21 Tips and Best Ways That Will Help You Stop Snoring

21 Tips and Best Ways That Will Help You Stop Snoring
21 Tips and Best Ways That Will Help You Stop Snoring

21 Tips and Best Ways That Will Help You Stop Snoring

A common condition and something that half of the United States suffers from is snoring. Though it does not have any serious health implications, but it does affect your relationship with your spouse and also disrupts your own sleep quality.

Snoring is completely avoidable with just some changes in one's lifestyle; however, it is only in certain extreme cases that medical assistance is required. If you are someone who wishes to stop your snoring, here we present 21 tips that will help you to stop snoring:

1. Understand the cause: Snoring is mostly caused due to an obstruction in the flow of air through the mouth and nose. This can be due to an obstructed nasal airway, a bulky throat tissue, poor muscle tone in tongue and mouth or a longer soft palate in your mouth. You need to understand the reason that leads you to snore as the remedy will be based on the cause.

2. Sleep on your side and not back: In some people, sleeping on their back can lead their tongue to move at the back of the throat, causing an obstruction in the flow of air. But, this can be avoided by sleeping on the side as this will allow the air to flow freely.

3. Elevation of head: A pillow under your head can greatly impact your sleep. This is because, with your head slightly elevated, your throat will open up causing the air to flow without obstruction thereby reducing your snores and also enhancing your comfort level.

4. Contour pillow: Special pillows with contours are available for people who snore. These are specially designed for people who snore and no matter in which position you sleep, it will help in reducing your snores. But, these pillows can cost you a lot.

5. Nose strips: As compared to contour pillows, nose strips will be an inexpensive way that will help you to stop your snoring. Simply apply the strip on your nose before going to sleep (and not the entire day) and you will have much reduced snoring.

6. Acupressure: An alternative healing technique is acupressure. Simply press your little finger as this will stop the process of snoring from getting activated. For a more expert healing, you can consider visiting an acupressure expert, who will help you to get over your snoring.

7. Lose weight: Often a bulky throat tissue is the reason behind your snores. And, this is due to your weight as obesity can lead to bulky throat tissue and it in turn leads to snores. So, try to lose some weight by limiting your diet, choosing healthy food options and exercising.

8. Chronic allergy: If you are suffering from chronic allergy, seek the help of a doctor as often, allergies reduce the airflow through your nose and thus you are forced to breathe through your mouth. This in turn increases the chances of you snoring while you sleep. So, treat your allergies to lessen your snores.

9. Nettle tea: If you are allergic to pollen and this is the reason behind your allergy, consume nettle tea. This home remedy will help you to cure pollen allergy and will also help you to get over your snoring condition.

10. No alcohol before sleep: Avoid consuming alcohol before you go to sleep, or rather a couple of hours before you go to sleep. This is because, alcohol causes the throat muscles to relax, which leads you to snore.

11. No pills: Avoid the consumption of sleeping pills. Sleeping pills or sedatives are not the right medicines to stop you snore. These will simply help you to relax and sleep, but will not have any impact on your snoring condition.

12. Sing a song: Surprised? Well, singing helps to exercise the same muscles that make you snore. And, exercising the muscles will ensure that they are not weakened as a weakened throat muscle will make you more susceptible to snoring.

13. Don't smoke: Quit smoking if you want your snores to stop. Smoking is not only injurious for your health but it can also worsen your snoring habit. If required, you can also seek the help of a doctor, who can suggest the best therapy or products like chewing gum that will help you to kick your smoking habit.

14. Enough sleep: Getting enough sleep is very important for your overall well-being. So, ensure that you catch up on the recommended sleep of seven to eight hours.

15. Oral appliances: Oral appliances or dental mouth pieces can help you to keep breathe easily by keeping your air passage open. This in turn will prevent you from snoring.

16. Stay Hydrated: Consumption of water and staying hydrated can also help you to stop your disturbing snores. With proper hydration, your nasal passage will be clear and it will reduce the chances of snoring.

17. Clean environment: Clean up your bedroom on a regular basis to free it from irritants like dust, hairs of your pets and similar stuff.

18. Breathing Exercise: Snoring is completely connected to your breathing. A few breathing exercise might help to regularize your breathing and improve your snoring habit.

19. Clean nose: A clogged nasal passage is something that causes an obstruction in your breathing process. And, as you know, breathing is directly related to your sleeping pattern. Thus, ensure that you keep your nose clean with a tissue or a hot bath might also help in opening up the nasal passage.

20. Well rested: Stress is one factor that can cause irregularity in your sleep pattern. So, try to be stress free by having a healthy rest routine that allows you time to rest and maintain an overall well-being.

21. CPAP for sleep apnea: Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, which is a serious health condition. In such a case, you medical expert might suggest the use of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. This is basically a mask that you need to wear over your nose and it will help in keeping the airway open.

If you are looking to cure your snoring habit, be sure to check these 21 tips, which include home remedies, lifestyle changes or the use of external devices that will surely help to stop you snoring.

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21 Tips and Best Ways That Will Help You Stop Snoring, how to stop snoring

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