Best Hair Loss solutions: 30 things you must know about USA

Best Hair Loss solutions: 30 things you must know about Skalp USA

Hair thinning and hair loss isn't fun, but you have options. Scalp micropigmentation, a revolutionary hair loss treatment for men and women, can restore even a completely bald head to look like a full head of well-groomed hair without surgery.

Alopecia and male pattern baldness can affect a man at any age and these days it has been found that men in their early 20's or in some cases even teenagers get afflicted with hair loss, which is a worrying trend.

Though it is not a serious medical condition per se, the negative impact it wields on the psyche of the person makes it a serious condition.

It can result in a severe loss of confidence and poor self- esteem. Those who are affected can develop a negative self- image and it can hamper their emotional well -being to a large extent. In some people, it can also lead to depression and anxiety.

What is scalp micro pigmentation?

Skalp USA offers a fabulous hair loss cosmetic treatment called scalp micro pigmentation (SMP). This has worked wonders for many men and in some cases women who have been suffering from various types of hair loss problems.

Scalp micro pigmentation not only helps to create an appearance of fuller hair but also can even restore a partially or fully receding hairline. This treatment can even hide hair transplant scars and thickening thinning hair.

If you are suffering from hair loss of any kind and looking for a simple yet substantial solution that will cure your problem from the roots then here we bring you 30 things that you must know about Skalp USA

1. Non-Surgical Method- Scalp Micropigmentation is the ultimate in non-surgical solutions for male and female baldness. During the procedure, natural pigments are applied at the epidermal level of the scalp to simulate the natural appearance of real hair follicles - depending on your hair loss extent, and desired look.

2. Hair Transplant Alternative- Although transplants used to be a popular choice, the cost involved alongside their often poor results, its understandable people are now choosing Scalp micro pigmentation instead- is an extremely effective alternative to invasive hair transplants and is offered at a lower cost.

3. High Skilled Practitioners - Your treatment will be performed by a fully certified practitioner who will make you their number one priority.

4. It's a Game Changer- Without the constant stress of thinning hair; you'll look great, feel more confident and be more relaxed than you've felt in years.

5. Take Back Control Of Your Appearance- By choosing to go fashionably bald you have taken back control of your hair loss situation. Letting go of a long held insecurity can set you free.

6. Versatile To Your Needs - Scalp micropigmentation can be used to treat everything from a receding hairline, to complete baldness, to Alopecia. It is an extremely effective alternative to invasive hair transplants, which often have disappointing results.

7. Personalized Treatment- Skalp takes all of your scalp's idiosyncrasies and individual hair patterns into account to ensure you get the most realistic results.

8. Virtually Painless- The needles used for scalp micro pigmentation are smaller in size to a traditional tattoo needle. The needle does not go into the skin so deep so it is described as less painful than a regular tattoo.

9. Safe -Though scalp micro pigmentation is a cosmetic treatment. All needles used are single use high quality sterilized needles only. There are no side effects to this solution.

10. Guaranteed Results- Unlike a hair transplant, scalp micro pigmentation works in every case. Scalp micro pigmentation is suitable for men of all ages and skin tones

11. Quick Remedy - The treatment is divided into three sessions over 6 weeks. Although results can be seen from the very first session. With each treatment session the treatment will become darker and more defined.

12. Confident In Their Treatment- All of their practitioners have suffered from hairloss and undergone the Skalp treatment themselves. You can see the results in person before you go ahead and book your treatment.

13. Twelve-Month Guarantee- Skalp USA offers a 12-month no-fade guarantee to all their clients. This shows confidence in its practice.

14. Number 1 Provider In the USA and UK- Skalp arrived on the SMP scene in 2014 quickly building a name for themselves. With clinics opening in Italy scheduled in October and more to follow in the New Year.

15. An Original SMP Provider- As one of the first SMP companies in the UK it has built a name for themselves among clients looking for the most natural hairline. They have a reputation of highly experienced practitioners.

16. Offer a Public Forum- Skalp is one of only a handful that offers a public forum for its clients full of treatment reviews and experiences. This is a further sign of credibility as one can be sure that the service provider is authentic and qualified.

17. Maintenance Free- The treatment is a permanent solution to your hair loss. You don't have to worry about your hair or lack of it again. Spending hours in the mirror with a comb, using hair fibres or wearing a wig or toupee daily can be a thing of the past.

18. Customized Treatment- Skalp will work with you to create the perfect hairline to suit you. Some clients choose a sharp defined hairline, some prefer a soft, broken look whilst others opt for a more mature, slightly receding effect. The bespoke treatment is completely personalised to your desired new look.

19. Affordable Solution To Hair Loss- To give you an idea, to recreate a slightly receded hairline the price is $1,500 and for a full head treatment, Norwood scale 7, the price is $4000, which would include 3 sessions.

20. Makes Scars Disappear- Skalp has treated thousands of clients to cover up transplants gone wrong, the size of the scars that can be covered range from small accident scars to FUT transplant scars that go from ear to ear.

21. Fast Recovery- Virtually no down time. There will be some mild redness for 24 hours but most of their clients return to work the following day.

22. A-list Clients- Skalp has treated many well-known personalities from actors to celebrities and sports stars. Rest assured you will always receive a discreet and private service.

23. Works With All Age Groups- Skalp USA have treated clients at a variety of ages. From teenagers with alopecia to clients who had previously given up on their hair well into their seventies. Showing that you are never too old or young to benefit from this service.

24. Keep It A Secret- Due to the nature of the process; the transformation can be so subtle some clients don’t tell anybody they have had it done! Even family and close friends cant put their finger on why they look younger and more attractive.

25. Enhances Hair Transplants- Scalp Micro Pigmentation has been also found to enhance the results of a hair transplant. Giving patients the look of a fuller head of hair.

26. Speedy Service- Skalp know that once a decision has been made you’ll be keen to get the treatment underway however their clinics are very busy so expect a minimum of a 2 week notice period depending on the clinic location.

27. Preview of Result. If you arrange a free consultation at any of their clinic locations, skalp can take your photo to show you a ‘virtual mock-up’ of how you would look with your new hairline.

28. After Treatment Result- Skalp has a vast gallery of treatment photos to show before and after photos of the clients they have treated, the results are fascinating to see. Find them on their website gallery or follow their instagram account to see the most recent transformations.

29. Flexible Service- Skalp offer weekend and evening appointments to suit your busy schedule.

30. Financial Support - Skalp USA are committed to delivering excellent individual care and customer service to all of their clients, but they know that for many clients, getting help with finance can make all the difference. Skalp offer finance plans to suit individual budgets.

Benefits of Skalp - Scalp micro pigmentation offers a number of benefits to people who decide to take it and the glowing reviews from clients are testimony to the fact this treatment enriches many peoples lives.

Here are some of the benefits offered at Skalp USA

• Fast and instant results- Scalp micro pigmentation does not involve a complicated procedure. Since it is similar to a tattoo ( although a different technique is used) it is relatively quick. It is non-invasive in nature and thus, one can look forward to natural results in record time.

• Effective and safe option- Skalp micropigmentation offers a guarantee in every case they take. The trained practitioners, use of high-quality equipment and latest technology make the technique the best remedy for various hair loss problems. They boast an extremely high customer satisfaction rate.

• Relaxed and Discreet service – Although the treatment is carried out to the highest quality and professionalism, their team offer a relaxed and friendly approach to treating hair loss, ensuring all of their clients and happy and comfortable throughout. Whilst in a massage chair, you can catch up with TV, music or movies during the treatment.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Treatment

They are the only reputable SMP Company who specialize in SMP treatment only meaning that all of their practitioners are rigorously trained to the same high standard and are monitored routinely to ensure that they only produce the best hairlines in the industry.

Skalp is really an effective and a cost effective option for people who are suffering from hair loss problems. It is a dream come true for those who wish to find an easy and safe remedy that will give them a new lease of life, setting them free from the shackles of poor self image and low confidence.

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