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Melanie Griffith

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50 facts about actress Melanie Griffith

Working Girl, which earned her a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress and won her a Golden Globe. Learn 50 facts from life and career of actress Melanie Griffith.

Rod Stewart

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50 facts about singer Rod Stewart

Stewart is known for his distinctive raspy singing voice. Learn 50 facts about singer Rod Stewart.

Debbie Harry

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45 facts about Debbie Harry: best known as the lead singer of the band Blondie

She recorded several worldwide number one singles with Blondie during the 1970s and 1980s. Learn 45 facts about Debbie Harry.

Boris Becker

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50 facts about Boris Becker: German former world No. 1 professional tennis player

Becker has been the youngest Wimbledon men's champion when he was 17. Learn 50 facts about Boris Becker.

George Harrison

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50 facts about George Harrison: achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles

Harrison was often referred to as "the quiet Beatle". Learn 50 facts about George Harrison.

Eric Clapton

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50 facts about Eric Clapton

Before turning to music as a full-time career, he supported himself as a laborer at building sites, working alongside his grandfather, a master bricklayer and plasterer. Learn 50 facts about musician Eric Clapton.

Ringo Starr

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50 facts about Ringo Starr: drummer for the Beatles

Because of his distinctive voice, Starr rarely performed backing vocals during his time with the Beatles, but they can be heard on songs such as "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and "Carry That Weight". Learn 50 facts about Ringo Starr.

Peter Gabriel

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50 facts about Peter Gabriel

Gabriel was an original lead singer and flautist of the progressive rock band Genesis. Learn 50 facts about life and career of Peter Gabriel.

Jo Dee Messina

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50 facts about country music artist Jo Dee Messina

By age 16 she was playing local clubs, singing while her brother and sister provided backup on drums and guitar. Here are 50 facts about Jo Dee Messina.

Charlotte Rampling

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50 facts about Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling's 50 facts.

Rose McGowan

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50 facts about Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan was born in Certaldo, Italy. Learn 50 interesting things about actress McGowan.

Shah Rukh Khan

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50 facts about "King of Bollywood" actor Shah Rukh Khan.

50 facts about Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan

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