(Review) SOJOY Car Seat Heated Cushion with Strap

SOJOY Car Seat Heated Cushion with Strap
SOJOY Car Seat Heated Cushion with Strap

(Review) SOJOY Car Seat Heated Cushion with Strap | Auto Drivers Wedge | Coccyx Support for Back, Hip and Leg Pain | Orthopedic BreathableClever Memory Foam with Warmer High/Low/Temp Switch, Timer (Black)

QUICK WARM-UP AND EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: A Universal fit for DC 12V vehicles with standard car seats. 3 Heat levels: High/Middle/Low/Off Settings. Timer runs on 45-minute time intervals. Heats up to 50 degree Celsius Surface temperature!

REDUCE YOUR BACK PAIN: Removable Orthopedic wedge tilts the pelvis to improve posture and relieve pressure on lower back and spine during long car drives. Remove the wedge for the ergonomic coccyx cutout option to reduce tailbone pain and sciatica.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: No-flatten design technology combines soft and comfortable breathable polyester fabric with dense ventilated mesh material and memory foam comfort.

STAYS IN PLACE: Adjustable easy, non-slip attachable strap and elasticated belts and hook & loop buckle fastener goes around back of car or truck seat to keep cushion secure and fixed in place. It will not move around when driving or need constant readjusting.

PERFECT FIT FOR YOUR VEHICLE: Delivers comfortable support and heat and fits into most car seats without any problems. Size: 18.5 x 16.2 x 3.1 inches.

SOJOY Car Seat Heated Cushion with Strap
(Photo : SOJOY) SOJOY Car Seat Heated Cushion with Strap

SOJOY Car Seat Heated Cushion with Strap

Editors Rating: 9.7 out of 10

  • Specially designed withmaterial to ensure our cushion retains long lasting shape without deformations.
  • Unique structure for greater comfort and support.
  • Covers are waterproof for easy cleaning and safe for washing on low settings; Drying on low heat or Air drying is recommended.

Easy, portable, on the go anywhere carry handle

  • Removable zipper covers, with conformable top surface and non-slip friction bead grip bottom surface to ensure maximum comfort and prevent sliding.
  1. Place the wedge cushion 1 on the car seat.
  2. Put the wedge cushion 1 securing rlastic strap 7 at the car seat, using the plastic hook 8 hook at the wedge seat.
  3. Put the adjustable strap 9 over the car seat back to assure the cushion is firmly fixed.

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