21 Tips and Ways to Choose Best Wedding Rings

21 Tips and Ways to Choose Best Wedding Rings
21 Tips and Ways to Choose Best Wedding Rings

21 ways to get the perfect wedding rings

So you popped the question, and now it's getting nearer to the time when you slip the wedding ring into your partner's finger at the altar. What choices should you make before you shop for the band that will tie the two of you together?

1. Kick-start your search for the ring as early as possible. As soon as you are engaged, you could begin to hunt for the wedding ring. The drivers are the look and feel of the ring, the price and any other alterations or customs that you want. You might even ask for an engraving or extra ornamentation.

2. However, give yourself a margin of three to four months so that both of you can shop for the wedding rings together. If you give yourself time, you would be able to pick up the apt metal, get-up, and style.

3. The ring needs to be part of your life. It should be simple and fancy-free. Are you an active, sporty type of person? Then you opt for a band that doesn't interfere with your sports activities. You can go for a light, slim ring that has rounded edges and is called a 'comfort fit'. If you use your hands for soil-related work, you might like to buy a plain ring that does not have gemstones or carvings that collect dirt.

4. Do you think you and your partner's rings should match? Some people like their wedding rings to be gender neutral. So if you too would like a pair of rings that mirror each other, you could be making quite a statement!

5. Say it with style! Are you envisioning a simple band or one with embellishments?

6. The engagement, as well as the wedding rings, ideally go together. If your engagement ring looks overwhelming, you might like a simple wedding band. But if the first one is simple, you would want the second one to stand out.

7. Having said all that, you need to see that your purchase matches your budget. You cannot spend too less for this important piece of jewelry, but at the same time, you don't want to splurge. About 3 percent of the budget you have laid aside for the wedding could be spent on the ring.

8. Go around the shops and collect some information, or surf online to see if your options fit your requirements.

9. Before buying or customising your ring, check out your finger sizes. Ultimately, you need to see that your finger and ring get along like a house on fire!

10. Everyone wears their wedding rings all the time through all seasons and times. How do you get the right-ring-fix-all? You need to measure your finger only when you are calm and your temperature is normal. Don't do the measurements in the morning, as your body would be retaining the water from the previous night. Following an exercise or becoming extremely hot or cold could also make your body swell or contract, which would make you miss the right size.

11. It's equally important to search for an ornament that you like and expresses your identity and personality. It might be even different from your partner's. Yours could emphasize your own style. You might both like to go in for jewels that blend, harmonize or contrast. Or perhaps they need to look unique and different.

12. Which retailer would you like to go in for? You might want to check out the right one who gives the apt offering of price and quality. You can also add some engravings and embellishments, such as diamonds. They might cost more due to the number of characters on them, along with the font, as well as the possibility of having been made by hand rather than machines.

13. Do you want to buy that trendy wedding ring, according to the latest fashion styles? Then take it off! You should not go in for the latest fad but opt for something that looks like a classic style, or might seem to be fashionable even after 40 years. Perhaps you might want to opt for a few additions and embellishments, such as platinum and gold. Or you might like a change of metal. Whatever it is, do not overdo the fashion statement.

14. Which metal do you want to settle for? Gold is, of course, the most popular purchase, as it is the most durable. Nowadays, 14 or 18-carat gold is the choice, as combining it with different metals makes it more durable for everyday wear. On the other hand, 22-carat or 24-carat gold is too soft for daily wear.

15. Some people like white gold rings. These look classy and are often coated with rhodium, in order to make them sturdier. Over time, they might wear out, but a plating helps.

16. Platinum is another great metal to try out. Although it is very expensive, it is durable. However, if it is too expensive, you could go in for palladium - ordinary metal that looks extraordinarily like platinum.

17. Otherwise, try out titanium, a new material that is strikingly different from platinum and palladium. It is also resistant to scratches and feels light on the skin.

18. You are still spoilt for choice, so you can go for contemporary materials that show matching properties and appearance, such as zirconium, black zirconium and tungsten carbide.

19. Silver is a favorite metal for many people. However, this metal wears out quickly and calls for high maintenance.

20. Ensure that the quality of the ring is high class. The ring would require two marks inside the band, which translates into the manufacturer's trademark signs. There could also be a quality mark, showing 24K or PLAT. These markings could indicate that the metal quality is good, according to whatever is claimed by the retailer.

21. Maintain your ring carefully. Wash it regularly with warm water and soap, use a brush to clear off the lint and use some soft cloth and chamois to wipe it clean.

So there you are. Hopefully, your wedding ring would last forever - a great way of ensuring a lasting marriage. Buying a beautiful, high-quality wedding ring would be a great metaphor for a rock-solid marriage!

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21 Tips and Ways to Choose Best Wedding Rings

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