Top 26 Coolest Supreme Products You Probably Want to Collect 2018

Are you a Supreme lover? Or do you collect cool and rate items that nobody has around you? 

Enjoy our list of top 26 coolest Supreme products that you probably want to collect and save your time to search the items here!

Supreme O'Brien Life Vest

BioLife outer construction with full zip closure
2 logo printed webbing belts
Supreme logo on the back
US Coast Guard approved type 3

Supreme Elements Packlite Kayak

Packable, inflatable one-person kayak with printed logos on sides and base.
Includes pump and oar with printed logo on each blade.
7'10" length with 250 lbs. max weight.

Supreme Sink or Swim Inflatable Raft

Supreme Rawlings Catcher's Mask

Lightweight wire frame with leather cushioning and throat protector

Supreme Tivoli Pal BT Speaker

Portable Bluetooth radio with AM/FM tuning.
Upto 16 hours playback.

Supreme LuminAID Packlite Nova USB

Solar powered and waterproof inflatable packlight.
4.75" x 4.75" x 4.75"

Supreme Waist Bag

Supreme SIGG Traveler Water Bottle, 0.6L

BPA free aluminum water bottle 0.6L

Supreme SIGG Small & Large Metal Box Plus

Aluminum container with polypropylene closure
Debossed logo on top
Each size sold separately

Supreme Jar Set (Set of 2)

170mL, 325 mL jars with clasp closure.
Sold as a set of 2

Supreme Cups (Set of 4)

Plastic with printed logo down stack
Embossed logo on bottom

Supreme Zippo

Supreme Mophie Encore Plus 10K, 20K

10k and 20k MaH charging devices with micro USB and USB ports.
Upto 10 and 20 charges for most portable devices.
Sold separately.

Supreme SealLine See Pouch Small & Large

Watertight roll down pouch with belt loop
Adjustable neck cord.

Supreme Hair Bobbles (Set of 2)

Acrylic with elastic tie.
Sold as a set of 2.

Supreme BACtrack Go Keychain

Breathalyzer keychain with folding mouthpiece.

Supreme Don't Ask Me 4 Shit Stamp

Self inking rubber stamp with custom graphic

Supreme Kaweco AL Sport Ballpoint Pen

Aluminum rollerball pen.

Supreme Grip Work Gloves

Breathable cotton blend with printed PVC pattern.

Supreme SOG Hand Axe

Powder coated stainless steel with 2.4" blade.

Supreme StatGear Pocket Samurai

2" blade

Supreme Stern Pinball Machine

Full size arcade quality Stern Pinball Machine.
Made exclusively for Supreme.

Supreme Cash Cannon Money Gun

Supreme Illegal Business Skateboard

4 Colors

Supreme Chicken Dinner Skateboard

2 Colors

Supreme Louis Vuitton Leather Baseball Jacket


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