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Mike and Codie


Guy Was Given A Fake Number By A Girl And Ends Up Going On A Date With An Actress

Having given a fake number could be the end game for other people, but for 30-year-old English teacher Mike, he got way too lucky.



Pandemic Board Game May Help Healthworkers Determine Their Next Coronavirus Response

This viral board game is known to have foreseen the coronavirus outbreak. Could it also hold the answer of how to end it?

Ted and Ed


Teddy Bears Spend Time Outdoors to Bring Positivity During Pandemic

These cute bears will surely make up your day, and will even encourage you to stay at home and do various activities with your whole family.



This Grandma Posted HELP on Her Window, Asking For More Wine

This cute grandma posted a note on her window telling everyone she has no more wine in her house, which is also a cry for help!

Pandas Mating


Pandas Seen Mating After 13 Years of Social Distancing

Le Le and Ying Ying have been roommates at Ocean Park Zoo in Hong Kong for 13 years and they have finally decided to mate after a long period of time.

The Sand Bar


Owner Removes Stapled Bills On Bar Walls to Pay Unemployed People

This bar is known to have a unique design and has dollar bills stapled all around its walls and ceiling. Check out how its owner tear down the bills and used it to help her staff amidst the coronavirus lockdown in the city.

Jack P.


Man Dresses Up Everyday To Cheer His Neighbors

Check out this hilarious man as he strides down his neighborhood and on social media with his colorful costumes during coronavirus lockdown.

Himalaya from India


The Himalayas is Visible Again From India After 30 Years

After 30 long years, the skies in India have cleared and the Himalaya mountains are now back insight.

Ugly Duchess


These Isolated Art Lovers Recreated Famous Masterpieces While On Lockdown

This couple went viral for posting their recreated masterpieces while on lockdown.

Sundance the Hero


Smart Dog Delivers Groceries to Senior Neighbor in Quarantine

Who says only humans can be heroes? Check out this smart dog who helped a neighbor throughout her 3-week quarantine who has a health problem and could not get out of the house.

Blue Lagoon


Police Dyes Blue Lagoon Because People 'Won't Stop Going Out' During COVID-19 Outbreak

This police dyes the Blue Lagoon black because people cannot stay in their homes. Read on below to know more.



Ramvolution: Pack of Wild Goats Take Over Ghost Town

Wild goats have roamed around a town with no people on the streets. Thus, the "ramvolution" started.

Boss Turned Into A Potato


Hilarious! Boss Turns Into Potato In Video Meeting and You Cannot Unsee It

An office team was having a meeting on an online platform and the boss suddenly turned into a potato.

Class Code


These People Experiencing The WORST Quarantine Than You, Here's Why

If you think you're having the worst days of your life, think again.



Hilarious! Man from Mexico Sends His Dog to Buy a Snack

The man from Mexico was craving for some Cheeots, and asked help from his pet to shop for hiim,

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