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This Grandma Posted HELP on Her Window, Asking For More Wine

This cute grandma posted a note on her window telling everyone she has no more wine in her house, which is also a cry for help!

Corgi Plays Dead


Find Out What This Corgi Owner Stumbled Upon Entering His Home

This cute corgi had his owner scarred for life when he came home by letting him think he was murdered. Read hear to know the whole hilarious story.

Engagement Ring


WHAT?! This Woman Proudly Shows Off Butthole Engagement Ring!

Engagement rings can be beautiful and breathtaking, but at the same time, it can also be funny and creepy.

Peyton Haag


This Drunk Guy Adopts A Kangaroo After New Year's Eve, Realizes It MONTHS After!

This young man drunkenly adopted a baby kangaroo during New Year's Eve and he recently just knew about it. Read on below to know the whole story.

Toilet Paper


This Family ACCIDENTALLY Ordered 12-Year Supply of Toilet Paper, And It Is Insane!

48 rolls of toilet paper turned into 48 boxes of toilet paper. Check out this family's fail and funny story of ordering toilet paper online.

Googly Eyes


Girlfriend Surprises Boyfriend By Putting 400 Googly Eyes in His Room

A girl from Austria went viral for pulling off a funny surprise for her boyfriend.

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