Secrets of the Vaping Culture

Vaping is very popular among young people. Most people under twenty-five know more about vaping than about current political situation. Vaping is everywhere... You may see people vaping during watching a new film in the cinema; while watching ads of new clothes collection for teenagers; at popular nightclubs; and surely in the streets. Try to count the number of people vaping you see in the street!

So all these things seem to be a part of some special new youth culture. The main symbols of which are being successful and popular, living in pleasure and abundance. Everyone aspires to such life. Youth sees vaping as one of the ways to seem to be famous and successful. They post many photos with haze from vape pens on their Instagram profiles, Facebook pages or other popular social networking sites. This becomes typical of so-called "tough guys" and transforms into a kind of obsession for the society.

Have you ever thought what is at the forefront of all this "vaping culture"? Plenty of outer and inner effects, which you may not even know about. Complete annihilation of rainforests; emission into the atmosphere of pollutants, which leads to the greenhouse effect; soil pollution; destroying your lungs; sterility etc. These are only top of the iceberg. Many negative effects are hushed up or not properly researched yet.


First, this is the belief that vapor pen may be much safer than a usual cigarette. The mistaken opinion is that tars from a cig are home harmful than chemicals from liquids for vaporizer pens. Almost any e-liquid consists of nicotine (a kind of addictive drug), propylene glycol (harmful preservative, usually added to food or drinks), glycerine (a sweetener) and flavorings (though some vape pens do not have it, e.g., marijuana vaporizer).
Second, people spend a lot of money to buy the Vapingdaily best vape pen or customize their vape pens with a vape pen battery, vape pen mods, and many other "stylish" things. The reasons for that are everyone wants to be super cool, and we are a consumer society. They boast with different design and complements, which tend to have been produced in big amounts recently.
Third, people try to take over from rock band stars, Hollywood actors, famous singers, prominent public people or even politicians. The human tendency to mimic someone's behavior was known for many centuries and now is blooming. Once a teenager has seen his idol actor with vaporizer pen, he or she tries to buy the same. Young people tend to think that mimicry of the behavior of the celebrities will bring them the same fame, sufficiency, and happiness.
Forth is the ability to vaporize different substances. Starting from a wide range of flavors containing some harmful moieties and ending with such things as cannabis. Candy, bubble gum, piper mint, pancakes, coffee, unicorn - different sorts of flavors are on the market now. These names are very eye-catching.


Firstly, the better reality proves that both smoking cigarettes and vaporizing are unhealthy and may be the cause of cancer, popcorn lungs, heart attack, and other diseases. For a woman, it is dangerous because of the possibility to decrease lubrication, make menstrual cycle fall out of sync and reduce fertility. Consequences for men are not optimistic also. They are a lower amount of sperm and its genetic damage, bloodstream retardation, which in its turn lead to impotence.

Secondly, vaporizing spurs a chain of mental changes. People modify their lifestyle. It is essential, as they, for example, need ten extra minutes to get to work and vape in front of the door. This time may be taken from sleeping time or from a time of a typical breakfast with a family. More scaring is that vaporizing (of a vapor pen containing nicotine) causes tension, anxiety, and stress. All these aftermaths have their own conclusions. People become more angry and unfriendly. They tend to shout at their wives or husbands, children and parents more often. Moreover, they often have conflicts with their bosses at work and tend to behave impulsively.
Thirdly, trying to catch someone's fame seems to be miserable, and your success in public perception can take a nosedive. Modern society is full of people who mimic the existing things, but their success is possible only if their personality is unusual, interesting and if they can offer something new and attracting novelties or ideas to the society. You have to be self-sufficing, reliable, quick-witted and rational human to get success and fame.
Fourthly, the names of the flavors are funny and dreamlike, but the truth is they contain many chemicals, which severely harm our lungs. The long termed use of flavors causes 'popcorn lungs'. Does it seem to be safe now? The other important fact is that most teens would have never tried to smoke marijuana, but would likely vaporize it. Here works the factor that they consider vaporizing to be healthier and think that the small number of drugs cannot harm. The reality is that marijuana use causes addiction and hurts your mental health as well and the usual way of the use of cannabis.

The extra point here is that vaping causes ground-breaking harm to the planet. Using tobacco extra means that they need tobacco, which grows in rainforest areas and farmers usually deforest areas to plant more tobacco. Here comes the problem of floods and inability to make-up air with photosynthesis. Producing vapes and liquids include the process of emitting an enormous amount of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel. Manufactures use fossil fuels to get energy for production. Pollution of soil is taking place because of different parts of vaporizer are made from plastic and metals. They are not easy to dissolve and, in some cases, this takes hundreds of years.
Now, being aware of possible consequences you may change your mind according to "a new popular culture of vaping". Being aware of the problem is half the battle, which means that if you ever face this problem in your life or have already faced, you can fight it.

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