21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Best Drug Addiction Rehab Center

21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Best Drug Addiction Rehab Center
21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Best Drug Addiction Rehab Center

21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Best Drug Addiction Rehab Center

Joining an addiction rehab becomes necessary for individuals who are addicted to the use of drugs and have a problem staying clean for even a day. These include individuals who are addicted to all types of drugs, including opium, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and nicotine.

It is estimated that millions of people in the US alone join an addiction rehab with a vision to look forward to a new life. While many of them are able to quit drugs and stay clean after staying at the rehab, a majority of them relapse after going back home.

Here are 21 things that drug addicts and their family members must know before choosing the best addiction rehab center:

1. Results vary from one rehab program to another: There are different rehabilitation programs that offer to be the best addiction rehab centers, but the end result of these programs vary, although the ultimate aim is to keep an addict away from drugs. While some programs consider keeping individuals sober after going back home as the end result, others consider successful completion of a 28-day program as the end result.

2. Program longevity matters when it comes to staying sober: The most common programs lasts for a period of 28 days. However, a majority of addicts need a considerable amount of time to come out of their misery. Addicts must choose a facility that understands their needs in terms of time that they need to recuperate from the physical and mental damage.

3. Not all programs make addicts sober: Some programs offered by the best addiction rehab centers work as harm reduction programs. They do not intend to make the addict sober, but reduce the harmful impact of the drugs. Therefore, you must know completely about the center and the programs that they offer before choosing one.

4. Use of alternative drugs may not work out as planned: Sometimes addiction rehab centers prescribe alternative and less harmful drugs as a replacement of the drugs that an individual is addicted to. Sometimes, the candidate may become addicted to the new drugs prescribed by the center, so caution is required here.

5. Everything about mental rehab facilities and psychiatric evaluation: Some candidates may even need mental health support during the course of addiction treatment. This is especially true for addicts who have been diagnosed with mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression. Look for such a center in case you need mental support or a psychiatric evaluation during the treatment.

6. Sometimes learning new life skills matter: Certain programs offered by the best addiction rehab centers make addicts develop new life skills so that they can live a quality life when they start to stay sober. Select a center that makes you believe in living an independent life.

7. Identify location you may be comfortable with: Some patients prefer to stay in a rehab facility that is close to their home, while other prefer to stay far away so that they get a break. Choose your location wisely and the one that comforts you the most.

8. Look for detox facilities: Detoxification is an important part of the recovery process during your stay at the rehab. Choosing a center with a proper detox facility can make a huge difference.

9. Staff credential verification is important: Not all addiction rehab centers have experienced and trained staff. Therefore, you must verify the credentials of the staff that offer rehab facilities before choosing one.

10. Not all centers understand addiction problems: Each addiction rehab center has a different philosophy when it comes to handling addicts. They may treat addiction problems differently. You must choose the center that understands your problem quite well and offers a program that builds around it.

11. Success rates speak for the center: Success rates considerable vary from one addiction rehabilitation center to another. It is important to check the success rates of the facility before joining one.

12. Accredited facilities are the best: Not all addiction rehab centers are accredited by the professional bodies Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and the Joint Commission on Accredited Health Organizations. Choose the one that is accredited by these two bodies as it is always a good sign of quality treatment.

13. Treatment may not be covered by health insurance: Usually health insurances do not cover drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation costs. Therefore, you must ask your choice of rehab center if the expenses can be covered under insurance.

14. Few centers offer quality after care: After care is an important part of fruitful recovery after rehab program. Not all centers offer after care facility to support addicts during their recovery.

15. Well-defined plan to deliver rehab treatment: Each center has a different approach toward the programs that they offer. However, all approaches must come on a form of a well-laid form with specific milestones as per the timeline.

16. Matching the personal needs: Choosing the center that perfectly suits your personal and unique needs is the most important decision you need to take.

17. Holistic health improvement plan: Addiction rehabilitation is not just about living a sober life, but also about living a healthy and the quality life which is free from general conditions such as intestinal issues, anemia, malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies.

18. Control physical cravings for drug: Candidates may continue to face physical cravings for drugs after completion of the program. The centers may teach them techniques to control these cravings to prevent relapse.

19. Multiple relapse versus programs: Drug addicts must evaluate each program according to the associated likelihood of suffering from a relapse after its completion.

20. Rehabilitation facilities are also available online for those who cannot afford: The expenses that the family members of the interested candidate may have to bear vary considerable from one center to another. For those who cannot afford a quality program, online chat rooms are available where drug addiction issues are discussed.

21. Unrealistic promises: Never choose an addiction center that makes unrealistic promises such as eliminating addiction instantly.

These 21 things might be handy for a person looking to choose a rehab center. It is most important for the addicts and their family members to choose their addiction rehab center wisely. They should specifically look for a rehab program that proves to be cost effective and is most likely to save them from relapse.

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21 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Best Drug Addiction Rehab Center

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