How To De-Stress The Holiday Season


How To De-Stress The Holiday Season

Many people look forward to the holidays, but it can still be a stressful time. There is a lot of extra weight piled on from buying gifts, preparing elaborate meals, planning events, attending parties, making sure the kids are taken care of, and managing to do all of this while running around in a snow storm.

It is possible to simplify, be better prepared, and slow down enough to enjoy the season. The following are some suggestions on how to help achieve these goals and make the coming weeks more merry.


Putting extra energy into planning and organizing things seems like it's adding yet another task to your troubles, but if you take the time to take stock of what needs to be done, create to-do lists, review your finances, and more, it will be a big help. You'll be able to increase efficiency in the long run.

Plan events early and use a platform like Facebook to easily send out invites. But, keep in mind, it's not a great place to get firm attendance numbers, as people tend to say they're going to many things online and then they don't commit. Create a firm RSVP date.

If you really need to lighten the load this holiday season, pass on hosting anything, period. There are many things to do organized by other people, and you can always resume planning a gathering in a future year.

Make lists for shopping - presents, decorations, food and drink - whatever you need. Tick off items as you go and reference them periodically to ensure you're on track. Keep this a flexible list that can change, and don't fret if not every little thing is completed.


Attach a reasonable budget to the gift and shopping lists above. Talk to your friends and loved ones about setting spending limits or perhaps organizing a gift exchange where you only need to buy for one person. Consider having a party that everyone contributes to, like a potluck, cocktails, or game night, and ditch the gifts altogether.

If you're strapped for cash for any reason, an excellent way to get some extra spending money is to survey your belongings for old, unused, or unwanted jewellery, coins, watches, gemstones, high end bags, or any items containing precious metals and take them to a professional establishment like Pinto Cash for Gold to sell these things for money on the spot. These valuable items are only taking up space in your home, and they could fetch you a nice amount to help with holiday expenses and beyond.

Next year, keep holiday bills in mind and buy gifts throughout the year when items are on sale or on clearance and spread out your spending for less of an impact.


Remember the reason for the season is togetherness. It's lovely to get people together and celebrate, but if party planning, shopping, cooking, etc. is getting you and your family and friends down, it's time to simplify. Focus parties on spending time together instead of elaborate decorations and fine foods. (Check out some simple recipes here.) Make simplicity and minimalism a sort of theme and present this philosophy to others. They'll likely be glad and relieved you're suggesting streamlining the planning and making celebrations relaxing and low key.

You're not obligated to attend every party, buy every person you know a gift, or blow a few months' grocery money on holiday food and drink. Spread holiday cheer and warmth by simply taking the time to be together and relax during your time off.

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