30 Interesting Facts To Know About Jimmy Buffett


James William "Jimmy" Buffett is a famous American songwriter, musician, businessman, author, actor. He is world known for his hit songs like “Come Monday,” and “Margaritaville,” which was ranked 234th on the Recording Industry Association of America's list of "Songs of the Century." Here are 30 facts about him:

  1. He owns a chain of restaurants known as “Margaritaville Café” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. Both the restaurant chains are named after his songs.
  2. His total earnings from chain of restaurants, albums and tours are estimated to be around 40.5 million US dollars per year.
  3. He was born as James William Buffett on 25 December 1946 in Mississippi to Mary Lorraine and James Delaney Buffett Jr.
  4. He launched a project in 2006 with Anheuser-Busch brewing company for production of beer named “Land Shark Lager” under the Margaritaville Brewing label.
  5. Under the Umbrella Branding of Margaritaville, he owns a footwear shop, a Casino, foods such as Chips, Salsa, Chicken and much more. He opened a Margaritaville Casino on May 2013 in New Jersey.
  6. Buffett wrote the lyrics for his 1979 song “Fins” that is used by Miami Dolphins for all their home games.
  7. He was married to Margie Washichek from 1969 to 1972. He got separated with his second wife in early 1980’s but reconciled with her in 1991. They have two daughters Savannah Jane and Sarah Delaney and an adopted son Cameron Marley.
  8. A retirement village named “Latitude Margaritaville” has been planned by Buffett in Daytona Beach, Florida. It is estimated to be around US dollar 1 billion.
  9. During the 1978s he called his musical style as “Drunken Caribbean Rock n Roll”.
  10. He first met with controversy in 1983 when he recorded a song titled “God’s Own Drunk”. Late Entertainer Lord Buckley’s son sued Buffett for copyright infringement for 11 million dollars. The case was later resolved.
  11. Because of the Lawsuit in 1983 he was not allowed to play “God’s Own Drunk” in his show. Instead he played “Lawyer and the Asshole”, a song written by himself, in which he accuses Buckley’s son for getting greedy.
  12. He had an aircraft named “Hemisphere Dancer” that was shot at by Jamaican Police who mistook it to be smuggling Marijuana. It had previously carried U2’s Bono, Island records producer Chris Blackwell as well as Buffett himself. However no one was on board on that day.
  13. In 2001 he was ejected form a basketball arena for cursing. Joe Forte, the officiating referee of the game between Miami Heat and New York Knicks did not know who Buffett was, said that there was a little boy and a lady sitting next to him.
  14. In October 2006 he was detained at the Toulon Hyeres International Airport in France by custom officials for allegedly carrying 100 ecstasy pills. He was released with a fine of $300. Later he revealed that the ecstasy pills were in fact a B-Vitamin supplement.
  15. Buffett along with Bob Graham, former governor of Florida, founded the charity effort “Save the Manatee Club” in 1981 in an effort to save the endangered species.
  16. He started his musical career in 1960 in Tennessee and recorded his first album “Folk Rock Down to Earth” in 1970.
  17. In the year 2004 he conducted a concert in Orlando named “Surviving the Storm” in an effort to raise funds for the Hurricane victims of Florida, Alabama and the Caribbean affected by four major storms that year.
  18. In 2008 he performed in a concert in Hong Kong for free and paid for the concertgoer’s tequila and beer. It was a fund raiser for Foreign Correspondents Club Charity Fund that raised US $ 63000/-.
  19. In 2010 he performed in the beach of Gulf Shores in Alabama to attract people back to their beaches after the BP oil disaster. The 35000 tickets were distributed for free and the concert was aired live on CMT Television.
  20. He played a role, co-produced as well as wrote a soundtrack for the 2006 movie “Hoot” by Wil Shriner. His main interest in the movie was that it focused on issues related to Buffett such as conversation.
  21. His first breakthrough came in 1977 with the song “Margaritaville” for the album “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.” It still remains his bestselling album of his career.
  22. He was made an offer for a cameo appearance in “The Pirates of Caribbean: The Curse of Black Pearl” in 1997 which he declined.
  23. He also made a guest appearance in a television series “Hawaii Five O” in 2011. He appeared as a Helicopter pilot named Frank Bama, a character form his novel “Where is Joe Merchant”.
  24. In 2015 movie “Jurassic World” he is seen holding two margaritas when dinosaurs are let loose in the park.
  25. He has 3 number 1 bestselling books to his name. “Tales from Margaritaville” and “Where is Joe Merchant?” spent seven months on top of the New York Times Best Seller fiction list, whereas “A Pirate Looks at Fifty” went straight to the top in the New York Times Best seller non-fiction list.
  26. One of his quotations can be seen on a sign board in the Nubra Valley in Ladakh in India. It reads as “Without Geography you are nowhere”.
  27. With the release of “License to Chill” in 2004 he sold 238600 copies and topped the US pop album chart for the first time since starting his career three decades ago.
  28. He was frequently seen street performing in New Orleans during 1970's. He was taken to Key West on a busking expedition by Jerry Jeff Walker, a country singer in the following year. Later he moved to Key West to establish his career.
  29. He performed for President Bill Clinton in White House in August 2000 with the Coral Reefer Band.
  30. In 2003 he received Country Music Association Award for Vocal Event of the Year in 2003 for his duet performance with Alan Jackson for the song “Its Five of O’Clock Somewhere”. It instantly became the number one hit song on the music chart.
  31. Jimmy Buffett Net Worth: $550 Million

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