21 Tips to Choose Best Wheelchair

21 Tips to Choose Best Wheelchair
21 Tips to Choose Best Wheelchair

21 Tips to Choose Best Wheelchair

Choosing the best wheel chair is very important as it can significantly affect your quality of life. A wheel chair can help you to overcome any health condition or a disability that hinders your walking. And, thus, you can continue to enjoy moving around and exploring as much as you like and without any limitations.

Today, a diverse range of wheel chairs are available and depending on your needs or requirement, you can take your pick. But, if you find yourself struggling to choose, here we present 21 tips that will help you to choose the best wheel chair:

1. Age: The first thing that needs to be considered before buying a wheel chair is age. And, it is the age that determines the features that you must look for in the wheelchair.

2. Body Type: Before choosing the best wheelchair, consider the body type of the user as the requirement of the wheelchair for a person who is on the thinner side will be different from a person who is overweight.

3. Gender: Though there is no specification that divides wheelchairs for men and women, but knowing who the user will be, will help in deciding the kind that will be more suitable.

4. Reason of use: The reason due to which a person needs to use a wheelchair is another important factor as it could be that the person is too weak and thus needs the help of the wheel chair to move, but, he or she can get up and walk in case it is required to. However, it could also be that the person has paralyzed legs and thus, he needs to use the wheel chair at all times.

5. Activities: A variety of wheel chairs are available in the market today and it ranges from the manual ones to the automated ones. Now, if the user of the wheel chair simply wants mobility from one place to another, the manual ones will be the best. However, if the user does not have much of stamina to propel himself, but wants the freedom, then the automated ones would be the best choice.

6. Place of use: Another factor that needs to be considered before choosing the best wheel chair is the place of use. If the wheel chair will be used only at home, a lot of features like suitability to all terrains are not required as the primary place of use will be home. However, many wish to explore the world and also do stuff like camping. In such a case, an all-terrain wheel chair would be the best.

7. Preference of the user: Just like any other thing, choosing the wheel chair is also a decision of the user and it depends on his or her preference and choice.

8. Dependence: The user of the wheel chair might be one, who prefers to venture out alone and would prefer lesser dependence. For such a person, a wheel chair that requires lesser help from another person like the automated ones would be a better choice than the manual ones. But, for an elderly, who wishes to use the wheel chair only at home, the manual ones would be the best choice.

9. Comfortable Seating: Wheel chairs come with different seating arrangement are available in the market. Choose a length that will suit the user and you can also customize it by making the seat firmer or adding a cushion for better postural support.

10. Footplates: Most wheel chairs come with adjustable footrest. So, choose one that will cater to the needs of the user.

11. Armrest: For higher comfort, wheel chairs come with cushioned arm rests. So, choose one that offers higher comfort.

12. Headrest: Often the user of the wheel chair may need an additional support in the form of a head rest. If so, choose a wheelchair that comes along with a head rest.

13. Waterproofing: Some wheel chairs that are available today come along with accessories for protecting the user from rain and also leg warmers to keep the user warm.

14. Storage: If you are choosing a wheel chair for a person who loves to go out, explore and even do some shopping, you can choose one that offers additional facility for storage. However, in most cases, the storage capability is limited and can accommodate smaller amounts of things.

15. Portable Ramps: Ramps are essential, when it comes to the use of wheel chairs, as it will help in case the user has to scale small changes in the level or steps to their house. So, ensure that the wheel chair that you choose comes along with a portable ramp.

16. Comfort: Comfort is of utmost importance and so before choosing a wheel chair on the basis of the super features or the amazing discount that might be getting, ensure that it will be comfortable for the user. If it is not, it might turn out to be a bad investment.

17. Weight of the wheel chair: It goes without saying that a lighter wheelchair will be an easier one to lift so it will be more portable than one that is heavier.

18. Foldable: Depending on the amount of travelling that will be required, you need to check if the wheel chair that you choose is foldable or not. A foldable wheel chair will ensure higher transportability when compared with the non-foldable ones.

19. Tires: On the basis of the tires that you choose, the weight of the wheelchair will vary. Like, the air filled tires are lighter in weight when compared to the foam filled ones or the solid tires.

20. Budget: Your budget will also play an important role before you choose the perfect wheelchair. So, decide your budget ahead and check out stores that offer the best from the wide range and also something that will fulfil the needs of the user.

21. After sale services: The after sale services offered by the companies or stores is something that you should check for before making an actual purchase. Check if the store offers free of cost services like repairs and all for some duration immediately after purchase or if he charges a fee.

So, before you venture out to choose the best wheel chair, do check for these tips, do your homework and then make a wise decision.

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21 Tips to Choose Best Wheel Chair

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