21 Things You Must Know About Learning Electric Guitar

21 Tips to Learn Electric guitar
(Photo : Dara Crockett - Craig Chaquico / Wikipedia) kids learning electric guitar from Craig Chaquico
21 Tips to Learn Electric guitar
(Photo : Gabriel Pollard / Flickr) Playing the electric guitar at a gig for the School of Rock at MusicWorks, in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Experts say that learning to play electric guitar is one of the easiest ways to induct yourself into the world of guitar playing. Once you have the basics right, all it takes is creativity to build from there. Here are some beginner tips to get you strumming.

1. Setup your Guitar First: The key to learning guitar properly is its setup first. You can take help from online tutorials or ask a musician friend to do it for you. The most critical thing is accurate intonation so that when you play, its sounds well. Most importantly, it will make it easier for you to play the instrument that has been set correctly. You should also read about the best electric guitars for beginners as this show you which models are best suited to your skill set.

2. Listen more: Always pay attention to not just the music but all the components of it. From guitar solos to music pattern, concentrate to any sound that catches your attention. The idea is to simplify the music before you start playing. The trick is to listen to catchy elements of the song and then be able to play it as you hear it.

3. Don't just aim for difficult parts: start with something you are comfortable with. Working on tough music only can discourage you sooner than you think. Just find something that keeps your fingers moving. Once you have nailed down the basics, working on the tougher part becomes more enjoyable.

4. Avoid difficult techniques in the beginning: stomp boxes are fun to try and the music it creates gives you a sense of pride. However, it is also the quickest way to point out all the flaws. If you must try shredding, do it while you are jamming with others or when you are practicing on your own.

5. Learn the theory: When you know the technical aspects of what creates the basic music, you will be able to do more. Music theory will teach the basics of chords and also help you interact with others about music. This knowledge will especially come handy when you want to start a music band.

6. Find yourself a teacher: Sometimes self learning is not enough. Knowing a good guitar teacher can clear a lot of doubts and help you create better music. You can learn by watching or hear, but the true lessons are the ones that come from an expert. Find someone who specializes in guitar playing and see if they can teach you.

7. Read music: No matter how you learn music or who teaches you, make sure that it involves reading notes. You can play many notes that are playable on different strings. However, it is not easy to read music. Getting the right training in this skill can come in handy at a later date.

8. Don't stress, enjoy the process: The key to learning any form of craft is practice. You will face difficulties and you will have to do plenty of repetitions before you can perfect the chord. Your fingers will struggle at first, but when you train your hands to play what your heart wants, then it gets easy from there. But just remember to keep it fun.

9. Practice. Practice. Practice: there is nothing that can make you perfect the way practice does. It can be very frustrating, but don't let that discourage you. Just go easy on yourself and play what you enjoy. You can also try different variations from time to time to make it more interesting.

10. Learn at your own pace: the only person you are competing with is yourself. Learning electric guitar can take a lot of effort, even though it is easier than acoustic. Yet, you need to understand that learning will happen at its own pace and rushing things will only make it worse.

11. Start with freestyling: try to play any tune that catches your attention. You don't have to start playing the songs first. The process of learning should be gradual, enjoyable and done in a step-by-step fashion. The more you learn, the more effortless it becomes.

12. Don't be afraid: electric guitar looks so majestic that many beginners fear even trying it. Once you are sure that you want to learn, drop the fear and pick up the instrument. You are learning for yourself and no one else.

13. Decide how you want to learn: the best way to start learning electric guitar is to pick some easy songs. Once you notice that you are able to strum them easily, you will gain the confidence to go deeper into it and explore different genres. Starting out tough can be dissuading.

14. Play with others and for others: jamming can be fun when done with other beginners. You can all group together and try to play some songs together. You will love how together you can all create fantastic music. So get together a bunch of your friends and get jammin'.

15. Stay consistent: many people are never able to learn electric guitar because they give up midway. Don't get disheartened by your slow progress. Just remember, everyone starts from somewhere.

16. Don't shy away from tough chords: difficult chords are the reason many beginners drop the electric guitar lessons midway. Remember that it will get difficult as you scale up. So don't ignore the tough chords and take everything in your stride.

17. Know the chords you are playing: Playing randomly will only train the fingers, not the mind. Playing music is a concerted effort of the two. This is why knowing what chords you are playing will help you learn more songs and take your learning to the next level.

18. Try sitting and standing positions: If you are learning such a powerful instrument, it is better to learn it all the way. Don't just practice sitting down, also do it standing up. Trying to get comfortable with the guitar and your movement along with it.

19. Rehearse silently: why waste your time when your hands are free? Just grab your electric guitar and practice switching between chords. You can play the strings without striking the chord.

20. Invest in an electric tuner: many times your strings will go haywire after a long day of practice. By investing in a tuner, you will be able to tell if your strings are well tuned and ready for playing.

21. Plan your practice ahead: don't let anything disturb you in the middle of your practice. Grab all you need before hand and keep it within reachable distance so that you can remain focused throughout the session.

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