Best Snoring Mouthpieces: 30 Things You Must Know About VitalSleep

Looking for the best oral device to stop your snores? Check out the VitalSleep mouthpiece.


Snoring is a common condition caused due to an obstructed air flow while breathing. This leads to the production of a sound caused by the tissues of the throat and the nose when you are sleeping. Studies have shown that almost half of the United States suffers from this condition, which does not have a direct health implication, but it causes disruption in sleep, affects the quality of sleep and also affects your relationship with your spouse.

However, the best part is that snoring is curable. You will need to make some changes in your lifestyle to help you to stop the snores and improve your overall health. And this includes losing weight, avoiding alcohol before you go to sleep, avoid smoking, have plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, and also practice some breathing exercises. Along with these changes in your lifestyle, you can use some sleep aids and snore deterrents that will help to stop your snores.

What is a VitalSleep Mouthpiece?

VitalSleep presents some fabulous snore deterrents like the anti-snoring mouthpieces that will work amazingly for you. It will not just stop the snoring by allowing you to breathe easily with an open passage for the air to flow, but will also improve your sleep quality.

The VitalSleep mouthpiece works by holding your lower jaws forward, which in turn ensures a free and unobstructed low of air as you sleep. The anti-snoring mouthpiece also prevents your tongue from obstructing the airway thereby stopping you from snoring.

Some Interesting Facts About VitalSleep

If you are suffering from disrupted sleep due to snoring and looking for a solution that will help you to sleep soundly and which will also promote your general well-being, here we present 30 things that you must know about, which offers the best anti-snoring mouthpieces.

1. Patented design: VitalSleep comes in a design that is patented. This will not only provide a solution to stop your snoring, but will also ensure high comfort when you wear the mouthpiece.

2. United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved: FDA has given its approval for VitalSleep and the mouthpiece has been helping people to sleep peacefully and snore-free. It is also a safe and an effective oral tool to stop your snoring.

3. Proven results: VitalSleep has successfully helped thousands of people to overcome their snoring habit, which has been wreaking havoc, not just in their personal, as well as, professional life due to the lack of focus and concentration, due to the lack of sleep and proper rest.

4. Medical grade material: The VitalSleep mouthpiece is made of medical grade material. The material is 100% USA sourced and the mouthpieces are also manufactured in the United States. The material is free of latex and also BPA free, which makes it safe for use by all.

5. Accu-adjustable system: The anti-snoring VitalSleep mouthpiece is adjustable in size with the micro-adjust left and right screws. Each mouthpiece also comes along with a tool that helps in adjusting the screws. The tool is included with each mouthpiece and no extra charge is levied for the same.

6. Different sizes for men and women: Rather than having 'one size, that fits all,' VitalSleep is available in different sizes for men and women. And, along with the adjustability, each mouthpiece can be customized to suit one's need.

7. Medium and small size: In most cases, men order the regular size VitalSleep mouthpiece before getting the size customized according to his face and jaws. And, women order the small size mouthpiece.

8. Sleek design and comfy fit: The design of the mouthpiece is extremely sleek and also has tiny crevices on the lower jaw. This further ensures that it has an improved and comfy fit.

9. High flexibility: The anti-snore mouthpiece is flexible, which allows the movement of the side jaws. This helps to reduce the stress and also makes it highly effective in stopping the snores.

10. Movement: Each anti-snoring mouthpiece allows fully adjustable movement up to 7mm and the flexible frame makes the movement smooth. VitalSleep also allows side-to-side movement of the jaws.

11. Easily moldable: VitalSleep is easily moldable. Just immerse it in hot water for 10 seconds and after cooling for a few seconds place it in your mouth and press against your teeth so that it takes up the shape of your jaws. Place it in cold water for 30 seconds to set the shape of the mouthpiece and it is ready to use.

12. Multiple attempts for molding: In case you were unable to mold the mouthpiece as per your requirement in the first attempt, do not panic. You can make multiple attempts, up to three times for molding the shape by dipping in boiling water and then biting it to get the desired effect. And this will also not affect the material quality of the mouthpiece.

13. Soothing color: A VitalSleep mouthpiece comes in a semi-opaque white color, which makes it easy on the eyes and much less noticeable.

14. Targets the root cause: VitalSleep targets the root cause of snoring, which is an obstructed airway and the mouthpiece opens up the airway to facilitate free flow of air, easy breathing and absolutely no snoring.

15. Natural breathing: This oral appliance will allow natural breathing and an improved flow of air in and out of your lungs.

16. Sleep in any position: The mouthpiece does not restrict your sleeping positions. You can sleep just as you normally do and in any position that you are comfortable in.

17. A good night's sleep guaranteed: VitalSleep guarantees a good night's sleep. And, with the easy and natural breathing, you can rest assured that you will not wake up several times at night. So, you will be much energized and relax when you wake up the next morning.

18. Happy partner: Your partner will no longer complain about the sleepless nights that they are having due to your snoring. Thus, the use of this mouthpiece will not just benefit you but also your partner, who will have a sound sleep as well.

19. Minimal care: VitalSleep required minimal care. The large opening further allows cleaning to be done freely with a denture cleaner or with simply a toothbrush and toothpaste. However, it is advised that you clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste after every use and with effervescent denture tablet.

20. Protective case: Each VitalSleep mouthpiece comes in a protective case that will keep the mouthpiece safe and hygienic. The case is provided to all, at zero cost.

21. Cash back: VitalSleep offers a cashback guarantee of 30 days. The countdown starts from the day that you receive the product.

22. One year warranty: The company offers an unconditional product warranty for a year. And, within time period, you can get a free replacement of your VitalSleep mouthpiece.

23. Fill online form for replacement: To get a replacement, all that you need to do is fill an online form, called the RMA form and relax. The rest will be taken care of by the company.

24. Swallow the device: The VitalSleep mouthpiece is designed in such a manner that it cannot be swallowed, even when you are asleep. The design has been deemed to be safe by the FDA.

25. Not recommended for: This anti-snoring mouthpiece is not suitable for people who wear braces, have a missing teeth, bridges, Invisalign, or TMD.

26. For children: Though the mouthpiece is totally safe for use, the VitalSleep is not recommended for children, who have a snoring condition.

27. Insurance coverage: If the VitalSleep mouthpiece has been prescribed by your doctor considering your condition, then it is likely that it will be covered under your insurance policy. However, if you made the purchase of the mouthpiece online and after seeing the reviews or studying its benefits, it might not be covered under your insurance.

28. Availability outside the United States: The VitalSleep mouthpiece is also available outside of the United States. You can get one delivered in places like Great Britain, Australia, as well as, Canada.

29. Low cost: The VitalSleep mouthpiece is reasonably priced and is categorized under the low cost segment of anti-snoring devices.

30. Good Review: Users of the VItalSleep mouthpiece have a lot of good things to say about the product and how useful it is. And, if these reviews are to be trusted, this mouthpiece is indeed a great solution for people who snore and are looking for something that will help them to stop it.

Benefits of a VitalSleep Mouthpiece

A VitalSleep mouthpiece offers a huge range of benefits to its user and the amazing reviews as well as the high number of people using this oral appliance further strengthens the fact that it is indeed helpful.

Here are some of the benefits of the VitalSleep Mouthpiece:

  • Better and natural breathing: A VitalSleep mouthpiece will successfully stop your snores by facilitating an obstruction free airway, which is also the prime cause of snoring. It is known to promote natural breathing and does not require that you sleep in one particular position as well. So, this oral device does not pose a threat to your comfort level to stop the snore, rather, it will facilitate better breathing.
  • Effective and a safe option: The use of medical grade material, coupled with the FDA approval makes the VitalSleep mouthpiece a safe option. Moreover, the patented design, micro adjustability, and the technology of the mouthpiece makes it highly effective in stopping your snores.
  • Restful and undisturbed night's sleep: It is a known fact that people who snore have a disturbed sleep pattern, and wake up several times during the night. This, in turn, makes them groggy the next day and also impacts their performance at work, their relationship and their overall health. But with a mouthpiece from VitalSleep, you can be sure to get a good night's sleep, which is essential for one's well-being. And the next day, you will feel much relaxed and energized.
  • Improves relationship: Snoring can largely affect your relationship with your partner as your snores, not just disrupts your sleep, but also their sleep. This can lead to unhappiness as your partner is also not getting a sound sleep at night. But with a VitalSleep mouthpiece, you can be sure that you will not snore the entire night and will also not wake up your partner, thereby leading to a happier relationship.
  • High comfort: Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice your comfort to treat your snoring as the VitalSleep ensures high comfort. The makers paid special attention to the comfort quotient and thus, you can be sure that the mouthpiece will be as comfy as you want it to be.

The VitalSleep Mouthpiece

The VitalSleep mouthpiece will ensure to clear blockages in the airway and will increase the airflow, to help you to breathe quietly as you sleep soundly and without any disruptions. This mouthpiece is the only oral device that works on the basis of the accu-adjust system, which facilitates, easy molding and personalization of the mouthpiece according to one's jaw.

The best part, however, is that the VitalSleep mouthpiece works from the very first use and so, you can be sure to see results from the first night that you use the mouthpiece. And, though it seems to be a bit bulky, it is extremely sleek in design and once you have fitted it properly, you will surely not face any discomfort using it while you sleep.

Moreover, the design of the VitalSleep mouthpiece has been approved by the FDA, which makes it a safe and a reliable option. The high flexibility, medical grade material, hinged technology, micro adjustability, enlarged opening and the low-cost aspect makes this mouthpiece a must have or people who snore.

It is truly an effective and a cost effective option for people who have this condition and wish to find an easy remedy.

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