21 Tips on How To Choose Best Bridal Dress

Choose the best bridal dress.

Choosing the best bridal dress can be an extremely stressing task. It is your D-Day and all you want is to look like a showstopper. If you are on the lookout for the best bridal dress, here we present 21 tips that will help you to choose the best bridal dress for your wedding.

1. Research: Do a little research to check out on the fashion trends or the styles that you might want to try out. Once you have a fair idea of what you want, it will be a lot easier to find a bridal dress or even have it custom made.

2. Be open to new ideas: It might be possible that when you venture out to buy the bridal dress, you fall in love with a style which is completely different from what you have wanted. If you really like the new style, go for it.

3. Early shopping: Some bridal dress can take more than a couple of months to be made. Also, you need to keep time in hand for alterations. So, it will be a wise choice to shop your bridal dress around six to seven months ahead.

4. Budget: Even before you go out to check out bridal dresses, you need to figure out a budget and have a number in your mind. This will help you stay within the budget if someone is buying the dress for you or from splurging more than you want to, if you are buying it.

5. Find a good bridal salon: Do your research, check out from friends who have got married and also check reviews before you choose the stores that you want to visit. Doing your homework is important as else you might land up in a store that does not have the things that you are looking for or a place that has a poor customer service.

6. Book an appointment: At a bridal store, you will never find the collection displayed or you to browse through like you would in any other fashion retail store. A consultant will help you in a bridal store to select a dress, so you will need an appointment.

7. Inexpensive first: While booking your appointment at the bridal store, check out the store that has a collection with more affordable prices, before scaling up. This is because the less expensive store might have some dresses that are not just affordable but also something that you might fall in love with.

8. Right undergarments for appointment: For your appointment, take along the right undergarments. This is because a strapless bra will only allow you to have a look at how fabulous you are looking in the off shoulder bridal dress that you loved.

9. Body Type: Choosing your dress according to your body type will help you to enhance your look by highlighting certain areas and at the same time covering up areas where you don't want the focus to be in.

10. Fabric: The fabric will play a big role when it comes to your bridal dress. So, depending on the style and what will suit your figure, choose the fabric for that stunning look.

11. Silhouette: The silhouette of the dress that you choose for your wedding will depend on the style that you choose.

12. Trendy or traditional: Decide whether you want to be a trendy bride or would like to stick to the traditional style. This will help in narrowing down the search as in case if trendy bridal dresses you can be more experimental with the fabric, length and silhouette, but in case of the traditional style, lace should be your choice along with a long length.

13. Not white: While choosing your bridal dress, you can ditch the color white and go for something in light pink, ivory, even something like red for that exclusive bridal look.

14. Check your movement: Once you have found the dress that suits your style and something that you want to wear, check if you are comfortable in the dress. Walk and move yourself to check the comfort level before you place your order.

15. One size big: It will be a wise choice to order a bigger size than a smaller one. This is because, for a bigger dress, the size can be altered without much of a problem, however in case of a small dress, you might have to struggle with the zipper.

16. Spend time trying dresses: The last thing that you would want to do while choosing your bridal dress is making a rushed decision. Keep ample time in hand to try out several dresses and only place your order after you are 100 percent satisfied with your choice.

17. Trustable crew: While you visit the store or boutique to select your bridal dress, rather than taking along a lot of people, take along only people whose decision will matter to you. It could be your mom, your best friend or your sister. Avoid taking too many people as it will only increase confusion.

18. Professional seamstress: Get your measurements taken by a professional seamstress. When it comes to bridal dress, it is important to have the right measurements taken as else, it might have totally different results.

19. Season: To make the right choice, consider the season when you will be getting married, before choosing the bridal dress.

20. Other factors: While choosing the best wedding dress, it is important that you keep in mind the other factors like the venue, as well as the mood and also if there is any theme at your wedding.

21. Customize: If you have a tailor who can customize the dress according to your body and also with small changes like the addition of straps or lace, you can customize your bridal dress to make it customized and more personalized.

So, rather than stressing yourself about choosing the bridal dress, take a deep breath and calm yourself down. These 21 tips will surely help you to choose the right bridal dress for your wedding.

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