21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Custom Necklaces


A custom necklace is a highly personal jewelry piece for any woman. It not only makes a strong statement about the personality and taste of the wearer but also adds to her charm. No wonder, more and more women are going for custom necklaces these days, making sure that they wear a neckpiece that is a reflection of their persona. What has made these necklaces the rage these days is the ease with which they can be created. These days, one can get any design tailor made and with so many stones, metals and styles out there to explore from, sky is the limit for creativity.

If you want to choose custom necklaces, it would be a good idea to keep some important things in mind. So, here are 21 things that you should pay attention to before selecting a custom necklace.

1. Budget - Budget determines the material and the stones that you can afford and hence, you should figure it out before anything else as then you can make the most informed choice.

2. Face shape - Not all face shapes can carry every kind of necklace. Oval faces can gel with all styles but for round faces, long and V-shaped necklaces are most complementary. For heart-shaped and square faces, short and round necklaces do the trick.

3. Neck - If you have wrinkles or blemishes on your neck, you should stay away from chokers as they bring attention to the neck. Long necklaces with attractive pendants can help as they distract the attention from the neck.

4. Figure/Height - A short torso and full-figure do not go very well with long and heavy necklaces. So, stick to short and round necklaces that are dainty in design.

5. Season - Summers are neither choker friendly nor good for heavy necklaces and so is humid weather. So, stick to necklace designs that will not create discomfort in the particular season.

6. Neckline of outfit - The outfit's neckline should be complementary with the necklace design. Tops and dresses with low necklines go well with chokers and short/round necklaces. Those with high necklines gel well with long necklaces. You should always see to it that the necklace does not graze against your neckline.

7. Clasp design - The clasp design should be strong enough to keep the necklace safe. The lobster clasp is considered to be the strongest but you can choose from a wide variety. Also, make sure that the clasp is easy to open but it closes firmly.

8. Link design - The link design has a direct link with the look of the necklace as well as its strength. So, choose one that is strong especially if you are looking to wear a heavy pendant. Rope, wheat, mariner designs are deemed to be the sturdiest.

9. Texture - A necklace that feels rough to touch can cause irritation on the skin of the neck and hence, you should select a design that is not rough in texture.

10. Weight - Weight of the necklace can create discomfort to the wearer. Also, it impacts the budget as heavy necklaces do not come cheap. So, do check out the total weight as in the pendant, stones as well as the chain that will go into your custom necklace.

11. Metal - Whether you go for gold, silver, platinum or any other metal, you should make sure that it is skin-friendly, in your budget and goes with the outfit that you will be pairing it with.

12. Length - Necklaces come in different lengths. Choker length is the shortest and ends above collarbones while the opera length is the longest and it ends on the bust. You should select the length as per your face shape and figure.

13. Pendant - Pendants come in all styles and shapes. Solitaire pendants are the most exquisite but while choosing a pendant, do keep the occasion, your comfort and personality in mind. Never pair flashy pendants with heavy necklaces.

14. Regular/Occasional wear -Whether you wear the necklace daily or occasionally will impact the weight, design and style of the necklace. If it is for special occasions, you can make it elaborate and heavy but for regular days, keep it lightweight and easy-to-carry.

15. Durability - Do make sure that the necklace is durable. Plated chains are not durable while hollow chains need to be handled delicately. So, pick such a material and style that is long-lasting.

16. Functionality - If the wearer engages in heavy activity, long and intricate necklaces should be avoided as it may interfere with their work. The necklace should be sufficiently functional for the wearer.

17. Recycling - A vintage necklace from your grandmother or mother is an asset and can be taken into account while designing a custom necklace. You can infuse creativity and new style in it with the help of a jewelry designer and save big.

18. Gift - If the necklace is a gift, you should get it designed accordingly. For example, if you want to gift it to a friend or newly-wed, you can choose a heart pendant. You can also customize it with names and initials.

19. Birthstone/gemstone -Birthstones and gemstones are very popular as they are believed to bring good luck and ward off the evil eye. So, you can include it into a custom necklace for yourself as well as for a gift.

20. Quality - A custom necklace is a piece for lifetime and hence, you should make sure that the stones and metals that have been used in making it are of high quality. Always check the trademark and expiry date before buying a stone or chain.

21. Trend - A custom necklace is highly personalized and therefore, the style is always exclusive. However, you should check out the trends doing the rounds for inspiration as it will give you a design that is trendy as well as individualistic.

So, do bear in mind these 21 important things before getting a custom necklace and you can be sure that you will end up with a unique and elegant piece to flaunt anytime and anywhere you want.

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21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Custom Necklaces

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