21 Tips To Choose Best Wedding Service

Choose the best wedding servies.

When it comes to planning your wedding, you need to make all preparations before time so that the event does not turn into a nightmare. And, along with your planning and prepping up, you also need to choose the best wedding service providers. This is of utmost importance a good service provider can make the event as good as you have planned, but on the flip side, a bad service provider might end up giving you a lot of headaches.

To ensure that you make the right choice, here we present 21 tips to choose the best wedding service:


A venue is the base of the wedding ceremony and for this, you need to choose the venue very carefully. To make the right choice, you need to:

1. Consider the number of guests, who will be attending your wedding. And on the basis of the number of guests who would be coming, you need to choose a big or a small wedding venue. This is important as a small venue for a higher number of people will be like stuffing too much people in a small place, but again a large space for a small number of guests will be too embarrassing.

2. Check the layout of the venue and if it suits the wedding that you are planning, especially if you have any particular theme in mind or any other aspect to make the right venue.

3. If you are going for the all-inclusive deal, what are the aspects that will be covered and is it within the budget that you have in mind, are two things that you must consider before making a final choice.

4. If your home is your venue, remember to pay attention to home improvements, car parking for guests, as well as all the small things that you might need, starting from the total number of forks and spoons to the perfectly arranged house or backyard, where you will host the guests.

5. For destination wedding, ensure to make plans ahead to avoid last minute rush. Moreover, early bookings will help you to choose the spot that you want and you might also get some early booking discounts.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake will be like the center piece for your wedding reception. To choose the right wedding cake, you need to:

6. Apart from a cake that simply looks stunning, you also need to ensure that it tastes good too. This is because, it is the cake that your guests will be having for desserts and you surely don't want them to have a tasteless cake,

7. While choosing the wedding cake, check out the designs that you like, but also keep your mind open to suggestions that the designer might suggest. Also, ensure to taste the cake before confirming so that you know how the cake will taste.

8. Choose something that will go in sync with the venue. Alternatively, for theme weddings, you can choose cakes that will just be perfect with the theme of your wedding.

9. If you are not a fan of a cake, choose something that you might prefer, like a macaroon tower if you like or even mini pies or spicy chili dessert.

10. If you want to experiment, rather than choosing the same chocolate or vanilla flavors for your wedding cake, have fun with flavors. Choose flavors that both of you would like.

Wedding Flowers

Flowers will adorn the venue where the wedding as well as where the reception will be held. To choose the flowers that will add beauty without burning a hole in your pocket, ensure to:

11. But one type of flower in bulk. This will help to cut down on the cost part greatly as you will be making a bulk purchase.

12. Choose seasonal flowers as it will be a much more cost effective alternative than the exclusive and expensive carnation.

13. Add wildflowers to the bouquet to make it more greener and also to make it much more beautiful and appealing.

14. Make your bookings early with the florist and also specify what you want to the florist and have things in written, to ensure that you get what you want rather than what the florist wants. Moreover, written down details will help to track what was discussed rather than racking your brains to remember what you discussed.


The photos of your wedding will last a lifetime. So, it is important that you choose the best photographer. So, you need to:

15. Consider the style of the photographer and what you are actually looking forward to.

16. Check the work of the photographer. This will help you to see if the photographer will be able to capture the exact moments that you would like to keep framed.

17. Meet the photographer to discuss what you want and how the photographer plans to achieve it.

18. Check whether the personality of the photographer matches with you so that there are no clashes later.

Wedding Officiant

Hiring a wedding officiant will ease you from a lot of work load. But, before you choose one, you need to:

19. Be comfortable with the person whom you will be hiring. If the equation between you and your officiant is right, you can scale great heights in terms of a successful event rather than resolving your own conflicts.

20. Be clear about the ceremony and how the events will take place on the day of your wedding. It will be like having the things clearly defined and free of confusion.

21. Have things written so that there is clarity about the responsibility that each will be handling.

These are some of the major wedding services and the relevant tips that you might consider before you finalize the deal. It will surely help you to make the right decision regarding which service provider to choose or how to know that you are making the right choice for your wedding.

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