21 Ways To Beat and Overcome Stress

21 Ways To Beat and Overcome Stress
21 Ways To Beat and Overcome Stress

21 ways to beat stress

You might be simply stressed out beating stress. If that is keeping you crazy, then just remember that you need to only see that a few simple steps can help you to bust tension if you are careful enough. Here are some cool ways that you can hit the heat.

1. Find out why you're bushed

You might be tearing your hair apart at the end of the day, but you never know what led to it. So find out why. It could have been the daily commuting hours to work, or it is due to the uncared baby that you left behind at childcare. Whatever it is, you need to pinpoint the exact location.

2. Note down the patterns

As you struggle through the day, you wouldn't know why you are feeling like a wet dishcloth. So draw out a time-table and jot down the exact time you feel bad. It could be in the middle of the day, or it might be in the car. Note the reason for the feelings, what led to them and how you plan to battle with the special causes for the stressed out feelings.

3. Avoid bad situations

If you are able to discover that driving through traffic is stressing you out, then just don't do it. Arrange for other ways to get to work - in a bus or in a shuttle.

4. Take some time out

If you are in the middle of a stressful situation, you can recover your equanimity by just sitting for a few seconds. Take a few deep breaths, sit still and focus on what you want to do in the coming hour.

5. Take a positive view

If you're absolutely bushed by a negative situation, you can do nothing about it. But you can at least change your viewpoint of the situation and take a positive look at things. It would help you to consider how helpful the situation can be in the years to come, and how it would all help you in the longer run.

6. Call up your friends

Connecting with your friends would be a great way of having a heart-to-heart talk with well-wishers. Just pouring your heart out can make you feel free of the burdens that come with stress.

7. Connect with therapists

If you are not able to talk to your friends, you need to connect with counsellors or therapists. Check out a workplace counsellor, or your school therapist who can help you.

8. Try to let go

If you are not able to control the situation around you, you can at least do something about your own attitude. If someone is rude to you, you feel lousy, but at least forgive and forget. Don't internalise it. And if you are rude to someone, you can apologize immediately, instead of letting the bad feelings fester.

9. Forgive yourself

Do not sit and brood over mistakes and errors committed long ago. Tell yourself that you were young and susceptible, so mistakes tend to happen. It's just time to move on. Don't let the stress of guilt overwhelm you.

10. Appreciate yourself

Try to take a positive and complimentary attitude towards yourself. Be grateful for all the privileges, skills and opportunities you have been gifted in life. If you list out your achievements, you can see that you achieved them in reasonable proportion to the time available to you.

11. Just smile

Smiling rubs off the edge of tension as nothing else can do. If you are feeling blue and beaten out, then try the simple task of stretching your mouth to see if it can meet your eyes! Does that do something for your stress level? It sure does!

12. Laugh a lot

Laugh at every little joke. Find something funny about just everything around you, even if it isn't. Laughter really helps to be a great tonic and busts your stress big time.

13. Schedule your tasks

Do not try to do more than you can in the given time that you have. Many times, you tend to overcommit yourself, and then you are running around in mad circles, chasing your tail.

14. Prioritise

Many times, you tend to pay more attention to minor tasks that seem to be more interesting or attractive. It really wouldn't do to neglect or ignore that bigger tasks that would get you to your goals. Do not neglect them.

15. Distribute duties

Do you feel that it would hurt your ego to delegate responsibilities? Well, don't. It would help you as well as your employer if you hand over a lot of tasks and responsibilities to others. Why don't you try it out?

16. Balance your time-table

It is important to manage your time so that are able to navigate carefully through the mess. Be careful to maintain your work-life balance and schedule your tasks for the time-slots that can bear the pressure.

17. Find a few hobbies

What keeps you happy and stress-free is not doing nothing, but doing what you love and feel good about. Do you like to paint? Dance? Sing? Then do them - and do them well. Watch your stress getting de-stressed and sighing out of your body.

18. Take time for leisure

So if you've worked hard, then party hard too. Take the break that you need and enjoy the brief interim period. Go on a vacation or chase your dream team trip to a destination spot.

19. Eat healthy, stay healthy

You need to consume certain kinds of foods that are balanced and help you to fight a sugar overload. Eating too much additives or addictive foods can make you feel worn out and weak. So keep your meals simple and balanced. They would go a long way in keeping your stress at bay.

20. Sleep well

Sleep is important to restore and recharge your body's batteries. It will also fight the stress and help you to keep your mood relaxed and happy. If you don't catch up with your sleep you can burst under the stress.

21. Meditate

If everything else fails, then do what the masters advised you to do - sit down, elevate, levitate and meditate. That can have a calming effect on your mind as nothing else can.

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