10 Things You Must Know About Acne

10 Things You Must Know About Acne
(Photo : Pixabay) Fight acne and boost your confidence. Having acne problems for a long time? Relax. Here's what you need to finally end acne

Acne is said to be one of the major sources of discomfort of people from all age levels. It lowers self-confidence and may hinder some to make new friends or pursue new relationships and goals. Acne sufferers want to get rid of acne the soonest but found themselves frustrated with the slow results.

Acne is more than just whiteheads, blackheads and face discoloration.

Before getting into the bandwagon of experimenting treatments for acne, first you should know that acne is a disorder of the skin particularly on the abnormal function of oil glands. When you got acne, oil is blocked from passing normally out from the pores either because of hair and skin cells. This results in the formation of a bacteria called P. acnes.

Teenagers are more susceptible in getting acne.

Acne breakout more often happens during our adolescent years when hormones and glands responsible in the production of oil are so active. This, however, may change as you grow older when hormone levels stop fluctuating and will start to simmer down.

The likelihood to have zits and breakouts may be high when other members of your family have it, too.

There are also theories linking acne and genetics yet, these are not supported yet with hardcore evidence and research. However, when you go to the dermatologist, expect that your doctor will ask if acne runs in your family. This factor actually helps the dermatologist to decide the best treatment for you.

Acne can occur not just in your face but also in other parts of the body.

Acne can just show up everywhere in your body--on your back, on the chest, some even have that big zit inside the nostril. However, the presence of lots of pimples on your back may mean that you are wearing the wrong clothes, those that are too tight or those which fabric blocked the pores and trapped dead skin cells.

Lower the stress to stop the acne breakout.

So, with these information about acne, the next question would be how to decrease and get rid of them, finally! Actually, acne is the result of skin inflammation. And to stop the inflammation, you have to lower your stress levels. Yes, stress. When you are stressed out, your body secretes the stress hormone, Cortisol which is responsible for the production of excess sebum or oil.

To de-stress, try doing exercise, yoga, meditation. Also take naps, listen to music or avoid drinking caffeinated drinks as much as possible.

Change your diet and switch to a low glycemic index diet.

Acne prevention is about getting the right hormones going in our body. To normalize the production of oil on skin, you have to lower the blood sugar level content in your diet. And, to do that, it is advised that you follow the low glycemic index diet which requires you to eat fiber-enriched and healthy food like asparagus, broccoli, celery, lettuce and tomato. The bonus part is, these vegetables can also help in detoxification and may help you lose weight!

Avoid foods that will trigger the levels of blood sugar and inflammation on your skin.

Avoid foods like processed foods, animal fats, hamburgers, junk foods soda--basically everything that is unhealthy and processed as they bring in lots of calories and sugar that will trigger the production of more oil on your skin.

Let your skin breathe at night.

It is during sleep that our organs, including the skin, recover and build new tissues and repair bad ones. During this time, it is best that you allow your skin to do its natural healing function by letting it breathe and relax. Do not sleep with makeup or any other chemical that may only block the pores. Also, consider removing excess oils by washing your face and making sure it is clean.

Consider using cleansers and toners suited for you.

Sometimes, regular washing is not enough. In this case, talk to your dermatologist and ask for the right cleanser and toner for your skin type. There are also daily exfoliation solutions with glycolic and salicylic acid that are tested to help you get rid of acne.

Consider adding some essential vitamins, minerals and essential oils in your daily diet and routine.

Essential fatty acids like Omega 3, evening primrose oil and extra virgin oil are one of the most suggested oils that can help balance hormones and prevent acne breakouts. Also, consider building a strong immune system by taking vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and D every day. This decision, however, should be consulted with your doctor who can prescribe the right amount of essential oils, vitamins and minerals for you.

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