21 Things You Must Know About Dental Implants

21 Things You Must Know About Dental Implants
21 Things You Must Know About Dental Implants

21 Things You Must Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants involve replacing the root of the tooth with a special metal rod. This is inserted in the jawbone with a minor surgery and then prosthetic tooth is placed on the top, which not only looks like natural tooth but also functions like one.

If you are looking forward to have this procedure done for a tooth, here are 21 things that you must know about dental implants:

1. Permanent procedure: Dental implants are permanent procedures. Once you have a dental implant done for a tooth, it will last for a lifetime with a little care.

2. Osseo-intergration: This modern dentistry procedure involves the insertion of titanium rods. And, this metal is said to have a special property, which facilitates the fusing of the rods with the living bone through a process called Osseo-integration.

3. As good as natural: Another advantage of the osseo-integration is that it makes the implant look as natural as possible and it also functions like a normal tooth. So, even though you have prosthetic teeth, it will not only look but will also feel like your normal tooth.

4. Success rate: The rate of success of this dental procedure is very high. However it is important to get this done by an experienced team. And, if you are opting for this procedure, you can be sure to get back to normal life immediately.

5. Eat as per your wish: With the dental implants done, you can chose to have everything that you like without any concern. You will no longer have to worry and select foods according to what your dentures will allow and choose as per your wish, as the dental implants will function just like your natural teeth.

6. Other teeth: In case you have lost a tooth, it can pose great danger to your other teeth, due to bone loss. Moreover, it can also lead to premature aging. But with a dental implant in place, it will prevent deterioration of the condition of your teeth and also keep your smile intact.

7. No adhesive: Dental implants do not involve the use of adhesive in any form. This is because the implants are inserted into your jawbone. So, it is a permanent procedure and you will not have to struggle.

8. Less maintenance: Dental implants does not require a special time allocated for its care and neither is there a special regime to maintain it. Since it is more like your natural teeth, you simply stick to your regular dental care regime, which includes brushing your teeth every day and flossing your teeth.

9. Healthy and strong jawbone: The loss of one or more teeth can have its impact on the jawbone and lead to its disintegration. This can in turn influence the structure of your jaws and your overall look. But with the dental implants in place, there will be no change in your jawbone as the implant will act just like your natural teeth.

10. General dentists can perform dental implant procedure: Today, general dentists can perform the dental implant procedure. However, this was not the case when dental implants were introduced. Initially, the implants were difficult to place and also required very invasive surgery.

11. Simple procedure: Dental implants are generally done to replace one or two tooth. So, the procedure is pretty simple and you can have the entire procedure completed in a day.

12. Easier than having a tooth pulled: Pulling a tooth will require much more force and pressure as the tooth is moved from one side to the other for expanding the jaw bone, which will facilitate the extraction of the tooth.

13. Less painful: Getting a tooth pulled out can be much more painful than having a dental implant placed as instruments are used for dental implants, which creates a precise area for the implant making it less painful.

14. Correct placement: When it comes to dental implants, what is most important is the correct placement. Correct placement of the implant is rather the key to the success of this dental procedure. Modern technology facilitates a panoramic x-ray for planning and placing the dental implants.

15. Not like dentures: Unlike dentures, dental implants will not slip while you eat, laugh or even talk. So, it will save you from a lot of disgrace and you can socially interact with a peace of mind.

16. Cost effective: In most cases, dental implants are opted for replacement of a single or two tooth. Moreover, dental implants last for a very long time, which makes it a much cost effective dental procedure.

17. Teeth density: A good tooth density, coupled with healthy gums and ample bone tissue is required for providing support to the implant. In case you have a thin or soft bone, support might be needed.

18. Age is not a factor for have dental implants: Dental implants are not limited to the elderly people. Even younger people can opt for this dental procedure in case they have lost a tooth.

19. Sinus: In many people, it might be the case that they have their sinuses too close to the jaw. In such a case, a sinus lift might be required for getting the dental implant done successfully.

20. Enhanced confidence: Loss of tooth can greatly impair your self-confidence and it might make you more conscious to even smile. But with dental implants in place, you can have your confidence restored and it will undoubtedly improve your overall life.

21. A beautiful smile: The most effective way of maintaining a beautiful smile is by opting for dental implants. And, for that sparkling tooth, all you need to do is brush your teeth just as usual, regularly and remember to floss.

Dental implants are the most successful procedure for replacing a missing tooth. And, the best part is that with proper care, this can last for a lifetime, just like your natural teeth. Be sure to read the 21 things that everyone opting for this procedure must know.

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21 Things You Must Know About Dental Implants

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