21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Best Ecommerce Platform

21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Best Ecommerce Platform
21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Best Ecommerce Platform

When it comes to online business, sellers need to make the right choice for an ecommerce portal as the platform is the face of the business. The best ecommerce platform will be one that will act as a catalyst in giving a boost to the business and help it to grow fast. Choosing the best ecommerce platform might require a little homework to check what will be suitable for the business and also, what will work out for the business.

If you are someone who is looking for the best ecommerce platform for your business, here are 21 things that will help you make the right decision.

1. Product type: Before choosing an ecommerce platform, you need to first focus on the product that you are selling. This is because, the product type will help in zeroing down on the platform that is most suitable for your business.

2. Features: While choosing the ecommerce platform for your business, you first need to decide on the features that you want on your ecommerce portal. These will include the features that you offer to your customers.

3. Only online store or a physical store too: Before choosing the ecommerce platform, you need to first decide whether you want your business to be only an online one or will you also have a brick and mortar store, along with the online medium.

4. Compatibility with plugins or other software: You might already be using certain software, which are essential for your nature of business. Now, when you move towards the ecommerce domain, you need to check that the platform that you choose is compatible with the other software or the plugins that are in use.

5. Budget: No financial decision can be correctly made without a budget and this rule applies to every business. So, before you choose the best ecommerce platform for your business, decide and allot a budget.

6. Self hosted or fully hosted: When it comes to ecommerce portals, you can take your pick from self hosted or fully hosted sites. However, you decision on this will depend on the technical knowledge that you or your team have.

7. Speed: A site with good speed is always something that gives the visitors to the site a better experience. The site speed is also an aspect that aids in a getting good ranking. So, you need to check and ensure that the ecommerce platform that you choose for your business loads fast enough and your customers do not leave the site.

8. Easy to use Dashboard: The Dashboard is something that you will be using every single day, so it must be something that is easy to navigate and something that you are comfortable with.

9. Mobile friendly: Today, the mobile platform is something that everyone is using and it is also something that people prefer to use. Thus, while choosing the ecommerce platform for your business, you must ensure that it is mobile friendly.

10. SEO aspect: Apart from the mobile responsiveness, it is the SEO aspect that will help your site to attain better ranking. And, it goes without saying that a better ranked site has much more visitors due to the higher visibility in the search engines.

11. Customer experience: Customers form the backbone of any business and so, it is of utmost importance that your customers gets an overall superior experience while browsing your site and also while making purchase.

12. Payments option: Consider the payment options that you will offer to the customers who are visiting your site and making a purchase.

13. Product catalog size: Consider the size of your product catalog carefully, before selecting the ecommerce platform. Though most CMS offers the option of publishing a large volume of products, but you need to check the procedure of uploading a large volume of products, which might turn out to be the pain point is not checked.

14. Customization: The option of customization is a feature that will provide you the freedom to make changes as required, offering a higher freedom to the business.

15. Purchasing process: A complex purchasing process is something that will result in incomplete purchases. So, it is important to check the flow or the process of purchase that a customer will follow. A simpler purchasing process is something that will lead to higher cart to checkout status, which means higher complete sales.

16. Marketing campaigns: A marketing campaign promotes your business and is an essential tool that will bring in more and more customers. While choosing the best ecommerce platform, check if the system facilitates the creation and enhances the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.

17. Scope of growth: As you foray into the ecommerce domain, be sure to choose a platform that will give you space to accommodate the growth of your business. So, you can relax and focus on growing your business, rather than spending time, looking for another platform to accommodate the increased scale of your business.

18. Data security: The security of data is an essential aspect that you must check for before choosing an ecommerce platform. Customer information is valued information and so, choose a platform that is secured.

19. Support provided: While choosing the ecommerce platform, ensure to check the support that is provided. This is important as at any point of time, you may have an issue and would need help to fix the issue.

20. Ease of use: Ease of use and convenience is essential and so you must chose a platform that is easy to use for the customers as well as for you.

21. Content: A content model that is rich, meaning, the inclusion of multiple media channels as well as a personalized platform will ensure that your ecommerce platform is successful.

Every business is different in its own way and so is the approach that one might adopt. So, while choosing the best ecommerce platform for your business, be sure to check these tips and make a wise choice.

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Best Ecommerce Platform, 21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Best Ecommerce Platform

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