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Japanese elevator prank


Funny Japanese Elevator Prank VS Scary Brazilian Prank: Which do you Prefer?

Elevator pranks seem to becoming increasingly popular online. However, different countries have different approaches to how they're conducted. They're either funny like the Japanese like perform them, or the Brazilians prefer to offer them up in a scarier way. Which do you prefer?



You Look Great Until You Take a Selfie and This Happens

Your hair looks great, you have a banging outfit on and ready to hit the town and you decide to take a quick selfie to show off how great you're looking. You take out the phone, strike a pose, click, analye the results and whoa! What happened? Delete. Better luck next time.



10 Selfies Taken at the Worst Possible Timing

Have you ever taken a selfie and thought it was going to come out great, only to find out that the timing Here are 10 hilarious selfies taken at the worst possible timing.

If Monday was a person...


If Monday Was a Person, This is What She Would Look Like

Who doesn't hate Mondays? After an uber relaxing or a pumping weekend, the idea of heading back to the cubicle on Monday morning can be anything but appealing. So if Monday was a person, this is what she would probably look like... the only thing left to wonder is what would Monday look like if it was a man?

Awkward family photos


Top 10 Family Photos that Will Leave You Cringing

It's that time of the year where everyone is getting cute and adorable family photos taken to send to their loved ones. However, some families are slightly less fortunate than others when it comes to the final product. Here are 10 of the most LOL family photos that will make you either cringe, laugh or just be grateful you're not featured in one of them. Enjoy!

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