9 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Holidays


The holidays are approaching quickly and if you don't have your gift list ready, you might be stressing out about what to buy your family. Once you've got all the big-ticket items, don't forget about the stocking stuffers. These stocking stuffer ideas should give you plenty to work with. There's something for everyone.

#1 Shaving Kit: A quality men's shaving kit always comes in handy. A basic shaving kit will include a safety razor, shaving soap with a bowl, and a shaving brush. A higher-end shaving kit might include a stand that will hold razor and brush.

#2 Coffee Mugs: You can have a lot of fun customizing and personalizing a coffee mug. Animal monogram coffee mugs are a popular choice, but you'll be able to find just about anything on a coffee mug. Plus, coffee mugs can easily be stuffed with Christmas candy as an extra surprise.

#3 Thermal Socks: Who doesn't like to stay warm and toasty through the holidays? Thermal socks make a great stocking stuffer for that family member who's always complaining about cold feet. Top quality thermal socks from Heat Holders keep you warm by trapping the warm air produced by your body. Thermal yarn is enough to keep your feet warm in the winter without resorting to heated, battery-operated socks.

#4 Selfie Light Ring: A selfie light ring is a ring light that attaches to your phone and helps you take better selfies. Selfie light rings are a good affordable stocking stuffer for anyone in your life who's all about their Instagram.

#5 Thermal Gloves & Mittens: For the winter sports lovers, thermal gloves and mittens will be much appreciated. Thermal gloves from Heat Holders use the same high-performance thermal yarn that they use in their thermal socks. You can check out their website to find a wide range of styles.

#6 Winter Hat: You can't go wrong with winter clothes and accessories as stocking stuffers. While it's a myth that you lose half your body heat through your head, any exposed skin loses heat quite rapidly in the cold. A thermal winter hat from Heat Holders will help retain heat around the top of your head as well as protect extremities like your ears from frostbite.

#7 Rosebud Salve: Winter means cold, dry air and some seriously chapped lips. Rosebud salve is a great way to restore those cracked lips when it's cold out. It moisturizes lips and heals irritation. You can also use rosebud salve on minor burns.

#8 Chocolate & Candy: Christmas isn't complete without plenty of chocolate and candy. Some of the tastiest treats of the year are associated with the holidays, from Lindt chocolate to candy canes. You can also go the traditional route with treats like chocolate-covered marzipan.

#9 Incense Kits: Know someone who loves the rich scents of incense? You can find plenty of incense kits that offer a variety of scents, including sage, rose, and amber.

Don't panic about the holidays. With these stocking stuffer tips, everyone will be happy come Christmas morning.

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