30 Mind Blowing Facts About The Wonder Woman Gal Gadot


Gal Gadot-Varsano, an Israeli actress and model, world renowned for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe. She was born on April 30, 1985 in Petah Tikva, Israel. Here are 30 interesting facts about the actress:

  1. Her first name “Gal” means “Wave” and her surname “Gadot” means “Riverbanks” in Hebrew.
  2. Gadot is the first non-American actress to portray Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in the history. She is also the first actress to have performed the role in theatrical movies.
  3. At the age of 20 she was enlisted into the Israeli Defence Forces. She served in the force for two years as a combat trainer. According to her after spending 2 years in army one learns discipline and respect.
  4. During the audition for the role in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," she had a very difficult time waiting for her turn as she lost her patience totally, due to anxiety. She was told to wait in her trailer, where she started to dance to Beyoncé to let go of her anxiety.
  5. She got her first job as a baby sitter in her teenage years. She also worked at the Burger King.
  6. During the re-shoots of the 2017 movie "Wonder Woman," Gadot was five months pregnant and her baby bump was clearly visible. the crew had to create a costume that had a green screen around her belly, which can be later removed during post-production.
  7. At the age of 18 she won her first and last “Miss Israel” beauty peagent before joining the army. She also competed in the Miss Universe in 2004.
  8. Since 2015 she has been the face of perfume brand Gucci’s Bamboo Perfume. As a model she has also campaigned for Huawei smartphones, Captain Morgan Rum, Miss sixty and Jaguar Cars.
  9. Gadot is the second actress to have protrayed Wonder Woman, who also participated in a beauty pageant, following Lynda Carter, who was the Wonder Woman in the 70's.
  10. She was ranked #5 in the Shalom Life's list of "50 Most Talented, Intelligent, Funny and Gorgeous Jewish Women in the World," in April 2012.
  11. She was first auditioned for the role of Bond Girl in “Quantum of Solace” by a casting director. Although she did not get the role she was later cast in “Fast and Furious” in 2009 by the same casting director.
  12. In preparation for her title character in "Wonder Woman," she had to undergo intense training for nine months and gained over 17 pounds of pure muscle. And also, around six months prior to shooting, she started working on her character.
  13. She and co star Jon Hamm play Mr. and Mrs. Jones, married spy couples in “Keeping up With Joneses” in 2016. It was released 11 years after the super hit “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play married assisinations. Ironically the real life couples of Brangelina filed for divorce exactly a month before the release of “Keeping up with Joneses.”
  14. She first appeared as Wonder Woman in the 2016 movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." She reprised her role in 2017 "Justice League," and was played the title role in 2017 "Wonder Woman."
  15. She was cast as Jill Pope in "Criminal" along side Kevin Costner, who played the lead role of Jerico Stewart. During the filming of the movie, the first day she met Costner, was the day, they had to film a scene in which Costner gags her and ties her to her bed and searches her house.
  16. She has been in the "Fast and Furious " film series from the fourth movie "Fast & Furious," and has appeared in every movie since then. However, her scenes in "Furious 7," in which her character takes Letty to hospital after the car explosion incident, were cut in the final movie. Although she received top-billing for the movie, she can only be seen via archive footage and a photograph.
  17. Gadot was ranked #84 on Maxim magazine's list of “Hot 100 Women” in the year 2014.
  18. At the age of 21, she in the 2007 Maxim photo shoot "Women of the Israeli Army," and was also featured on the cover of New York Post.
  19. She married Yaron Versano, an Israeli real estate developer, on September 28, 2008. The couple have two daughters - Alma Versano born in November 2011 and Maya Versano born in March 2017.
  20. She portrays an Israeli Spy Mrs. Natalie Jones in the 2016 movie “Keeping up With Joneses”. She is originally an Israeli who has served in Israeli Army.
  21. In preparation for her role as Wonder Woman, in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," she practiced Kung Fu, kick-boxing, sword fighting, jiu-jitsu, and capoeira.
  22. She is one of the two Israeli actresses to be listed by InStyle magazine as an upcoming leading lady. The other actress is Odeya Rush, famous for her role in "The Giver," and "Goosebumps."
  23. In the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," she has a total of sixteen lines with a given one or two in the extended cut of the movie. She reportedly improvised a few of her scenes including the smirk Wonder Woman does as she battles Doomsday in the climax.
  24. She is an avid motorcycle rider and reportedly owns a black 2006 Ducati Monster-S2R. She enjoys playing basketball, tennis and volleyball in her free time.
  25. Her movie "Wonder Woman," which was the first female-dominant superhero film in twelve years since the 2005 "Elektra," was banned in Lebanon because of Gadot, as she is an Israeli and even served for two years in military. At the time of release, Lebanon was officially at war with Israel.
  26. Gadot did not know that she was auditioning for the role of Wonder Woman in the movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." She went for the audition because director Zack Snyder asked her to do a camera test.
  27. She claims that she is very proud of the Fast movies, and that her character of Giselle is an empowering woman. She feels there aren't enough good roles for strong women in the industry and that most of the female characters in films today are "the poor heartbroken girl."
  28. She along with her husband owned a luxury hotel in Tel Aviv, which they sold for $26 million to Roman Abramovich in 2015. Once in an interview she said that she helped her husband run the hotel and even used to chang the bedsheets in the rooms herself.
  29. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" producer Deborah Snyder was actually in tears when Gadot first walked out on set in her Wonder Woman costume. However, Lynda Carter, famous for her protrayal of Wonder Woman in 1975, did not approve Gadot's outfit, as she felt the red, white and blue to be missing.
  30. "Wonder Woman's director Patty Jenkins once in an interview admitted that initially, she did not think Gadot was suitable for Wonder Woman, and that, after paying attention to Gadot’s acting, she felt Gadot to be perfect for the role.
  31. Gal Gadot Net Worth: Gadot received a paycheck of $300,000 for her role as Diana Princess in "Wonder Woman." Her net worth is estimated to be around $8 million, as of June 2017.

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