10 Amazing Las Vegas facts


10 Amazing Las Vegas facts 

10. It's the world capital of Elvis impersonators

Although Elvis Presley was from Mississippi, Las Vegas became something of a second spiritual home to the legendary musician. He spent over 8 years of his life as a Vegas 'resident', performing over 600 concerts including some iconic live shows that still get air play today. It is estimated that there are around 500 Elvis impersonators in the city during peak season, including lookalikes, soundalikes and comedy acts.

9. It was full of bad guys in the early days

The founding of Vegas wasn't as squeaky clean as the family-friendly entertainment you see today. Seen as a boozy getaway in the sun with legal gambling, many mobsters, gangsters and other criminals flocked to the Las Vegas strip. Characters like Al Capone were robbing people, ripping off casinos and controlling prices throughout the 1920s and 30s. Bugsy Siegel was another big mafia figure who spent a lot of time in Sin City. He was a driving force behind developing The Strip as part-owner of the Flamingo Hotel & Casino.

8. It wouldn't be there without the Hoover Dam

One of America's largest infrastructure projects, the dam was designed to solve two problems; to provide jobs to thousands of men during the depression and to provide hydro-electricity to communities in California, Nevada and the West. With thousands of men flocking to the area to work on the vast construction project, Las Vegas became the epicentre of gambling, prostitution and illicit alcohol for the workers. The dam workers filled the coffers of the city, allowing developers to open more casinos and male Vegas the gambling capital of America.

7. It's HOT

Many people forget that Vegas is also bang in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Benefiting from 310 sunny days a year, the hottest months are June, July and August with daily temperate that can reach over 40 degrees! There are however hundreds of swimming pools with regular pool parties and casinos and hotel rooms are all air conditioned.

6. There is an incredible music scene

Alongside the 24/7 gambling that males the city famous, hundreds of musicians flock to the city every year to take advantage of holiday makers who are in the mood for dancing. The city has pedigree, with names like Sinatra, Elvis and Elton John now synonymous with the Las Vegas and this year is no different. Celine Dion is performing dates on her epic residency which is now past 1,000 shows and 90s / 00s pop princesses Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are performing extended dates throughout summer and autumn. There are also thousands of future stars, tribute acts and alternative musicians, ensuring there is something for everyone's tastes.

5. People go crazy for shrimp

You heard it here. Sin City allegedly imports and serves more shrimp annually than the rest of the United States put together. The link between seafood and improved luck is yet to be proven however.

4. Not everyone is out there to gamble

Out of the millions of people that plan a trip to Vegas every year, only around 15% go there just to gamble. The big statistic however is that 70% of all visitors end up gambling in the casino, feeding a slot machine or playing a game of bingo whilst in Vegas. It seems that draw of gambling is just too much for some people to say no. If you're contemplating a trip to Las Vegas it is a good idea to get some practice before your arrival, there is no better way to do this than by paying a visit to a market leading online casino, boasting a fantastic reputation, lots of exciting games and state of the art interactive features, now I bet you can't resist visiting 888casino.

3. It is home to the biggest poker tournament in the world

Every year, Caesar's Palace welcomes poker players from all over the world to compete in the World Series of Poker, one of the biggest and most prestigious events out there. Although amateurs are welcome, the buy-in is a lot higher than other tournaments and you'll usually find the best professional players gunning for the Main Event that features a juicy pot multi-million dollar pot and the most coveted prize in all of poker, the WSOP bracelet. The event runs from May to July and is also a great spectator sport

2. It is the home of boxing

Whether it's the Colloseum or the MGM Grand Arena, Vegas has hosted some of the biggest fights in history. From Mayweather v Pacquiao or Tyson v Holyfield, the city has been host to some huge bouts and continues to welcome fighters or all weights and levels to entertain fans. Boxing isn't the only sport in Vegas however, with a new NHL team in the Las Vegas Golden Knights competing from 2017 and the Oakland Raiders relocating in 2020 to bring NFL to the desert.

1. It is a true movie star

Whether it's the idiots from the Hangover bumbling around the strip or vicious gangsters running the show in Scorcese's Casino, the city displays a hundred different sides when portrayed in the movies. Films like Rain Man show the high speed, money grabbing element of the city whereas Ocean's Eleven is something of a tribute to the opulence of Vegas between the robberies. One thing is certain however; you're bound to spot a celeb as movie stars still flock to Sin City to escape Hollywood to this day.

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