21 Tips To Learn Drumming Fast

Tips to learn drumming fast.

Are the drums your favorite instrument? Drumming, just like any other musical instrument, requires you to practice with a dedication to perform excellently. A regular practice session with some more tips and tricks will ensure that you learn to play the drums much faster.

If you are a person, who is learning how to play the drum, the following 21 tips will help you to learn drumming fast.

1. Set your goal as a drummer: Set a goal that you would like to achieve when you have fully learned to play drums. Visualize yourself as the drummer that you would like to be and then work towards this goal passionately.

2. Patience: Learning drums, or any musical instrument, is not easy. So, you need to be patient and rather than hurrying through the learning process, give it time as the more strong your base is, the faster you will learn and the results will also be amazing.

3. Enjoy your practices: Never view your drumming practice sessions to be a routing thing. Enjoy the sessions and see how fast you learn to play the drums.

4. Be calm and relaxed: Try to be calm and relaxed while you play your drums. Rigidity will pose to be an obstacle and will not let you play a pattern expressively.

5. Build up muscles: Drumming is like an exercise as along with striking the right beat, you will also need to have control over your speed, your power and also endurance. So, you will also have to focus on your health and devote time to build your body and muscles.

6. Posture: For drummers, posture is another important factor that will help you to play with ease. And the more at ease you are while playing the drums, the faster you will learn and pick up patterns. Also, a wrong posture can also affect your health as it might lead to ack pain or body ache, which are simply avoidable with good posture.

7. Movement: Along with the right posture, you also need to pay attention to your movement as these two elements will help to build the foundation and will also have its impact on your performance.

8. Warm up: It is essential for a drummer to warm up before he or she starts playing the drums as a small warm up session will help to strength the muscles and also up the endurance level as well as speed.

9. Stretches: Before you start with your drumming practice, it is important to stretch your muscles. So, along with your warm up session, stretch yourself too to increase the endurance of your muscles.

10. Strategize: Build a strategy as to how you can play the drums in a better way. This might include practicing good postures, building more body control, ability to regulate your speed while drumming and also planning your practice sessions.

11. Identify your strong and weak sides: Drumming requires a lot of cooperation between your left and right. Identify which is your strong and weak sides and then work upon it to yield amazing results.

12. Attentive practice sessions: While you start your practice session, be sure to free your mind of all distracting thoughts and pay attention to details. A focused practice session will help you to learn drumming a lot faster.

13. Quality: While drumming, you need to check out the sound, the volume, the volume consistency, and rhythm. These are the subtle aspects that will have its impact on your performance.

14. Feel it: While playing your drums, feel the beats. Feeling each beat of the drums will not just help you to assess your own playing, but will also help you to feel the music, which is of great importance if you want to learn faster.

15. Divide in small chunks: During your practice sessions, divide the piece that you are practicing into small fragments. Rehearse the fragment till you are comfortable and then move on to the next fragment and till you can play the entire piece without any disruptions.

16. Build muscle memory: To build muscle memory, you need to first slowly play to the pattern, paying great attention to how the beats sounds and feels. And then you need to play the pattern repeatedly and till the time when you can play without stopping or making mistakes to establish muscle memory.

17. Memorize: Just like building muscle memory, you will also need to mentally memorize the pattern that you want to play. Look away from the page and try to play the tone to check out if you have rightly memorized it and also if you can play without making mistakes.

18. Experiment: Get to know the details of each exercise, explore ways which can improve the exercise and also experimenting with the tempo and the volume. Try playing the same pattern in different tempos to see how the results might be.

19. Go slow: Playing the drums slowly might be a challenging task, but don't avoid taking this challenge up. It will surely be a great learning experience and will help you have better control.

20. Layers of rhythm: If there are several layers of rhythms in the piece that you want to play, practice each layer first at a time. Then, merge two layers at a time and then move on to three layers, before playing all the layers together. This practice will help you to play the different layers, without much difficulty.

21. Practice area: To learn drumming faster, set up a place which will be your practice area. A dedicated practice area which has the elements that you love will make the practice sessions much more enjoyable. You can add things like a mirror, a place to keep some food or drink, you phone as well as a towel, and a drum stool along with your set of drums and good quality sticks.

If you are learning to play the drum, do remember to follow these 21 tips to that will have your as well as your audiences' mind and body swaying to the beat of your drums.

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