52 Cutest Animal Fail Moments of All Time (GIFs)

Animals doing cute things are always fun to see, but animals attempting to do something and fail miserably are even cuter. Here are a collection of 52 cutest animal fail moments of all time. 

1. Aim, paws out, jump... oops, too far. 

2. "Hope no one saw that"

3. He never thought it would end this way

4. "Bouncy, Bouncy, I can do this"

6. If only that ball hadn't gotten in my way

7. "Now you are getting sleepy, very sleepy..."

8. The domino effect proves it reigns supreme over anyone or any cat who tries to compete

9. Dakota couldn't get a good on the ball

10. Kaboom!!

11. Hope he has a soft landing at least

12. Will he get it after 24 hours?

13. The bean bag is softer than he anticipated 

14. Cat desperately tries to get Matt to open the door to no avail 

15. Oopsy daisy

16. Oh yeah, that's how I roll when I have a bowl of food stuck on my face

16. David Beckham would not approve

17. Jump fail

18. Hard decision - either take the stick with you or go in alone for a yummy dinner

19. Totally missed that one

20. Doesn't it suck when a mirror gets in the way

21. Shouldn't have had that extra bowl of treats for lunch

22. The butterfly effect in full swing

23. Suzy got more than she bargained for at the aquarium

24. Haters gonna hate

25. Poor little kid, at the wrong time at the wrong place

26. Tommy's so excited, he misses

27. Whoops...

28. Ah oh, is my friend ok?

29. Oh no, you didn't

30. Bye bye birdie

31. Spinning out of control

32. Slidding down the roof top

33. Bet you didn't expect that?

34. Cat scares himself

35. "You were supposed to catch me!"

36. Take me home with you!
37. The dress proved to be more of a hassel than a cute accessory

38. Leo was fearless till he saw what he was up against

39. The play pool sprouted legs out of no where

40. Oh no, I forgot my ice skates at home!

41. I'm going to catch you!

42. "Curiosity killed the cat" - so the saying goes

43. Kitty trying his best to scare you

44. Bob does his best "Smooth Criminal" impersonation

45. The cutests scene to arrive home to

46. The personification of laziness

47. Lucky tries to catch circle puffs before they pop

48. That's what you get for poking me with hot sticks!

49. An accident about to happen

50. Oh no, you don't!

51. Come here, Kitty

52. Picaboo Parrot

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