20 Tips and best ways to improve your golf game

20 Tips and best ways to improve your golf game
20 Tips and best ways to improve your golf game

20 Tips to improve your golf game

If you'd every teed off on a ball and have had the desire to improve your game; hitting the ball higher, straighter, and longer. You would understand the frustrations when you are not able to hit the ball as cleanly. Here are some basic tips to improve your game as an average player.

1.       Get yourself a note book

Why get a notebook? To keep track of your game! Stats, tips from instructors, reminders, things to work on. When you're playing or practicing. You don't have much time to think and remember. Jot it down so when you have time. You can quickly get to working on your game.

2.       Know your weaknesses

Learning about yourself and your limits is one of the best ways to improve your game. When you go out to play, keep track of your fairway shots, short game and putting. Knowing your weakness will give you a clear focus on what you need to be working on off the course.

3.       Create a routine when you set up for a swing

Creating a routine and doing it every time you swing allows for your body to be in proper alignment and have proper ball position. Having these 2 elements in your swing routine will set your direction and aiming, which will allow you to focus on a proper swing.

4.       Learn clubface control

Most players of lesser to average levels tend to open their club too much on the back swing or too long on the down swing. When this happens, players will "flip" the club at the end of their swing, causing inconsistency in your ball strike. Learn to "square" the club earlier in your down swing to give yourself a good, smooth impact.

5.       Practice torso rotation

Many players want more power and distance: who doesn't? Average players believe power comes from their arms and wrist. However, most of the power comes from rotation of the torso.  To practice the proper rotation, get it to your swing position, place a club across your shoulders holding it with your hands (like you're hugging the club) rotate from your torso with your spine as an axis, away from the target so that your club is facing the "ball" on the ground. Now rotate from your torso, keeping your spine as an axis, toward the target until the opposite end of the club is facing the ball.

6.       Practice swing alignment

Aligning your body before you swing allows gives you the fundamental you need to square up on the ball (club hitting the ball at parallel so that you ball goes straight). To practice alignment. Your club should be placed behind the ball and lay parallel to the ground. Next, your feet should be parallel to ball-to-line to the target. Your feet, knees, hips and shoulders should also be parallel.

7.       Take full swings at half your speed

Practice taking a full swing with have your speed. This is the best way to feel your swing and your club head.

8.       Balance, balance, balance

Always be balanced throughout your swing. From the take back, to the downward swing, to the finish; your body should always be balanced.

9.       Fundamentals to gain more power and distance

Technology is made to give you more distance: however to unleash its full potential power, you need the fundamentals. Shaft bending is at the correct time is the way to create speed and power. How do you do that? Let your body lead the swing on the back swing as well as the downward swing, this will allow the club to stress at the right moment to get more power.

10.   Spend majority of your practice time on putting

Not everyone has the flexibility to generate as much power to hit a ball like a pro, however with the time and practice, anyone can putt like a pro. Mastering your putting can lower your strokes dramatically.

11.   Create a routine when you set up for a putt

Just as your full swing needs a routine to make your set up more consistent, a Pre putting routine will help make your putting game more consistent as well

12.   Don't underestimate a good chipping game

Chipping is much underrated in the game of golf and many average players don't spend the time to develop this part of their game. Having a good chip will allow you to set up a putt or reduce your strokes. So next time you get out for a practice session, practice stopping and running the ball on your chips.

13.   Learn to read the green

Becoming a great putter is essential for keeping your score down. Learn how to read breaks and how to adjust your shot to accommodate for breaks.

14.   Don't practice aimlessly

Have a plan when you go out to practice. Many players will spend an hour at the driving range hitting the ball as hard and far as they can. However, it's important to practice with a goal in mind. An example of a good practice session should be hitting targets, 2-3 balls, switching between clubs to simulate a real hole on the course, then practice some chipping from different lengths (15ft-50ft) around a hole. Followed by various lengths of putting from within 6ft.

15.   Work on your flexibility

Not everyone can hit a driver like Tiger Woods, however you can give yourself the best shot by increases your rotation and flexibility. Before playing or practice, start with 10-15mins of various stretching exercises, taking extra care to stretch your torso, shoulders, hands and wrist.

16.   Work on core strengthening

Strengthening your core will help keep you stabilize, keep balanced and prevent injuries. Some good exercises for core training include Glute Bridges, front and side planks (with various knee tucks for advance) and hip crossovers.

17.   Learn your clubs

Learn to use your clubs. Each club is made to allow you various loft and distance. Practice hitting each club with half speed swings to get the feel for each of your clubs.

18.   Practice hitting fade, draw, top spin and underspin

If you're just beginning, you may be figuring out how to get rid of your slice. However, once you learn to hit straight, you can increase your tools by learning to hit each type of shot.

19.   You can't fix what you don't know

Get Feedback. Your eyes should be on the ball. Therefore, you can't see what you're doing wrong. If possible, have a coach, pro, or other advance players watch and give feedback when you practice. And if you don't have someone, video yourself swinging.

20.   Practice, practice, practice

Most importantly, practice makes perfect (or at least leads to improvement). You need to make the time to practice a few times a week to see any improvement. So schedule an hour a few times a week with good planned practice. It probably wont make you a pro, but putting in the hours will definitely improve your game.

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