30 Unknown Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Thomas Jane

Thomas Elliott III, famous by the name Thomas Jane, is the founder of RAW Studios, an entertainment company releasing comic books written by him. Here are some facts about the American actor:

  1. He was born Thomas Elliott III on February 22, 1969, in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. He adopted his mother’s maiden name for he liked having a women’s first name as a last name and hence he is popularly known as Thomas Jane.
  2. He started his acting career with the Indian Telugu Language film called “Padamati Sandhya Ragam” in 1987. He was paid in the form of RV that was used to drive the crew around. He sold it and bought a 1969 Camaro.
  3. After completing school from Thomas Sprigg Wootton High School, he moved to Hollywood to pursue acting career. As an 18 year old he initially lived out of his car and made a living as a street performer.
  4. Jane started making his mark as a support cast in several high profile films such as ‘The Crow: City of Angels, Boogie Night, The Thin Red Line and Magnolia.
  5. He started getting important role with film like The Last Time I Committed Suicide, in 1997, as Casey in Thursday in 1998, as bisexual hustler in Junked and Deep Blue Sea in 1999.
  6. He did a creditable performance in the 2001 TV sports film ‘61*’ as a baseball player. This performance paved the way to be cast in the lead roles. Incidentally Jane had never played baseball in his life and knew nothing about the game.
  7. As a Mickey Mantle in 61*, he had to undergo athletic training for three months for the movie which and was constantly getting injured, pulled muscle in shoulder, back, in groin and leg muscle but the swings were real.
  8. The 2003 film ‘Stander’ as a South African police officer turned bank robber, was one of the first films with Jane in the lead role of noteworthy. Though he initially turned down his role, he made a name for himself in the film.
  9. The price of not doing the film Stander was more than the price of doing it. The accent, the shooting schedule, being halfway around the world, work out, multiple costume change in one day and emotional roller coaster ride that he went on made him turndown the offer twice.
  10. He was the only actor considered by directors for the title role for the super hero film of 2004, ‘The Punisher.’ He turned down the offer twice, as he did not see himself as a superhero actor. He accepted the role after it was made out to be an anti-hero and a vigilante crime fighter.
  11. He read as many comics of Punisher as he could and trained for nearly 7 months with United States Navy SEALs. He gained 20 pounds of muscle in doing so.
  12. In one of the fight scene in Punisher, somebody forgot to replace the real knife with the prop knife and he ended up stabbing Kevin Nash, the 7’4” pro-wrestler. The Russian fight sequence was described on the set as the ‘Horrific Clown Show’ and took two days to film.
  13. He has also lent his voice for the video game of the movie Punisher in which he reprises his role as Frank Castle, the Punisher.
  14. In 2012, he was driving home after attending his friend funeral and was pulled-over four times for driving under influence. He was let off thrice before finally landing-up in jail only to be woken up at four o’clock in the morning to sign an autograph, which made him realize and quit drinking.
  15. He played the role of David Drayton, a painter in the science fiction horror film of Stephen King’s novel ‘The Mist’ in 2007. This is his second film on Stephen King’s novel after ‘Dreamcatcher’ which he did for his mother, a big fan of his novel.
  16. Jane supports and helps out ‘Children of the Night’ a program that helps teenage prostitutes get off the street.
  17. In the 2009, film as a gun trotting hire named Malone in the ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ Malone,’ he uses 1952 Chop Top Buick Straight 8, car which he found days before shooting began and had it shipped up to Spokane from Oxford. The revolver that he uses is a Mateba Model 6 Unica, one of the few such models ever produced.
  18. Jane played the Ray Drecker in the 2009, HBO’s black comedy ‘Hung’ about a high school teacher and basketball coach who resorts to male prostitution. He was nominated for ‘Golden Globe Best Actor Award’ in Television Series: Musical or Comedy for three years in row.
  19. In a shocking revelation he revealed in an interview to Los Angeles Times in October 2011, that he would have never guessed the story lines on the Hung was similar to his past. He said as a young artist and broke in Los Angeles I was exploring my sexual identity.
  20. He made his directional debut with psychological mystery thriller ‘Dark Country’ in 2009 in which he also starred. He did storyboard for the entire film and had it shot in 25 days, though the opening crane shot took half a day to do.
  21. Before filming began, he called Mel Gibson to talk on direction, who said that he too was nervous and had called Clint Eastwood, who in turn had called Don Siegel for advice. He talked to Gibson for an hour and was told don’t sell yourself short.
  22. He is to star in the Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’ sequel as military veteran which is in post-production stage and expected to hit the screen in the middle of 2018.
  23. Jane portrayed the lead role in the science fiction television series ‘The Expanse’ in which he appeared in 15 episode as Joe Miller in 2017.
  24. He appeared on the cover of June/July 2010 issue of Men’s Fitness magazine in which he featured shirtless. He sometimes drives his Maserati by park benches that he had slept on with a sense of achievement.
  25. In August 2016, at Beverly Hills, while attending Equal Means Equal screening, he had a way of getting noticed when he walked completely barefoot on the red carpet. He sported a blue patterned rolled-up shirt with black dressy trouser and felt no need to sport shoes in his dressy outfit.
  26. In 1989, he married AyshaHauer, an actress and daughter of Dutch actor, writer and environmentalist. After working in number of films together they parted and divorced in 1995.
  27. He was engaged to Olivia d’Abo before marrying Patricia Arquette on June 25, 2006. They have a daughter Harlow Olivia Calliope, who was born on February 20, 2003.
  28. In January 2009, his wife Arquette, applied for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences but the couple soon reconciled. However on July 01, 2011, the divorce was finalized with joint custody of their child.
  29. His name was linked with Stallone’s hitman action picture ‘Headshot’ before backing out. He is disgust with bad movies and felt it was not ethnic enough.
  30. He also co-owns RAW, an entertainment company in partnership with Steve Niles and Tim Bradstreet. The company’s comic book division released ‘Bad Planet’ through Image Comics.
  31. Thomas Jane Net Worth: $16 Million

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