21 Things You Must Know About Vegan Diet

21 Things You Must Know About Vegan Diet
21 Things You Must Know About Vegan Diet

21 Things You Must Know About Vegan Diet

Deciding to go vegan is the first step to a huge lifestyle change as the basic idea of a vegan diet is avoiding all animal products. Its popularity amongst the millennial comes from the rising concerns over animal cruelty and also for the health benefits that once can associate with a vegan diet.

If you are planning to go vegan, here are 21 things that you must know about vegan diet.

1.       Research: Before you go vegan, you need to do your research so that you are aware of the food items on which you can fall back to replace the missing nutrients from your diet. More so because, you will be required to stop consumption of all animal product, like milk, eggs, cheese, meats, seafood, and a lot more. Additionally, you also need to stop the consumption of foods that are made using these. So, you will have to bid adieu to your favorite chocolate muffin or your favorite burger joint unless they have vegan options.

2.       Not just salads: A vegan diet does not include only salads made of lettuce, cucumbers and radishes. There are many options to choose from and it is not at all boring. So, you can choose from a wide range of dishes like chickpea burgers, pumpkin muffins, apple crumble overnight oats and a lot of other stuff that will surely keep your taste buds happy.

3.       Add variety: A vegan diet will leave you with more room to choose healthy stuff like fruits, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, whole grains and a lot more. So, make your choice wisely and keep on educating yourself so that you know what can be substituted with what and also the nutritional aspects.

4.       Be ready to be bombarded with questions: Once you decide to go vegan and tell your parents or your friends about your decision, be sure to be asked a hundred questions. So, be prepared to answer them and also be clear within yourself as to why you are going vegan.

5.       Be honest with yourself: Before going vegan, you need to check the practicality of your decision as you need to consider all the possible obstacles that you might face. Also, if the motivation to go vegan is simply being in trend and being able to tell people that you are vegan, is not a good enough reason to adopt a lifestyle change.

6.       Go for substitutes: With the rising trends and with more and more people going vegan, there are way more options available in the market that are substitutes of the normal products. This includes egg substitutes as well as meat substitutes! So, rather than simply giving up on your favorite mac and cheese, swap the ingredients with the vegan friendly ones and enjoy.

7.       Avoid junk: While substituting the animal foods, be sure not to add loads of processed foods to your cart as this will simply jeopardize all your efforts for a healthy diet.

8.       Supplements: As you make the transition from a normal diet to a vegan diet, you will be cutting down several things from your diet, which were probably sources of iron, vitamins and important nutrients. Be sure to add supplements to your diet to fulfill the missing nutrients so that your body gets the adequate amounts for proper functioning.

9.       Check for iron rich foods: Meats and seafood are essential sources of iron. But, since you will be banning these food items from your diet, be sure to add other ingredients like beans or kale that are known to be rich in iron. This will fulfill your body's requirement of iron.

10.   Handy vegan snacks: Snacks time are the most tempting times as we tend to grab all the things that are best avoided like a chocolate dipped donut, a red velvet muffin or that jumbo choco chip cookie. So, the best idea would be to keep vegan snacks handy so that when you feel your tummy grumble, you can reach out for some delicious vegan snacks.

11.   Carry your own food: Going vegan is not an easy task, especially if you have a party to attend at your friends' place as you will have loads of options but possibly, nothing vegan. But, rather than skipping the event, take along your own food. You could also make some extra for your friends to try out something vegan yet simply delicious.

12.   Improved Diet: Going vegan can actually improve your diet as with the meats and the dairy part cut off, you can add more of whole grains and vegetables that will give your diet a turn for the better.

13.   Check labels before you buy: There are several food options out there that are plant based, yet they are not considered to be vegan. One such example is honey. So, check the labels of the food before you but them to be sure that you are making the right choice.

14.   Step by step change: Many of us might find going vegan to be a difficult lifestyle change. But, if you really want to go vegan, take small steps first rather than taking the plunge all together. Consider going vegan for a day and then gradually substitute the food products for vegan foods before you completely go vegan.

15.   Don't tax yourself: Vegan diet is the most difficult one to follow, considering the restrictions that one needs to exercise when it comes to choosing food products. So, in case you are unable to go completely vegan, don't tax yourself.

16.   Secret PETA member: Once you go vegan, people might consider you to be the undercover PETA member.

17.   Dining out: A vegan diet does not mean that it will be the end of dining out. Simply check for restaurants who serve vegan options and enjoy your dinner in the company of your friends or your other half.

18.   Try your hand in the kitchen: Whip up some vegan dish yourself and relish the awesome taste. Vegan food can be more delightful than the normal food due to the extra care that is taken while putting together the dish.

19.   Veganism can make you happy: Vegetarian diets are known to contain less of arachidonic acid, which is responsible for making your mood down. So, with a vegan diet you will also feel happier along with the animals.

20.   Plan: Have a proper plan in place. Starting from a meal plan to the list of things that you will but at the supermarket needs to be planned.

21.   Find a vegan buddy: Find a friend who is also vegan or make friends who are vegan. This will help you to stay motivated and feel positive about the change that you have adopted.

Veganism has been a favorite not just amongst the peace loving hippies, but also celebrities like Jay Z and Beyonce, Bill Clinton and many others. 

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21 Things You Must Know About Vegan Diet

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