SEMRush Review: Is it Scam? 30 Things You Must Know About SemRush 2017

30 Things You Must Know About SEMRush 2017

30 Things You Must Know About SemRush
30 Things You Must Know About SemRush

For Internet entrepreneurs, the most important task is getting their website to a top position in Google. And for this, several tools are employed, strategies are built and a lot of efforts are invested. But, sadly enough, it either turns out to be a costly proposition, considering the fact that the diverse online tools are expensive and additionally, the time spent could have been used to focus on the growth of the business, in terms of revenue generation. Or, it turns out to be a futile effort as all the strategies and efforts fail to produce as much results as it should have had.


It is true that to see your website secure a top rank in Google, you need a strategy that will consider the aspects of search engine optimization. But, what if you have a tool on hand that will help with competitive data and high performing keywords, which you can use to build your SEO strategies?

It will surely help you to build the right and the most impactful strategy. And, using this, you can also build content marketing, as well as, social media ideas that will help you increase your traffic and thus, your website will be better ranked in search results.

Wondering if this is actually possible? Well, yes, it is possible! There are several tools available and SEMRush is one such tool that will aid in getting your website to a top rank and improve your website's performance.

What is SEMRush?

The combination of the most useful tools for search engine optimization is found in SEMRush. This amazing all-in-one suite is complete as it comprises of the different tools that will help you for search engine optimization and as a marketing tool.

SEMRush is an intelligent software and it includes several tools that you can use for different tasks. This competitive tool has an edge over the others due to the following services that it provides:

  • Keyword Research
  • PPC Research
  • Content Planning
  • Position Tracking
  • Site Audit
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Social Media Monitoring

Why SEMRush is an Incredible Tool?

SEMRush is an incredible tool for the comprehensive SEO report it will provide, which will be instrumental in helping you to make an innovative marketing strategy. Using this tool, you can make a detailed SEO report and generate reports for developing impactful social media engagements to appeal to your target consumers. Moreover, with the comparison with your competitor's strategies, you can be sure about the things that worked for them and, which will also work for you and your business. Additionally, as this tool will seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics and Webmaster, you can track the performance of your site like an expert.

You can be sure that SEMRush will work for you as like any business, your ultimate goal, as an online entrepreneur is to secure a higher rank in the search results, thereby making it more visible the people, who are your customers.

30 Things You Must Know About SEMRush 2017

If you are wondering how beneficial SEMRush is, here we present 30 things that you must know about SEMRush 2017, which will also help you to decide its impact on your business:

1. SEMRush will act as a SEO Audit tool. Before you start your procedure for ranking your site, it is important that you first check the status of your website. And, for this SEMRush will act as your audit tool, so all that you need to do is log in to your account, locate the audit tool and create a project, before starting the audit process.

2. Using SEMRush, you can easily determine the performance of your site, with the ranking indicators, which combines the data pertaining to organic search, paid search and your backlink profile. Then using this data, you can standardize and build on your strategies to improve SERPs.

3. Over the years, one fact that has not changed is that backlinks form an important factor for your site ranking and SEMRush provides the best backlink audit tool. So, you can easily prune the backlinks that are causing a negative impact on your site.

4. For a competitive analysis, it is important that you identify your organic competitors. With the SEMRush tool, you can easily identify the real competitors. This tool also allows you to mine specific data.

5. Along with identifying the real organic competitors, SEMRush will also help you to determine the strength of a particular competitor.

6. Using SEMRush, you can recognize the high ranking keywords and also the approximate traffic that the keywords are receiving. Additionally, you can also check out the position and the difficulty of the keywords.

7. You can evaluate the content that your competitor has on his website using SEMRush and understand what is working for your competitor's website. And, then you can implement the strategy into your website to have things working for you too. However, you need to choose the least competitive competitors first, before checking out the strategies being used by your competitors who have the most aggressive strategies.

8. With the 'Keywords Analytics' tab in SEMRush, you can research the most basic keywords. The keywords will include the keyword trend, the related keywords, CPC, organic search and also paid search. So, basically, you will get the most detailed information, related to keywords.

9. The magic keyword tab that SEMRush comes along with is a superb one as it will allow you to search for data related to advanced keywords. This tab further makes keywords data collection very easy with the extensive reports that the tool will generate.

10. SEMRush will also aid in searching the related keywords that is largely associated with larger search volume yet lower competition. So using this tool you can get unending related keywords, which will the best alternative for your business.


11. Long tail keywords attract the most valuable traffic yet it has a low competition. But you need to find the good ones to make the highest impact and with SEMRush, it becomes an amazingly easy task, using the related keywords tab or the advanced filter.

12. SEMRush makes finding the keywords for ad campaigns, very easy as it allows you to check back on the keywords that your competitors have used for their ads and based on how successful it was, you can design your ads and get successful following your competitor.

13. Smartphones have become a much used gadget than a desktop or a laptop, but, the keyword research or these devices differ. With SEMRush, you can filter the keywords based on whether the gadget that you are using is a desktop or a smartphone.

14. This software allows you to filter the keywords that have a high search volume. However, when it comes to keywords, it is always a good idea to go for keywords that have a lower volume as it makes it easier to rank. SEMRush offers this advanced filter from where you can choose the volume and get the best keywords in just a few seconds.

15. The research for keywords is not just limited to one parameter and with SEMRush, you can be sure that your work will be simplified as you can choose the multiple parameter feature to apply several parameters and refine your search for keywords.

16. The complete suite that SEMRush offers makes it possible to view the competitor's backlinks. To view the backlinks, all you need to do is enter the domain of your competitor in the search bar and all the organic ranking information will become visible. Then click on the backlinks to see all the links. You can use similar backlinking strategy for your domain and give them a tough competition.

17. SEMRush offers you the option to compare backlinks of your site with that of your competitors. This not only helps in saving the time that you would have otherwise spent in analyzing and also helps in avoiding guesswork, which may or may not be correct.

18. With SEMRush, you can view the best estimated, approximate age of a backlink. The age of a backlink matters a lot as the age of the backlink has an overall impact on the performance of your site.

19. In SEO, Anchor Text remains to be an important one. SEMRush offers the Anchor Text tab, using which, you can easily check the texts used in the backlinks. However, it is suggested that you use this as a guide and not to optimize the anchor text.

20. SEMRush makes it possible for you to sort the backlinks and this feature makes it superbly easy to find the place from where your competitors are getting their domain extensions.

21. SEMRush makes it possible to check out the competitor's ads and thus you can get an insight into the ad titles that your competitor is using and which is getting them results. Thus, you can employ the same strategy and design the headlines of your ad campaign.


22. A challenging situation that is posed for most online entrepreneurs is by paid search competitors as they might be targeting the keywords that you are using. Using the paid search result of SEMRush, you can check out the number of keywords for which you are competing along with your competitors, who are also targeting that keyword, the estimated cost that your competitors are spending and the traffic driven by the ad.

23. With SEMRush, you can get an idea about the PPC keywords, that are profitable in case of paid advertisement, as you can check out the competitor's ads to get an idea to develop your PPC campaign.

24. For PPC campaigns, another essential thing that needs to be considered is performance. SEMRush will allow you to track and compare the performance of ad campaigns. This will also allow you to analyze the advertising habits of your competitor and using the insights, you can develop your own ad strategy.

25. To improve the online presence of your business, the best way is to track your social media growth. SEMRush will aid in determining the course that you would be taking for the highest reach through social media, track the audience and also their activity. For easy understandability, the software will present all the data in the form of charts.

26. SEMRush also provides you the ability to compare the social media performance of your competitor. So using this tool, you can develop a competition analysis of your competitor and also track the gains that your competitor is making through social media.

27. SEMRush is great as a social media tracking tool as using this tool, you can develop your content marketing strategies and also decide on the timing, so as to benefit from the maximum exposure on social media platform.

28. To make impactful social media engagements it is required that you create the most appealing social media marketing titles. With SEMRush, since you can evaluate the social media engagement of your competitors, you can get ideas about the titles and also the images that you will be using for your social media marketing strategies.

29. With the growing use of smartphones, it is an essential now that your website is mobile friendly. SEMRush will provide you with useful data and a complete analysis of the pages that are mobile responsive and also the ones that are not responsive.

30. SEMRush allows you to check the ranking of specific pages. This tool will allow you to track the rank of specific pages, increase page authority and also build links for a higher rank of any given page of your website.

These are some of the useful aspects that make SEMRush, which is the most useful tools for search engine optimization, an incredible tool for the success of your online business.


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