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Coffin for sale


Hilarious! Bizarre Coffin for Sale on Facebook

Check out this man's sale ad post that left thousands of people in laughter.



This Grandma Posted HELP on Her Window, Asking For More Wine

This cute grandma posted a note on her window telling everyone she has no more wine in her house, which is also a cry for help!

Jack P.


Man Dresses Up Everyday To Cheer His Neighbors

Check out this hilarious man as he strides down his neighborhood and on social media with his colorful costumes during coronavirus lockdown.

Ugly Duchess


These Isolated Art Lovers Recreated Famous Masterpieces While On Lockdown

This couple went viral for posting their recreated masterpieces while on lockdown.

Corgi Plays Dead


Find Out What This Corgi Owner Stumbled Upon Entering His Home

This cute corgi had his owner scarred for life when he came home by letting him think he was murdered. Read hear to know the whole hilarious story.

Jon Matson Postman


See How This Postman Makes His Deliveries Funnier And More Enjoyable

Check out this funny postman who gives smiles to his neighbors amidst coronavirus outbreak.

Cowboy Tweet


LOL! Cowboy Museum’s Head of Security Takes Over Twitter

Check out this security guard on how he dominated the Twitter world.

Toothed Stone


11 Strange and Weird Things People Find, Does the Internet Knows What These Are?

There are things that you might or might not see everyday that is new to your eyes. Here are compilations of the weirdest and strangest things that people have encountered in their whole life.

Man in T-rex Costume


Man Wears T-Rex Costume Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak in Spain

This man goes viral while wearing a T-Rex costume on the streets of Spain amidst the coronavirus outbreak.



Funny Coronavirus Jokes That Will Make Smile Despite This Worldwide Crisis

Just because we are in the middle of a pandemic, it does not mean we can't have a bit of fun



LOOK: Woman Surprises Guy Friend With a Character Themed Cake, Realizes She Failed

Check out how this woman surprised her friend with a "Sonic the Hedgehog" cake and failed.

Engagement Ring


WHAT?! This Woman Proudly Shows Off Butthole Engagement Ring!

Engagement rings can be beautiful and breathtaking, but at the same time, it can also be funny and creepy.

Kaikaia Gaga


A Bug is Named After Lady Gaga And Here's Why

Check out this newly discovered bug that is named after the pop-sensation Lady Gaga.

Peyton Haag


This Drunk Guy Adopts A Kangaroo After New Year's Eve, Realizes It MONTHS After!

This young man drunkenly adopted a baby kangaroo during New Year's Eve and he recently just knew about it. Read on below to know the whole story.

Toilet Paper


This Family ACCIDENTALLY Ordered 12-Year Supply of Toilet Paper, And It Is Insane!

48 rolls of toilet paper turned into 48 boxes of toilet paper. Check out this family's fail and funny story of ordering toilet paper online.

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