21 Things You Must Know Before Getting Facial Plastic Surgery

21 Things You Must Know Before Getting Facial Plastic Surgery
21 Things You Must Know Before Getting Facial Plastic Surgery

21 Things You Must Know Before Getting Facial Plastic Surgery

Opting for plastic surgery is a big decision. Going under the knife will not only change your appearance, but will also be heavy on your pocket. However, it goes without saying that the number of cosmetic surgeries have gone up considerably.

If you are planning to go under the knife to enhance your look, here are 21 things that you must know before getting the job done.

1. Certainty: Do you really want to opt for facial plastic surgery? You need to be absolutely sure that you want the procedure done. This is because, it is not a momentary thing and will be with you for the rest of your life.

2. Pain: Before deciding whether you want the cosmetic surgery to be done, consider the aspect of pain as well as oozing. Going under the knife is a big decision and it is painful too. So, before going for a facelift or a lip enhancement, assess how heartily you are choosing the procedure.

3. Reason for opting: What is the real motivation behind your decision to go under the knife? Any surgeon will ask you the same before performing any facial plastic surgery. So, you need to have a clear understanding of why you are opting to go under the knife. Before taking an appointment with the surgeon, list down the reasons why you choosing a facial plastic surgery.

4. Coping with the change: Post the surgery, you will have a new and transformed appearance. Can you cope with the physical and the emotional changes? This is of extreme importance as post-surgery, the change is a permanent one and will stay with you forever.

5. Expectations: Have a clear picture of what you want. A rough idea will not help as you need to convey to the surgeon the expectations that you have from the surgery and more importantly, how you view yourself after the surgery. You also need to take the advice of the surgeons as to whether it is something that is possible.

6. Research: Before going under the knife, do as much research is possible to be fully prepared about the possible outcomes. Rather than just checking the Internet, speak to friends, who went for a facial plastic surgery or speak to your general physician.

7. Not as expected: Plastic surgeries do not always take the shape as expected. So, you might have results that you are not satisfied with. You need to also consider the changes that your body will undergo over time.

8. Right surgeon: When it comes to something that will affect your overall looks, you must consider the surgeon that you are choosing. It is important that you choose the best one and someone who not only has experience in performed such surgeries, but also someone who has a positive feedback.

9. Medical conditions: Before deciding to have a facial plastic surgery done, you need to check with your general physician regarding any existing medical conditions. A medical condition or even medication can affect the final outcome of the surgery and inversely plastic surgery might not be suitable if you have certain medical condition.

10. Associated risks: Every surgery comes with a risk associated and that is of infection. A post-surgery infection can affect your overall health and well-being. Moreover, surgeries also come with the risk of complications. Thus, you need to assess the risks and then decide whether you want to opt for a facial plastic surgery.

11. Actual results after a few days: Some facial plastic surgery might not show the actual results immediately. So, you need to be prepared to see the actual results, that will stay permanently after a few days.

12. Ask questions: Ask a lot of questions to your surgeon about the procedure to remove all your doubts. Also, question yourself to see if you really want to go under the knife or if it is a momentary wish that you have.

13. It is not a need: Plastic surgery in totality cannot be categorized as a need. It is just something that is bothering you and your opinion about yourself that you are trying to fix, by choosing the surgery. So, you must not consider the facial plastic surgery as a need.

14. Cost: Plastic surgery is not something that is cheap. It will indeed cost you a bomb for any procedure that you choose. Thus, you must decide wisely to avoid going broke after the facial plasctic surgery.

15. Recovery: Recovering from any surgery will take some time and for facial plastic surgery as well, it will take time till you are fully recovered and back to normal life. Till then you will experience pain and stiffness and thus, you will need to take rest.

16. Results will vary: If your motivation to get Botox is after you saw amazing results on a friend, take note that the results of may vary from person to person. So, the result of Botox on you might differ from your friends and thus, it is important to do your research, consult a surgeon and then decide how applicable it is for you.

17. Turned away: Often surgeons turn away people who wish to get cosmetic surgery done, depending on the difference that it might make. If the surgeon feels that the results after the surgery might not be significant and considering the potential risks, the surgeon might turn you away.

18. Assessment prior to procedure: Before getting any facial plastic procedure done, it is important that you have an assessment of your face done.

19. Backup plan: Check with the surgeon that you have chosen about any back up plan, if things don't go as planned. If the facial plastic surgery does not give results as expected, you must have knowledge about how it can be fixed.

20. Follow up: Plastic surgeries are permanent. However, you will need to maintain the procedure that you have got done.

21. Don't fall for the discount trap: A heavy discount might allure you to opt for a facial filler or a lip enhancement that you always wanted. But, before letting the discount draw you to go under the knife, consider all the above mentioned points to make a well thought and wise decision.

Remember that you are already beautiful and fabulous as the person that you are and irrespective of how you look. So, consider these 21 things before you decide to go under the knife.

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21 Things You Must Know Before Getting Facial Plastic Surgery

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