21 Tips To Read Bible Effectively

21 Tips To Read Bible Effectively
21 Tips To Read Bible Effectively

21 Tips To Read Bible Effectively

The holy book of Bible communicates the teachings of God to humans. It is an account of God's actions and the purpose behind his creations. It has been penned over sixteen centuries and comprises 66 books.

To understand the teaching of the Bible, it is important that you know the right tips to effectively understand the Bible. Here we present 21 tips that will help you to read the Bible effectively.

1. Understandable version: There are several versions of the Bible available with readable translations, for easy understanding of the readers. Choose a version that you are comfortable with.

2. Paragraph wise: Rather than reading verse by verse, it will be wise to read the Bible paragraph by paragraph. Since the paragraphs are just a few sentences long, it will help you to effectively understand the Bible.

3. Complete what you start: When you are reading the Bible, it is important that you read all the way through before moving on to the next book. Moreover, it will also be easy to remember what you read when you have completed the book.

4. Ask questions: For better understanding, it is important that you ask question when you read the Bible. Asking questions like how a verse or paragraph might relate to you, or who is speaking and with whom, will help you understand the context and relate to it.

5. Useful websites: There are several website out there that will help you to effectively read the Bible and will also deepen your understanding of the Holy book. 

6. Refer to more than one translation: When it comes to the translation of the Bible, no translation is perfect. So to read the Bible effectively, you should refer to more than one translation. Moreover, reading more than one translation will ensure that you do not get stuck in an interpretive rut.

7. Systemic approach: A systematic approach towards reading the Bible will ensure that you gain a proper understanding of God's words. Rather than haphazard reading of the Bible, set an approach that you are comfortable with and be sure to follow it to read the Bible effectively.

8. Reading environment: Not all of us can study and also understand the words of God effectively. So, it is important to understand the environment, which will be best for you to read the Bible effectively.

9. First quick and then slow reading: TO get a glimpse of the bigger picture, you can give a quick reading to a portion and then get back to the start and then read slow, understanding each word and its meaning. This will ensure that your Bible reading is most effective.

10. Highlight: It is perfectly fine to highlights texts, words or parts of the Bible with a pencil, a pen or even a highlighter. This will also help you to refer to the part, which is your favorite or to look back, whenever you want to reflect on God's words, without struggling to find the exact part that you are looking for.

11. Read aloud: If you are finding yourself getting distracted, read the Bible loud. This will not just bring all your focus on the Bible but the 'reading plus listening' part will be like an added advantage. And, it will also help you to read the Bible effectively and understand.

12. Unburden yourself: Our daily chores, office deadlines, and several others aspects, which are a part of our daily life, can at times be like burden on our minds. Unburden yourself by taking a deep breath, praying and clearing your mind of the thoughts and then starting to read the Bible.

13. Regularity: A Bible should be read regularly. So, make it a habit to read the Bible regularly.

14. Persistent: There might be times when you are unable to understand what a portion of the Bible is saying as you are unable to understand it. But, do not let this discourage you to read further. Be persistent and you will surely be able to get over the small obstacle.

15. Collective sessions: Just like we enjoy doing stuff together with our family and friends, like having dinner together, watching movie together, reading the Bible together will also give you a sense of fulfillment. It will also enhance your effective Bible reading efforts.

16. Do not rush: Even if you are a fast reader, slow down your pace when you are reading the Bible. Read each word and understand each paragraph before going ahead to effectively understand the words of God.

17. Read the entire Bible: Reading the entire Bible is surely going to be a fulfilling experience. And, if you are consistent and persistent in your efforts, do you know, you can complete reading the entire Bible in just a year's time.

18. Balance both the testaments: Read both the Old Testament and also the New Testament together. An old saying suggests that perfectly highlights the importance of both the testaments says, "The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed; the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed."

19. Bible in a different language: If you are well versed in another language, you can also consider reading the Bible in that language. However, it is suggested that you try this only if you are well versed in the other language so that you are able to understand the proper meaning and the inner message.

20. Understand the context: Unlike what many people believe, the Bible is not self-explanatory or straightforward. You need to do a background study of the context to get the accurate meaning and to have an effective understanding of the Bible.

21. Application: For an effective understanding of the Bible, you need to apply your learning from the Bible in your life. It is true that at all time you cannot apply your learning in your real life, but if you can apply even parts of it, it will showcase your understanding of God's words.

Remember to check these simple tips that will surely let you read the Bible effectively.

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21 Tips To Read Bible Effectively

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