50 things you probably didn't know about Drew Barrymore: In rehab by 12, her link to Kurt Cobain and she's allergic to coffee

Drew Barrymore first hit the big stage as a child actor. She later struggled with substance abuse before re-emerging as a talented actress and producer. She is now a mother, talented actress, business woman and philanthropist.

  1. Drew was born on February 22, 1975.

  2. Her full name is Drew Blyth Barrymore.

  3. Her father had English, Irish, and German ancestry, and her mother is of Hungarian descent.

  4. She comes from a family of famous actors so clearly stardom was meant for her.

  5. Drew made her first tv appearance at just eleven months old! She appeared in a commercial.

  6. She is the granddaughter of film legend John Barrymore.

  7. Drew starred in her breakout role as Gertie in Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982 and quickly became one of Hollywood's most recognized child actresses.

  8. As a child, she auditioned for the role of Carol Ann in Poltergeist (1982).

  9. Steven Spielberg is Drew Barrymore's godfather.

  10. Her godmothers are Sophia Loren and Anna Strasberg.

  11. That same year at age 7, she became the youngest person to host Saturday Night Live, a record that is yet to be broken.
  12. For her 10th birthday, she danced until 2 a.m. at New York City nightclub Limelight for her 10th birthday. "I was a club-hopper at 10, as much as a 10-year-old can be. I would sleep over at a friend's house, and we would sneak out."

  13. Unfortunately, the fame and exposure to the adult world was too much for her. Barrymore had her first drink at 9, began smoking pot at 10, and took cocaine at 12.

  14. Drew rose above it all and got clean and even wrote a successful autobiography in 1990 titled Little Girl Lost. "One day I was a little girl, and the next day I was being mobbed by people who wanted me to sign my autograph or pose for pictures or who just wanted to touch me," she said in 1989. "I was this 7-year-old who was expected to be going on a mature 29."

  15. At 15-years-old she sought out emancipation from her parents and got it, giving her the same rights as an 18-year-old.

  16. She moves to Los Angeles by herself shortly afterwards.

  17. She never finished high school.

  18. At the age of 19, she got married to a L.A. bar owner after dating for just six weeks. A minister-psychic-private detective - which they found via a 24-hour wedding hotline - presided over the ceremony between Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas. The ceremony was held inside the bar that Thomas worked at.

  19. Perhaps six wasn't long enough to decide whether he was marriage material, because just two months after getting hitched, she filed for divorce.

  20. In 1995, she surprised everyone while appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman, She was telling Letterman about her striptease experience and asked if he wanted to see it. She promptly got up on his table and turned to face him and flashed her breasts at him.

  21. Steven Spielberg gave her a quilt for her birthday with a note "Cover yourself up". Enclosed was a copy of the January 1995 issue of Playboy Magazine for which she posed nude, with the pictures altered by Spielberg's art department so that she appeared fully clothed.

  22. In honour of Bill Clinton turning 50, John Kennedy Jr. had Drew pose as Marilyn Monroe on the cover of his magazine, "George", with the heading, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President".

  23. Drew proved she was no longer a child actor by starring in more adult-like roles in movies like Poison Ivy, Bad Girls, Boys on the Side, and Everyone Says I Love You.

  24. She was originally offered the lead role in Scream (1996) but chose to play Casey Becker because she thought it would be more fun.

  25. After starring in movies, she decided to venture offscreen and created her own production company Flower Films in 1997. Its first production was the 1999 Barrymore film Never Been Kissed.

  26. She dated Luke Wilson after the two starred in Best Men and Home Fries. They dated for two years before calling it quits.

  27. In 1999, Barrymore was honored by the Young Artist Foundation with its Former Child Star "Lifetime Achievement" Award commemorating her outstanding achievements within the film industry as a child actress.

  28. Flower Films has gone on to produce the Barrymore vehicle films Charlie's Angels, 50 First Dates, and Music and Lyrics, as well as the cult film Donnie Darko.

  29. She is the voice of Brian Griffin's simple-minded girlfriend, Jillian on the animated comedy show, Family Guy.

  30. She started dating comedian Tom Green in 1999 and got married two years later. They went to Ireland for their honeymoon.

  31. Her $3-million Beverly Hills mansion caught fire while she and then-fiance Tom Green were inside sleeping. The couple made it safely out, but the house was ruined.

  32. Unfortunately, it didn't work out and Green filed for divorce. "Drew is a wonderful woman," Green, 30, said in a statement. "I love her very much. I wish our marriage could have worked out." The next day, Barrymore issues her own statement: "I love Tom very much. He has always been a great friend and that won't change."

  33. Barrymore rode Las Vegas' Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower's 1,080-ft.-tall thrill ride, Big Shot, a gut-wrenching 10 times in a row in January 2003

  34. Barrymore received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 3, 2004.

  35. Drew Barrymore dropped 20 pounds in 2004 after taking up running and adding more protein to her diet."It's made my life so much better," she told PEOPLE.

  36. Barrymore became a CoverGirl Cosmetics' model and spokeswoman in 2007.

  37. Drew Barrymore considers macaroni and cheese a guilty pleasure, calling it her "Achilles heel."

  38. She does volunteer job for Southern California's Wildlife Waystation.

  39. Her fundamental rule of dating is to be herself. "Let your freak-flag fly, and if someone doesn't get you, move on."

  40. Barrymore graced the cover of PEOPLE's 100 Most Beautiful issue.

  41. While shooting the romantic comedy He's Just Not that Into You, Barrymore begins dating costar Justin Long, who's also known as the Apple computer commercials' "Mac Guy."

  42. She is 5' 4" (1.63 m) tall.

  43. Her favorite poet is e.e. cummings.

  44. She is the godmother of the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter, Frances Bean.

  45. One of her hobbies is photography.

  46. She lived with David Crosby and his wife for over a year.

  47. She is allergic to garlic, bee stings, perfume and coffee.

  48. Barrymore donated $1 million to the World Food Program to help children in Africa.

  49. In 2012, she married Will Kopelman and had her first child, Olive, later that year.

  50. A little over a year after the birth of daughter Olive, Barrymore announces she and husband Kopelman are expecting their second child - a girl.


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