4. Her parents, both British lawyers, are Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson.

  5. Her parents divorced when Watson was 5, and she moved back to Oxfordshire in England with her mother and brother.

  6. Emma has a younger brother Alexander, half brother from her biological father that is named Toby, and half twin sisters also from her father that are called Nina and Lucy.

  7. Watson attended the Stagecoach Theatre Arts school at Oxford. She studied singing, acting and dancing, and performed in school plays.

  8. Emma plays field hockey, tennis, rounders and netball. She also dances in several different styles, like break dancing and modern, and likes to take art classes.

  9. Her favorite school subjects are art, history and English. Her least favorites are math and geography.

  10. Watson had never acted professionally when her theater teachers suggested her to agents looking to cast an upcoming movie based on the first novel of the best-selling Harry Potter series.

  11. She auditioned eight times for the role of Hermoine Granger which catapulted her to international fame.

  12. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling wanted Watson for the role of Hermoine from her first screen test.

  13. She was 11 years old when the first movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was released in November 2001. s. It grossed more than $974 million worldwide. On opening day in the United States, the film made a record-breaking $33.3 million.

  14. She is best friends with Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint after practically growing up with them on the Harry Potter set. She calls them her 'brothers'.

  15. At the age of 12, she had a crush on her Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy.

  16. She was falsely reported to have broken her wrist during the filming of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" (2002).

  17. For the next decade Watson stayed busy filming the Potter series.

  18. Emma thinks of her character Hermione Granger as a potential role model for young girls and as a female action hero who "rocks."

  19. Emma has said she thinks the chances are slim that she will ever be involved in another project that is as successful as "Harry Potter."

  20. Her favourite book from the Harry Potter saga is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

  21. Emma had to wait until she was fifteen before she was allowed to have her ears pierced.

  22. In 2004 Emma joined Pierce Brosnan, Kenneth Branagh, and Samantha Morton to serve as a jury to select the teenaged film-makers' "First Light Film Awards" ceremony held in London's Leicester Square.

  23. Emma wore braces for four months in 2005, saying it's important because a smile is for life.

  24. In 2007, Forbes Magazine estimated her earnings for the year at $4 million. At the time she was 17 years old. She was also named the 'Highest Grossing Actress of the Decade' by the Guiness Book of World Records. Her film work in the past decade has grossed over 5.4 billion dollars worldwide.

  25. In 2005. When she was 15, she was the youngest person to be featured on Teen Vogue Magazine.

  26. Emma lent her voice to Princess Pea for the animated movie The Tale of Desperaux in 2008.

  27. She passed her driving test on her first attempt, January 28, 2008.

  28. Despite spending her adolescence on film sets, she had five hours of tutoring each day. She graduated with high grades.

  29. She can speak some french.

  30. She is 5'5 tall.

  31. Watson has tried hard to shed her child star image, one that's so closely tied to the Potter franchise. "I have lived in a complete bubble. They found me and picked me for the part. And now I'm desperately trying to find my way through it," she said in an interview with Vogue.

  32. She consistently tops best dressed lists. "I love fashion. I think it's so important, because it's how you show yourself to the world," said Watson.

  33. Emma was chosen as the face of Burberry's Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, and again for the 2010 Spring/Summer collection.

  34. In 2010, she shocked fans by debuting a cute pixie haircut. The hairdo did make her look more grownup.

  35. She graced the cover of Vogue in July 2011.

  36. Emma enrolled at Brown University in 2009, an Ivy League US university where she studied Literature.

  37. When she was asked why she chose a US higher education institution and not a British one, she said its because the American system allows students to study many subjects at once.

  38. One of her favorite actors is Johnny Depp.

  39. Watson starred in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012).

  40. Emma is a cat lover. She has two cats named Bubbles and Domino.

  41. She is a huge fan of Julia Roberts.

  42. Emma admires Natalie Portman and Renee Zellweger for their willingness to take on challenging roles in film, even if they are not typically beautiful characters.

  43. She proudly proclaims herself to be a feminist, as well as fairly competitive.

  44. Emma was ranked #69 on Maxim magazine's Hot 100 of 2011 list.

  45. Her favorite movie is Notting Hill (1999). Her favorite television show is "Friends" (1994).

  46. Her favorite singers are Alanis Morrisette and Justin Timberlake.

  47. Her nickname is Em.

  48. Emma Waston's net worth is $60 million.

  49. Her favourite author is Carlos Ruis Zafon and she loved "The Shadow of the Wind" and its prequel "The Game of the Angel".

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